Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #510 – A Step 5 Conversation



And are you refreshed? Good. Now what? You’re stirred up, aren’t you? Take it easy. Thank you. I suppose a selfie in the hot seat would be a little self indulgent. I’ll do it later think I can die now? What’s your total self? Oh, no. So much fun. Okay, no, I just have to be good breathing again. Until my button this chair. Okay. So one of the things I love, we teach self indulgence, have you noticed? I need to practice self indulgence. So thank you for that.

So one of the things I love about just this process is the mess that is, historically church has been really impactful, I think on on me and many, I suppose. But I teach in higher education, which makes me laugh out loud now, because this feels a little bit higher than higher education. But I also study justice issues, which seems again, I go back often, this sounds wrong, but I think you’ll know what I mean, I go back often to Jerry’s rape Island, I don’t actually go there, I just think about it.

The idea of we bring ourselves to each other is so powerful. And you have said a couple of times, some ideas about, I love getting ready to get ready, because you’re there all the time. And the nice thing about that is you are where you are. And that has to be all right. Where you are has to be all right. So where you are, is perfectly fine.

And you’re getting ready to get ready, get ready. And once you get the momentum of this going, then you begin to understand that there is no end to what contrast will help you identify as your desire. And if you are enjoying the process of it unfolding, then you really are understanding what Happily Ever After is, then you really get that thank you.

And so I was joking with my roommate about Step Five feels like Well walk as opposed to a step like many steps in five means a walk in five as opposed to just step five. And she said maybe a hike and and I love that because what do you mean? So you know, you say step five, step four, step one, step two, well, and step five is being back in step one, and being fine about it. Because you know, you’re getting ready to get ready to get ready. And because you are appreciating the benefit of coming to new awareness of further definition of your desire, yes.

And so for me, step five, feels more comfortable saying walk five, because I just need to kind of be there and walk in instead of a momentary step. It’s just kind of this process where I go. But I also realized that I’m trying to move well, if you’ve really practiced step four, and you’re really comfortable. And then if you’re really there, then being back in step one, you understand that it’s part of the process.

And by then you see if you’ve spent enough time resetting your vibration, so that you are consistently really in love with yourself, and in love with life and in love with so many things. Then being back in step one doesn’t set you into an upheaval, where you are jumping right back into self condemnation and all of that you’re more stable in that. So one of the things I’m present with right now is the thing you said it early on about, you can’t see what you don’t know. And so when you’re in this, so I said that to someone the other day, they were in a car together a group of them.

And they were driving down a street that they had driven down together many times. And Esther said, you know, if you don’t look for it, you don’t see it. And they all laugh, they made a lot of fun of her because how profound is that? If you don’t look, you’re not going to see but what she meant was, we’ve been down the street so many times and I’ve never seen that. Think about the universe delivering to you different lighting, different combining of different things.

In other words, it’s always a new moment. That’s the thing. It is always a new moment. And only in your alignment. Are you at your point of pitch to see or to allow yourself to see to receive the full combining. That is possible for you. Yes. And so when you watch I watch myself see other people I do a lot of like watching right now because I’m in that place where I don’t feel like If I’m so I want to get away from other people because they’re distracting me. But of course, I realized they’re teaching me. And so right now, for example, I do a lot of communing with nature.

And I just find that a really comfortable place. But I know and you’ve said this multiple nature won’t betray you, which is you are going to get rained on today. Now take it out of betrayal. I think they call it liquid sunshine here, right? You remind me that I need to get back in the world and be a part of the world. And then you said this to a woman about working with someone who feels unhealthy.

So you do as much as you can, and then you take respite, and then you heal and meditate and bring yourself back and then you come back. And so I guess I would love to hear more about one of the things that we can feel has been happening with you. And then we want you to speak your question clearly to us. But one of the things that we can feel, and others have the same experience, but in your observation of what’s going on around you. Teachers are often really good observers, because you’re looking for opportunities to explain things to others.

And you want to be in a position where you have a depth and breadth to the questions that are being inspired from you. In other words, observation gives you a palette to paint from, it gives you a vocabulary to speak from, it gives you experience to speak from and most of all, it gives you a platform to bounce from a platform to walk from. So all of that is good. But one of the byproducts natural byproducts of step one and being in the world and being such a keen observer as you are, is that you also become a comparator. And the thing that you’re most likely to compare is yourself to others.

And that comparison, while it can be good and giving you choices, can also work against you. If you are doing too much of your thinking from an imbalanced state. That’s why we encourage you to get in balance, and then go observe and then get in balance and then go observe and then get in balance and go observe because if you’re out there observing from an unbalanced state, then what you observe just reinforces your own feelings of not enough enough. Yes. So thank you for that.

That’s very good. You had a question? Yeah. And right there. Yes. And the question is just say more about the practice of seeing what you can’t see bringing yourself to a place where you, there’s no point of even trying to do that. Okay, that’ll just frustrate you. Okay, maybe that explains a lot. Sorry. That’s kind of a step one moment, that sort of a byproduct of step one is trying to say more than you’re ready to say, or see more than you’re ready to see or even feel more than you’re ready to feel. It’s forcing it, it’s the efforting it, it’s the trying to create the momentum rather than allowing the natural laws of the universe to provide the momentum.

And so this is what we want you most remember from everything that we’ve talked about, and all of these days, that imagine the cork floating on the surface and call that alignment, call it that tuned in, tapped in turned on, call it that self awareness, call it readiness for Step five. In other words, you’re just feeling really good. That’s that cork floating. Now, go out into the world, observe something and take hold of that cork and hold it under the water, because now you’re having a resistant moment.

But the good news is, as soon as you let go of that it will float right back up. We say things like, unless you’re doing that thing you do, you will be in alignment. Unless you’re doing that thing you do. So what is it that is causing you to do that thing you do? It’s always that you’re out here in the step one moment, usually comparing yourself to others and find in detriment in yourself.

That’s usually what gives you the majority of your step one moments, a feeling of insecurity, an attitude of things aren’t the way that I want them to be and a need to control things as usually what gives you that step one moment, but that is going to be less and less and less likely to happen. If you are refreshing yourself, we like to call this receiving mode.

Also the replenishing mode is a cork floating mode. And the more you do that, then the less of any of this conversation will be relevant to you. And then and this is the part this is why we’re happy that you brought Step Five into the conversation. This is the reason that we are so delighted when you find yourself consistently in step 3453453453453545454544454445445, which means one but in other words, is that once you are steady in your vibration, then even in the midst of a step one moment where you’re doing that thing you do at least now You know, you’re doing that thing you do.

So now you’re making more deliberate decisions. Now see what you’ve done. You see what you’ve done that so so we want, we just want to walk you through the whole metamorphosis that we’ve been describing to you. So you’re having a step one moment, which in your mind, even from what we say you want to say, bad, bad Step One moment, because, because bad because there’s contrast, it isn’t that it’s a step one moment if it’s contrast, but it’s not bad. So, step one moment, which leads to asking glory B, which leads to answering source, loving that.

And then you finding yourself in step three, where you are now receiving. And now you like the feeling of it. So you practice it often. And you use tools, like rampages of appreciation, and looking for positive aspects. And meditation to hold yourself more steadily in step three, and now you’ve mastered it, you’re really good at it. So you’re more likely to find yourself there than not. And then now, you are full of yourself. And out in the world, having access to step one moments, and loving it. Wait, having access to step one moments, and loving it, no more being mad at yourself, no more condemnation of others. Now, here’s the buffet from which I choose.

And in your, in your steadier vibration, you’ve also affected what law of attraction is bringing around you. So there’s a more refined step one around you. In other words, that there’s not so much range in it, it has more of the things that you like, in other words, when you really really don’t like something at which gives you access to what you really, really do. Like, there’s not a lot of control in that. But once you’ve spent plenty of time in step three, and four, and now you’re having that step five moment where you’re back in step one, there’s not so much range in it. In other words, that I, I sort of don’t like that. But I sort of do like that.

There’s more refining more clarification, where more of your statements of what you prefer, begin to come forth. And it gives you that feeling of being more hands on in your creating, and your inner being rebels when you’re in that place. And what it feels like to you is, something occurs because you’re moving through life, and you’re presented not with a challenge or a problem, but with what in your state five attitude looks like an opportunity.

In other words, you don’t see it, you see it, you see it as choices and opportunities and options, not challenges and bad things unwanted that you have to claw your way out of. In other words, you because now you no longer feel that the world is against you, you’ve already know that you’re surrounded by well being and that that you are loved and that you are love and the words by the time that you’re consistently there. Then when you step back into a step one moment, it’s with the knowing that oh here this is with the knowing and the attitude that you made the decision to come forth into this physical time and space to begin with, you knew there would be contrast and you reveled in the knowing of that you knew that there would be variety, you weren’t afraid of it.

You didn’t shy away from it, you didn’t want to hide from it, you wanted to get out in it as much as you could get out in it. Because you wanted to test your skills, not in a testing way you wanted to flex your muscles you wanted to you wanted to be who you are, you wanted to feel your fullness, you wanted to be in the world, and have all of the advantages of all that it evolved to and still be part of its evolution.

And now you’re not afraid of it, you’re not worried about it, you’re not running from it, you’re not hiding from it anymore. You are benefiting from the contrast just like you knew you would. It’s awareness of conditions without emotional risk. We think that would be a good explanation of unconditional love, awareness, a variety from a place of such such stability, that there are no emotional risks for me, and therefore no need to condemn that no need to judge that.

No need to choose it either. But when you reach the place, where did you get this when you reach the place that you’re making choices of what you do want rather than pushing away what you don’t want now you don’t keep adding clutter to your vibration. Now your your step one moment doesn’t doesn’t bring you the challenges that former step one moments do. Because when you think about it, almost when when you ask most people what they want, who haven’t been practicing this or knowing about it for a while. They’ll mostly begin explaining to you what they don’t want.

And then as you explain to them. But when I didn’t ask you what you don’t want, I asked you what you did want. Yes, I’m telling you what I want. And but but I don’t want that. And I don’t want that. And I don’t want that. Once you practice three, four and five for a while, then when you’re in in a contrasting moment, your inclination is to choose what you do want not push against what you don’t want. And all your world is, is you’re having such opportunity to witness what that brings. In these days, there’s so there are so many in in a spotlight of places who are pushing hard against things because they just don’t know better than last year because I was really intent on figuring out conditional love, right?

So I was focused on thinking about it, which makes me laugh out loud now, because thinking into unconditional love is wrongheaded, right? You have to feel that I think right? And well, or let’s say this, you have to be ready to be ready to be ready to think about it. You have to be Yeah, and so and so this is where a lot of people have had a lot of argument with what we teach, as we say, we say you have to be in a place of, of love, in order to understand unconditional love. It’s like saying, we have to be you have to know the answer before you can ask the question to get the answer.

And you say, well, that’s not right. How can how can I ever not be in a in a place? Well, it’s because it’s a, it’s an evolving thing. And you get it ready to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready. And when you say it’s good, what I’m ready for, rather than it’s not good, what I’m ready for when you say what I’m ready for is perfect for me, right here. And right now when I’m ready for them.

Then as you receive what you’re ready for you’re satisfied. But if you haven’t embraced that concept, and you’re not ready for what’s over there, but you’re demanding from the universe, what’s over there, and you’re demanding it from action, and words that are not going to bring it to you, then your assumption is that there’s something wrong with you, when there’s nothing wrong with you, you’re just not vibrationally ready, that would be like tuning your radio dial to a station that has content that you really don’t want to hear.

And then being mad that you’re not powerful enough to will them with your mind to say what you need them to say. Don’t say that. Don’t say that. What, that’s what they’re gonna say. That’s what they always say. That’s where their vibration is set. And if you tuned to that dial, that’s what you’re going to hear. So what do you do just tune there, so you can complain? Pretty much just tune there so you can play. Why don’t you just change the dial? Yes.

And I was doing that I was sitting with people who were aggravating the crap out of me and thinking okay, here is an exercise in practicing unconditional love. And so I just laugh at myself. What do you now want to say about that moment in time? I’m asking the impossible of myself. I’m asking myself and then I get mad at myself did it the frequency that I’m at and here’s something different than this frequency provide? Absolutely. This was so helpful thing. Yeah, really good. Yeah. Thank you.

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