Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #519 – Communing With Nature And Husband



I walk with a good friend of mine who also follows your teachings several times a week. And during the first part of our walk, usually talk about trivial things. But when we get up the middle of the walk, I try to do my trivial do you mean? Not satisfying? or No? satisfying? Right? So let’s, let’s not call them trivial. Okay? Just clarifying. Because sometimes you think, if we’re not talking about world peace and solving world hunger and curing diseases, then it’s trivial.

And we say, anything that is satisfying is meaningful work. Doesn’t matter what the topic is. It’s meaningful work. Because it’s practicing your point of attraction, which is everything, then it is meaningful talk during our walks, that’s why you keep choosing each other. Yes. And several times, we start a appreciation of our surroundings as we walk as the momentum increases. Yes. And as you allow more of who you are, to flow through you, anybody getting goose bumps, just in the words of this, yes, yes.

In sometimes we just look at the grass, in where we live, there are different kinds of grasses. And we pay attention to the little blades or the colors or the tones and all that. Are you telling us that you’re feasting your eyes? Totally, totally. You know, we have I don’t know how many kinds of palm trees and we look at them sway and just feels good. And then the birds start singing and the flowers seem to be blossoming even more than what they are. Everyone’s dancing with you, especially your inner being.

Yes. So then we get to this place where we can sit. And it’s sort of a circle of these giant oak trees that have the Spanish moss hanging from them. In there’s this little bench. So we go and sit there to do a meditation. Well, several times now, we just want to say meditation not necessary under those conditions. You got ready to get ready to get ready to get ready, get ready. In other words, Tarzan, yoga would be better. swinging from a tree on a vine, something with more enthusiasm. That’s exactly what happens because we’re sitting there.

And usually I’m the one that talks more. So I just say, feel the energy of the earth coming through your feet, feel the roots of the trees blending with you, as we sit here, feel the breeze that is just flowing and making its way we are outward to the rest of the world. Yeah, it was Yeah, suede, like the Spanish moss is swaying on the trees. And as I’m saying those things, it seems like a world of nature gets awaken in the crickets or who knows what bugs they start trying.

Everybody knows you, everybody. We try so loud in for a moment. I thought I’m imagining this. And I look at my girlfriend and she goes, Wow, what is this and we have our hairs are standing up. It just feels so good. And we just stay there in awe. It’s like a choir of nature, welcoming us. It’s amazing. It’s amazing when you go into a forest or into a private setting, Jerry and Esther remember being at Virginia Beach, and going in the seaside state park there.

And when they first entered, they didn’t see a critter of any kind. There wasn’t a bird, not a lizard, nobody around anywhere. But once they began their walk and once they began to get into the rhythm of who they are, it wasn’t long before different parts of nature would come and show themselves to them. In the ranger station, there was a picture of a fox and Esther stopped and asked the Ranger Do you see this box often? And it was called the elusive silver gray fox.

And the arranger said No, I’ve never seen him but he has said to have been here he said to be here. And so it wasn’t 10 minutes later than Jerry and Esther walking down a trail and they looked down and the elusive silver gray fox was crossing the road with him and stopped just long enough to say hey, and off he went. You all do that with each other to whatever you’ve got going on vibrationally others may join you and they may add to the rhythm of your vibration.

They may sing along they may cricket along or they may slow your vibration down just by their entering into the atmosphere. It’s nice to have a friend like that, isn’t it? Yeah. So I am writing a book. And I noticed that If I can only write when I’m inspired, oh, you can write otherwise, but but there’s no point. No point. You’re right. And I have a husband who is passed on to the other side. And he makes himself present to me all the time. It’s just so reassuring, so wonderful.

He’s the one that approved David coming into my life. It turns out that there isn’t another side. Everyone’s forward here on this side. Okay, there’s only one side and we’re all on it. Spirit and nuns all here. non physical coming forward. This is a flawed premise that humans often think they think that there’s this side that we can all see because you’re translating that with your physical senses.

And then there’s another side and it must be on another side because we can’t see it. Well, it’s not on the other side is just a different frequency. You can know it, you can feel it, you can sense it, you’re just using different vibrational interpreters. That’s why satisfaction is such a good vibrational interpreter. Because when you feel satisfied, there’s no barrier, there’s no veil.

There’s no other side. And there never has been another side, you just haven’t perceived the integration of the non physical energies with you here where you are. In this only side. There is also another thing that I wanted to know, we have these Abraham meetings where we live as my husband talk to you.

And a lot of the times I noticed when I decide that I want to say something I always think, okay, guide the words that are coming out of my mouth. And it’s sometimes I feel this thing come into me. Yes. And even if you don’t say that it’s still happening often, and you can tell by the way they feel as they flow, or the way they express themselves, which is slightly different than my way. Yeah, so it’s happening, of course. That’s good. That makes me happy. Thank you.

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