Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #511 – Sharing Her Experiences



As you were just talking, I was thinking of my mum. And she tells this story when I was a newborn baby. She first held me in her arms. And she thought that I was the child that would say, How much is the world, I’ll buy it. And being here, is really tapping into that feeling. And I realized that I, she could feel your unlimitedness she could feel how expansive and unlimited you were in that moment. And she had to have been pretty tuned in to be able to translate that to know that.

Yeah. I was told by my spiritual teacher, Virginia, that my mom was of the angelic realm. She’s not really focused on everyday things like she would lose her papers and be laid and all those things that make life difficult. But I’ve recently realized looking after her, how much of a blessing it is to have her as my mom. And my dad transitioned on the 31st of January. And it was an amazing experience, I looked after him between eight and 12 hours a day. And I felt such joy. When he left, he became so complete.

And so loving is interesting, because it isn’t that he became complete, because none of us ever do. It’s that he was no longer focused upon his incompletion. That’s what we’re talking about that reemergence into non physical, you leave behind all doubt and fear and things that you’ve been worried about, and struggle and feelings of inadequacy all left behind.

And so that’s what you experienced him knowing? Yes, yes. It’s like I was reminded of that, I must have forgotten it for a while, and then coming back into it into this freshness, and being here and now and feeling alive and meeting all these amazing people. It’s just surfing on on the wave. And I feel we want to say to you that it isn’t a conditional thing that’s happening to you.

And this is true of everyone, it is your true nature. But it’s something that you’ve been reaching for, and finding often in this physical experience. And so recognizing it is such a wonderful thing. And at the time that someone is making their transition, this is really what we want to say. In every environment, our friend was wanting to talk about how to create an environment that was conducive to the being ready to get ready to get ready to get ready to get ready. And this is an environment that is conducive.

And so it’s not only what you are bringing to the room, but what everyone is bringing to the room that causes the room to be what it is, however, where you’re tuned, is what you perceive the room to be. Isn’t that interesting. So there is nothing really, that is outside your perception. So let’s say that you’re all tuned in tapped in turned on we are too. So we’ve come to this place where we have this pure positive energy flowing.

And that’s just the state of it pure positive energy flowing, and someone walks into the space who is not up to speed with it, they would find it feeling like a very awkward place, they’d be in and right back out, bounce right out in the same way. But speaking it from another direction, let’s say that this room is a sort of mixed bag where a lot are tuned in tapped in turned on, some aren’t.

And you walk into the room and you are a mixed bag to you would perceive the room to be more like it actually is. But the thing that we really want you to hear is that every particle of the universe, every environment in which you find yourself is really only as you perceive it to be, there is no environment, perfect enough for it to raise you. And there is no environment, imperfect enough for it to lower you. It’s whatever vibrational frequency you’ve got going on. That is what you perceive. And so want to go back to what we talked about a few days ago about Esther being all excited now that she had met us that she would now know who’s lying or who’s telling the truth.

And we said the better question is, are they believing what they’re saying? And so the same thing applies to this is it does not matter. Nothing matters beyond your perception. And that really we talked about the definition to unconditional a moment ago. Let’s add this to it that nothing is other than as you perceive it to be. And you practice perception.

And that’s the hardest thing for humans to get about this body of work that we are offering to you is that you think that there is a reality that is as it is, and as you observe it that it is as it is, even though same people could walk into the same environment and perceive entirely different things from it. It’s why your eyewitness accounts are very different one from another, you would think that if a group of people saw the same situation, that then they would all come away with the same impression of it, but you don’t go into it with the same vibrational stance.

And so what happens in there is different. That’s why there is no actual reality. There is no reality that you agree upon, there is no reality. And yet, humans are clamoring to conclude a reality, not only a reality that exists, but the reason that exists, and not only the reason that it exists, and the reality exists, but now what’s coming next from this reality that exists, and we’re not wanting to detach you from reality, because you are creators of reality, we just want you to detach from it enough that you can get your bearings so that you can then create the reality of your deliberate choice, not your choice by default, would it be would it be fair to say everything is liquid? Well, you can say anything you want.

And sometimes we use that term of liquid love, because when things around you the reason that you want to say that is because when you immerse yourself in the vibration of liquid, it feels to you that it touches you everywhere it feels to you that it in Velop shoe, liquid is also a pretty good conductor of energy and electricity and so forth. It is energetic, it is vibrational, and it is far reaching to everywhere. And it is infinite, and it is always it is eternal. And so anything that you’re describing this liquid is of a more physical nature, and therefore a more temporary nature, where this consciousness and energy is not.

I had a sensation that recently comes more and more often, which I developed when my uncle transitioned last year, and I was asked by the priest to give a speech in front of the congregation at church, and I was afraid to burst out in tears, because of the sadness of the others that happen frequently at funerals to burst out in tears, and you’re afraid not to want to misbehave at a funeral? Well, it was more like not wanting to give the others an experience that I’ve had someone from being in tears. And then it would I would dissolve without knowing why you do teach to the clarity of your example. So there’s a room we’ve been describing rooms.

So there’s a room for you, there is a room mostly filled with people with great misunderstanding of what’s going on. And so when you enter a room like that, you have a choice to focus on where they are, and give them what they expect. Or to focus on where you are. And give yourself what you expect. That’s an exaggerated example. But that’s the tricky thing about your life experience, isn’t it because you get all tuned in tapped in turned on and then you don’t behave the way others expect you to. And then if you’re sensitive, you’re aware of your misbehaving.

But that’s when you have a choice to make. Are you going to be what they expect? Or you’re going to be what you expect? That’s the biggest choice of all, isn’t it? There’s a lot of influence. And law of attraction has been calling it from you. So let’s say that you’ve been practicing this mixed bag, and they all are too well, then what they expect is what you’re going to give them because what’s actually with them is what’s active in you and you’ll have no choice. It will just be the natural thing and you’ll be having a step one moment. But what if you’re solid in your knowing what if you’re really in alignment with the love that as you want. If you are fearless and knowing and confident.

What if you are standing in that stable place, it wouldn’t matter what they’re doing, because if you’ve practiced it long enough, he can’t just wait till the morning of the funeral and meditate though. You have to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready. And if you’re ready, then don’t worry about them because they’re not ready to perceive you as you are you’re not going to bother them.

Wouldn’t it be terrible if they saw you as the enlightened being that you are? Don’t worry about it. You’re not going to fly away. You’re not going to levitate off the stage. They’re not going to have anything to worry about with you. Yeah, I was able to give that speech I grounded I did exercises that I’m doing on a regular basis and I ground in my head to say again you grounded I grounded me I mean, meaning linking with Mother Earth with the energy to my feet. Yes. Similar like being in alignment, I suppose. And well, it’s been a while now actually exactly that’s been in alignment with well being.

In other words, I wondered if you meant by it grounded with the others in the room. No knickers sometimes that’s what happens to people who decide to be grounded. Right? No. In fact, I was talking about in the speech, the universe and the law of attraction. And I had great feedback and I didn’t cry at all. It felt joyous good. Really good.

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