Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #516 – Advice For Psychotherapist



Good afternoon. We are extremely pleased that you’re here ready to take thought beyond that which it has been before you’re doing what you are wanting thank you so much. I am extremely happy to be here. Because I want to first acknowledge something last year in Alaska cruise, I was in hot seat. And I personally feel Abraham energy blending with mine. But I want really to explain every month to hear and understand that part of that energy and part my inner being connected together.

And I really really enjoyed it cognition. However, over the time, and we take experience, trial and error, I learn to interact with others people energy, when they are willing to share themselves with be and I love that. I love opportunity when somebody is open to share that energy. And when I feel they are close, I will step back. My question today’s personal four years first time I attend cruise in 2015. And I was on gambling hands constantly coming in and out from Baltics in and out. And one question is consulting behind my mind. I am the best psychotherapist. I know that.

I know that for me. I’m the best that the best. However, deep inside of however, all psycho therapists are very hard on their client noise. No, no, no, no. I’m connecting with my clients question is I also has ability gift to connect on the deeper level. And it is I am drawn between channeling with my inner being no one else because no one else can channel except from their own inner being.

And psychotherapy. And it looks like two opposites at at the times, professions because I’m then confused how to promote myself. When I work as a psychotherapist and connect with clients, I sometimes talk infinitive intelligence talk to me. And I’m shocked what I believe I’m sometimes receiving thoughts and patterns and messages and freely shared with my clients.

But if I want to, we want you to know that all teachers and healers and uplifters whether it is someone reading Tarot cards, or whether it is someone with a crystal ball, everyone who is as you are sensitive to energy is receiving much of what they are offering. And their basic platform, whether you call it psychotherapy, or whether you call it psychology, or whether you call it religion, it doesn’t really matter what you call it. It’s just the platform from which you focus. But always if you are effective, you are intuitive about what you are delivering. That’s exactly correct.

But I’m confused in this site in this realms on the earth in order to to promote myself I don’t really know in which direction to go. As a psychotherapist, I’m the best I know that. But I am called also to do. Furthermore, something but I can’t put on the cycle turtle. Have you noticed that depending on who you are visiting with, some are more vibrationally up to speed than others.

And of course, anyone who’s wanting to help anyone must have the label teacher first. Because what you’re doing is assisting them in get into the receptive mode. There is not a lot of value in you receiving for someone and telling them what you’ve received. That’s exactly right, unless you are able to help them become more consciously aware that they are also receiving.

So what you have already been doing is what we would encourage you to do continue to promote if you say under the label that already has you discover and understood, and then be sensitive to who’s there and teach according to what they are able to hear. That’s exactly what I’m doing. That’s really exactly what would have been a really good plan, don’t you think? Yes.

I just can you imagine Esther’s label, no, weird woman. The best promotion she ever had was from someone who said, I just can’t get in to being involved in something where that man calls his wife, Abraham. Just have to accept that the law of attraction is your promoter. And don’t worry too much about how you promote trust that you’re ready for whoever is there. And many of them are getting ready to be ready for you. Many of them aren’t ready for you and you’re sensitive enough to know how much of you they’re ready for that. And some of them are only ready for the psychotherapist part of you.

That’s what they came for. That’s what they want. Some of them are asking for more and you know the difference and so yeah, that’s exactly what I do with some people. promote yourself as a teacher who is ready to give them all that they’re ready to receive all love you love you love your writing. That’s exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you very much. Thank you you know, we’re looking for someone else who matches the chip.

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