Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #540 – Castles And Buttons



Gotta just start asking, just relevant question I’ve heard you teach that it’s no more difficult to manifest the castle than it is a button. And it’s just their belief about it was a big castle, you know, that’s a big deal with respect to our physical bodies, you know, I use an analogy, when I teach, we cut our finger, you know, this is the equivalent of the bottle of fuel, you know, we, you know, we may have to cover it, keep it clean, get a stitch and antibiotic or whatever, but we expect it to heal.

Yeah, we could even well against that and it will heal, but something beggar the equivalent of the castle, you know, Chima or you know, a bag, you know, it’s a very good comparison. And that’s what we’re talking about. And the reason that it is more difficult for you to create your castles or your magnificent healings is because let’s approach this in a softer way, the things that you really care about, you have thought more about. So you’ve dug in your heels, so to speak, and you’ve practiced the vibration in a stronger way, the things you don’t care that much about, you don’t have so much vibrational investment.

So it’s easier for you to create something that you’re just thinking about, like BlueGlass, and butterflies and a feather than something that you’ve been worrying about for a while. And you pass your worries on generationally. In other words, you make monuments to your problems, and you teach history classes, and you make sure that you keep the unwanted stuff alive, and you warn one another and your children constantly. And so you’ve got all of this activation about what you don’t want going on.

And that’s why it is so far, for most of you much more difficult for you to create the big things and the small things, it’s because you have a bigger investment against the big things, because you’ve thought about them more. Now, isn’t that a case for focus? Unlike you’ve never heard before, if you could believe that, it just requires focus.

But in this leading edge, really leading edge conversation that we’ve been having together about focusing, we’re helping you to understand that you’ve been working against yourself and not even knowing it, you’re using words and putting happy smiles on your faces, and pretending like you’re saying it the way you want it to be when you’re feeling that like it is and you can’t feel it like it is and get it to change, you’ve got to stop feeling it like it is and you can’t stop feeling it like it is until you deactivate those thoughts. Because Law of Attraction won’t let you stop feeling it because as long as you’re thinking Law of Attraction is going to keep bringing it to you.

And as long as you’ve got that active vibration that law of attraction is responding to and this active vibration, inner beam that law of attraction is responding to, you’re going to feel it because you’ve got that tug of war. So when you feel negative emotion, you want to say, Yay, my guidance system is working. It’s pointing out right where my points of resistance are.

So I’m not going to think about that anymore. I’m not going to think about that I’m not going to think about that thing I’m thinking about I’m not gonna think about that thing that I think about anymore, I’m not going to think about I’m not going to think about No, don’t talk about that to me, I’m not going to talk about I’m not going to talk about that thing that I’m not gonna do anything about I’m not going with you anymore, because you talk about things I don’t want to talk about, I’m not gonna talk about, I’m not going to talk about I’m not going to talk about it.

And because I don’t go, I make darn sure that I hold myself in vibrational alignment with the very thing that I do not want. The more action that you offer to it. The more groups you cloister yourself in, the more banners you put up, the more you proclaim, what you really want just causes you to offer more about what you don’t want. You’ve got to figure out what you’re offering vibrationally. You got to figure it out.

And then let what you don’t want dissipate by its inactivity. And how do you make one thought inactive, activate another. So the only way you can do it, the only way that you can make one vote inactive is to activate another but if you take the thought that you’re most worried about, and you say, Oh, well, I’ll activate the other end of this stick. No, you won’t. You mean to and you want to. But if that stick is really active, the more you say the more you activate the end of the stick, you didn’t mean to activate.

That’s why you really want a reboot. Because when you meditate, it’s inactive for a while and you have a chance to get another vibration going. And your inner being who your inner being. You know how we’ve been saying that. Once you’ve meditated you brought your vibration into a place of inactivity. And then you receive a thought. And remember when we said that your inner being will lead you through your path of least resistance.

So once you’ve meditated and quieted your mind, you got to know your inner being is not going to start giving you thoughts about the very topic that you just let go of. It’s not time it’s going to activate it all over again. Your inner being is going to talk to you about furniture or something that you’re not all wadded up about a new thought a new interest, a new something that path of least resistance, something that’s easy for you.

Where’s Imagine in your physical shoes we’d be looking around our environment for easy things to think about where when you’re thinking about them, you notice that you always feel satisfaction. Esther has a tree house in Texas and just focusing on that tree house, she feels satisfaction. She remembers finding the spot for it. She remembers putting the ladder up in the tree and thinking they were way up high when they really weren’t. She remembers the big crane coming and dropping the six big timbers down the big 40 foot 30 Something foot timbers downs through the trees.

She remembers them placing that she remembers a happy man who worked on the Treehouse, she remembers how long it took them to finish it because they like to play in it and all day. She remember the day that she told Jerry that all she needed was a rope ladder to get up in it and she remembered how hard he laughed before he designed the switchback which she’s so grateful for now here today. She remembers the first day the treehouse was finished and it was Thanksgiving Day and they went over and they had Thanksgiving by themselves in the men went over to the tree house.

And they were going to just take a long nap up in the very top of the tree house. And that morning friend who had been transcribing the recordings had sent Esther a email that said, Because Esther had said that they were going to go to the tree house. And she said I wish I could send you a song I wish you could hear it was before that technology was even available. Or at least Esther didn’t know about it. And neither did her transcriber. And all the way down in the bottom of the email.

She had written the words to dance in the treehouse all night long rock and Robin rock and Robin. And so Esther had read that and then she and Jerry went, had a wonderful dinner and went and took a long nap in the tree house. And when they woke up the tree house was swaying just like the song said, because it’s a big tree house high up in the tree and the trees were swaying in the wind was blowing. And the trees will full of Robins because they live right on the corridor the birds were moving south.

And Esther will never forget that realization of that coming together of those thoughts and those experiences and how effective the universe is at providing you with each and every detail of anything that would surprise and delight you. That’s something that she keeps in her pocket often and thinks about just because it’s a lovely thing to think about and because there is no downside to it ever is a she remembers the day that LC came to see them and they got onto the property and Esther said where’s LC lovable cat level the cat was roaming through the woods somewhere, Jason, I can hear her but I haven’t seen her yet.

And then she came out into view of the tree house and Esther was all the way up in the tree house and Jerry was still down on the ground. And Jerry said, LC go up and see Esther and they fully expected that LC would just come up the switchbacks like she had done so many times. But instead Elsie went up the tree and upstream and dived almost 20 feet across from a tree into Esther’s arms.

Esther will never forget LC knowing exactly what Jerry was projecting to go up and see Esther Did you did you so many things that have so many things, it feels so good milk, the milk, the milk, the milk them, use those as your reason to offer vibration, and then watch what manifests in your experience as unwanted things by lack of attention to them become deactivated in your experience and eventually subside altogether. Every thought that you’ve ever thought you still have the potential of activating just as every thought that’s ever been thought still exists on your planet.

But the good news is that unless it’s active within you, it is not affecting you because law of attraction is not bringing it to you. Not until it’s active. It can have been active but it’s just like when your radio unless you turn it on. It’s not playing songs. Every time you walk into the room the radios off and it’s still playing those songs. Stop it Stop it. It’s not doing it. It’s not active and your point of attraction isn’t active unless you have a thought going on. Really good conversation. Really good time for a segment of refreshment.

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