Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #522 – Ease And Flow



Hello okay get out I’ve just been feeling all of this wonderful vibration going through my body and wondering am I really you know, accessing source and noticing tension like in parts of my body and figuring that that’s probably resistance, working its way out. And then it’s I’m focusing on the, the feelings that are vibrational in this like raising of vibration as I focus on that more and more than the other, like dissipates even better. And it’s like this wonderful floating feeling.

When you have identified a vibration that you are calling the attention, just softly say to yourself, just consciously relax and say to yourself, it’s all just perfect. And then if you want to offer the words, I’m willing to let this in I’m willing to receive this think words like ease and flow, ease and flow. What’s going on with you is it’s just little tweaking.

And as you relax each time you feel that Esther remembers in the beginning of receiving Abraham, there was enough resistance within her not much by a human standards, but enough resistance within her that she felt like she had her toe in a light socket, when we would flow through and it took a while for her to acclimate.

And then for a while, she would actually feel swooning, because she wasn’t quite up to speed as we were being summoned, forced by Jerry or by the audience. And so it took her a little bit of acclimating. But after a while you get acclimated? Yeah. Yeah. Wow. Well, it feels very, very good. And that is very reassuring, and I thank you very, very much. Is that what you came to determine? I think so being such an absolute.

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