Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #518 – Entities Causing Pain



One other thing. And it’s totally different, although it’s related to physical totally different, although it’s exactly the same. Is there such a thing as malevolent entities that can enter your body and cause you pain. There’s such a thing as you making up any screwy thing that you want. And using it as the excuse to not be where you really want to be and where you belong. And the reason that we say that to you so emphatically is because we know for sure, there is no law of assertion.

There’s only a law of attraction. So if you don’t know, if you haven’t known what we’ve been talking about here, and you’re only charting the results of what you’re getting people saying all the time, wait a minute, Abraham, you say that I create my own reality. But I wouldn’t have created that because I didn’t want that. And we say, we didn’t say that you created it deliberately. But we do say that you created it.

Yeah. Yeah, it’s fascinating. It’s puzzling, isn’t it? noticeable, especially lately, how many beliefs that you have active in your vibration that aren’t serving you that seem like they should perfectly be allowed because they are about truth. And we say you got to sort of reorient yourself, you’ve got to realize that you get what you think about whether you want it or not.

And that’s the thing that feels tricky to you, it really isn’t about having a manifestation that isn’t pleasing you is that it has your attention. And because it has your attention, you offer a vibration about it. So that’s why we are all the time wanting to distract you from what has your attention. Because when it doesn’t have your attention, and therefore isn’t active, then it won’t be a player in your experience.

So if you’re creating it, how on earth walking away from a Louise Hay event where everything is lovely, and you’re focusing only on the positive things in life, and all of a sudden, as you’re walking, you get a knife, sharp pain in your butt, you’ll see here’s the thing, in the same way, that you’re getting ready to get ready to get ready to get ready to be the receiver of the things that you want. Without even knowing it, you’ve been getting ready to get ready to get ready to get ready to get ready to receive the things you don’t want. If your life had only begun in that seminar, then you would have a valid conversation going here. But it didn’t, you walked into that seminar with active stuff going on.

And even during that seminar, some of it was triggered by different encounters or different things, or different observations or different comments or even different things that take place from the stage. It’s one of the reasons that we’re not encouraging you really to get into a lot of detail about what you don’t want, because it’s not good for you. And it’s not good for anyone else listening in there. A lot of people even at a conference like that, that aren’t exactly on the leading edge where they are understanding about fine tuning, this is a conversation that we are just having with you.

This is about as leading edge as it gets. You came here knowing in part that you create your own reality. And that law of attraction is this manager of all vibrations. And most of you understand that you are vibrational beings and that you’ve got an output going on. But we’ve taken these thoughts together far beyond where they were, when you first got here you have a whole new keener understanding of how it is that you are massaging the vibration of your being into something that is giving you satisfaction as you go. We’ve been saying to you for a number of years that you cannot have a happy ending to an unhappy journey.

And in these days, we’ve clarified that with the words, you’re getting ready to be ready to be ready to be ready. And so most of you, we love you so much, you know what’s coming next are a mixed bag of vibration. You’re a mixed bag, you weigh the pros and cons and the pluses and the minuses and even under the best of conditions you bring with you the active vibrations from before. And that’s just a really natural thing. We don’t want you to rid yourself of all of that thought.

That’s why we tease about a lobotomy. Not only do we not want you to do it, you couldn’t do it. In other words, you could not read yourself but every day that you reach for better feeling thoughts and everyday that you meditate and push the reset button so to speak, you tip the balance a little more. And so more active are the thoughts that are beneficial and less active are the thoughts that are not soon you just get a handle on all of this and then you don’t worry about anything.

But isn’t it sort of the ultimate worry? A lot of people still haven’t that there are those out there that either don’t care about me or they do care about me and don’t like me who are actually deliberately trying to make my life harder. And the reason that anyone would think that is because often you Your life is harder than you think it should be. And you don’t believe you would do it to yourself.

But you believe that someone did. And then the religions get in on it, religions will say to you, if you do this, you will join our club. And if you do that you cannot join our club. So you do all the things that they say, so that you can join that club. And you don’t do any of the things that they say you shouldn’t do. And then you meet other people thriving and breaking all the rules. Thriving, breaking all the rules, and you say, what’s up with that? And then they explain it to you so well.

Oh, you can’t judge by this life experience is in the afterlife. That’s when you’ll find out how well you were doing. Well, thanks a lot. Thanks a lot. Isn’t it nice that you can tell in the moment? In other words, we said the other day Choose, choose choose. So that’s a big statement choose choose. There are entities that are working against my well being or I create my own reality.

We would choose and you can’t have it both ways really could only have one way you can believe against what’s natural. You can believe against your well being a lot of people do. It’s not any fun, though. It’s not any fun. Never turns out well either. So in rebooting, it’s basically doing deeper, more. You already rebooted, your rebooted. Can you see it on your face? Everybody. So there are a lot of ways you can reboot on the dance floor. There are a lot of ways to reboot it sort of depends on where you are. I like that. Yeah. Yeah. Enough. Thank you.

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