Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #521 – Non-Physical Questions



Thank you. I’m having a blast in this life. And this teaching is a really wonderful words that day. My question is really three parts. First, I’m going to at some point I imagined decide to transition back to the non physical, once I’m in the non physical, how do I get back here to the physical, the most natural thing in the world? So it’ll flow naturally. And you’re already pre paving that even now.

Okay, your enthusiasm for life? is all part of that. Are there other entities similar to Abraham? Or is Abraham all inclusive? I mean, in a positive sense, all the non physical is Abraham, inclusive of all non physical, or is there other entities that have come together in the format, sort of, of Abraham to express to us and to connect with us or to you or whatever.

So you look out of your state room, and you see the ocean. And you call it, the ocean, even though you could scoop out a cup. It’s all there. And so all of us are equal parts of all of it is so to speak. And because of law of attraction, the emphasis that each of us is focused upon, equals what is most around us. And so we speak of it more in terms of families of consciousness, even though we’re all part of one consciousness. So it’s more about intent, specific intent, in the same way that you all, find yourself different in your desires, and beliefs.

Okay, last portion of my question would be probably the most wacko does Abraham connect with anyone or any entity outside of our planet, all of us are outside of your planet. We can’t even find boundaries to this boundary list universe. Consciousness is not limited by time or space, is Abraham aware of consciousness off of this planet, the majority of the consciousness that we are encouraging you to be receptive of, you could say, is off this planet in the sense that we are not here in physical bodies as you are.

And yet we’re still having this conversation. I say, Okay, we understand your desire to just quantify the energy, but in that attempt to satisfy the question that has a sort of flaw at its basis, then we just add to the making up of things, and you’ve got enough of that going on, to try to get you to be able to from your physical format, where you’re seeing and hearing and smelling and tasting and touching. In the beginning, people would ask questions like that, that want to know how many of us there are.

And so we just said about 100, just to get them to stop asking. Because there was no way of explaining there was no way that they could hear what we meant. Now these days is we’re talking more about energies flowing and infinite intelligence and vibration, more of you are beginning to understand. And then particularly in these hours that we’ve been together as we’re talking about this vibrational reality, and your relationship to it that you can’t see or hear or smell or taste or touch.

But you can sense. And so here, Esther is vibrationally, up to speed with who we are and able to receive us. So you might say she’s like a satellite dish that’s beaming us in. But even that’s a distortion. Isn’t it helpful? Enough? Not so helpful. Yeah, you kind of have to be there. Jerry would say a lot of this makes a lot of sense. But I just don’t get the non physical part. And that would always bother Esther because she said, But I’m the translator, who’s supposed to be translating that so that you can get it and every now and again, she’ll say to him, so now you understand the non physical.

So now you understand. And because he is now they’re focused on understanding now more of you are coming to more understanding about it, because Esther in particular is reaching for that understanding of what it’s like there. What is that consciousness like? And that is why she is now understanding so much more fully than ever, she was able to understand before from the words that were flowing through that we are all in this non physical realm. We are all focused forward with all of you. This is the answer to a question that you didn’t quite ask. But it’s the answer we want to give you.

So just listen. When you think about non physical and you think about physical and you think about you being in the receiving mode, which means somebody is transmitting something to you, and you being in the receiving mode of it, as you feel what it feels like when you’re in that receiving mode, often your awareness as As our friend was describing, broadens your senses become heightened, you are more of who you are, when you allow the wholeness of who you are to flow, it is so much more of a delicious experience.

So then you come to realize that you are an extension of this source energy, you are an extension of this source energy but not separate from it, you are an extension of it, and sometimes you cause not a separation, but a pinching off. And that’s what makes you want to define it as someplace other than where you are. And it’s not because it’s not where you are, is because you are not allowing yourself to perceive it being where you are.

But more and more as you reset your tuner and you allow yourself to be this fuller receiver of this non physical energy, then you will come to know from your own experience that this is the leading edge this is where the manifestation happens. And all that is non physical is pointed forward here with all of you this source energy is this recycling of source energy, but it’s always coming forward into the new and into the new humans have this distorted point of view that physical is here somehow trying to prove worthiness because they’ve been comparing themselves to each other and finding fault with each other for almost the beginning of men focusing upon one another, when what is actually happening from non physical is that the energy is coming forward and to the continuing evolution.

So it’s not that non physical is off apart in some other realm, already having reached perfection, and you are here trying to prove worthiness in order to somehow attain that perfection. This non physical is manifesting forward with all of you. Don’t you love knowing that? Don’t you love knowing that the interest of what man wants to call God, this source energy, let’s call it source, interest, source interest and moving beyond what is and here you are having new exposure to new experiences, this combination of beings, both physical and non physical has never been before into all of the universe.

So here you are having this leading edge experience and view carving out the path for the new thought to come forward. But the way you carve it out is you carve it out in your unreadiness to receive it because when you ask a question to which you don’t know the answer, you’ve carved out a path to which you aren’t ready to receive. Does that make sense? So you ask even though you’re not ready, but the non physical part of you is ready. So you ask not quite ready to be ready. If you were ready. You wouldn’t be asking the question. Yes. But you’re asking the question, because you’re ready for the question. But you are not ready for the answer.

But you know what, almost instantly, as soon as you’re ready for the question, you are ready for the answer. In fact, if you weren’t ready for the answer, you couldn’t even find the question. If you were not ready for the solution, you couldn’t find the problem. The problem is necessary for the solution is necessary for the focus. Just see, don’t you like knowing that?

So you find the question and you find the problem. And at the same time you find the solution and your inner being focuses upon it and shines it forward to you. Knowing that in time when the conditions are right, and your vibration is lined up, that the solution will flow forth and the universe will have expanded because of you. Such a beauty to that. Yeah. Yeah. Enough enough. Thank you put those shoes on just so he would match the chair.

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