Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #539 – Meditation Clarification



When I first heard the name Abraham, you were described as one of the best teachers on the planet. And I thought he was this guy helped off, because I’ve experienced many great teachers. And one of the things when I tuned in, tapped in and began to turn onto your work was I love, your precision of teaching, your clarity. And I’d like to cite you for the meditations that you’ve provided us.

I meditate regularly I had done before I met you. And there’s one meditation that I’ve got a little bit of trouble was that you provided and it’s on physical well being meditation, where you say, there is no physical condition, that even a long standing one that we cannot recover from. And in my work, I make the distinction between the physical body which I call wellness, and well being I the scrapers, that’s your emotional health. So there’s your physical side, and there’s your non physical side.

And then your meditation, you say that there’s, there’s no no physical condition that we can’t recover from. And then you see, but I’m not talking about your body. And I’m just a little bit confused by that particular meditation. And I wondered if you could clear that? Well, everything that is vibrational, in other words, once you accomplish that ease, you allow that emotional as you say, that non physical well being, and you practice it steadily enough that you allow the cells of your body to do what they know how to do without interference from your beliefs, or mental confusion, then, as everything that is manifested, is influenced by this non physical energy stream.

And so we really mean it when we say, there is no physical condition that cannot find its place of balance, we appreciate in your words about the precision with which we teach, because of Esther’s willingness, first of all, because of her lack of bias on nearly every subject. And because of her willingness to allow us to walk slowly through the words and your response to them. So that over time, we are able to calibrate what we mean, through what she says by what you perceive.

And because of the millions of people who have danced with us in this way, we have come to very, what you call precision, and we call vibrationally accuracy conversation. Every now and again, Esther will begin with something and she will feel are wanting her to hold for just a moment. And then that’s when she says In other words, or she says Begin Again, because she can feel that we’re adding a clarification to it. So the thing that makes it hard for physical beings to accept that if they can accomplish it vibrationally In other words, we have said, if this time, space reality has inspired within you the desire, then this time, space reality has the wherewithal to deliver it to you fully.

But in identifying the desire, that’s a big part of all of this. In other words, as you live life, and you know what you don’t want, you know, what you do want, you also have your non physical intentions that are part of that mix too. And so it’s very difficult, if not impossible for anyone to evaluate on behalf of anyone else, how well they’re doing in terms of finding vibrational alignment with the whole of who they are, that you can tell you know it yourself when you accomplish it, because the ensuing and increasing feeling of satisfaction within you is your evidence of that. So what was troubling you about it?

Did it feel to you like we said that, once you find it vibrationally that then you can accomplish it physically, but not in your body? That is certainly not anything that we meant. Yeah, actually hope you just you know, because I love your precision and your clarity.

Yeah, I just didn’t clarify it. Yeah, I mean, just says from an excerpt from the meditation, your physical body will respond very quickly to the absence of resistance, there is no physical body no matter what the condition that cannot return to its natural state of well being yes, these words that you’re hearing a note about your body, but about the allowing and alignment of source, what we meant by that is take your attention off your body for now, in the meditation, we did not want to call your attention to your body, because that activates you where you are, we want you to forget about your body.

This is what we’ve been saying, in all these days that we’ve been together, nevermind what’s manifested, let that go for a while if you can. And that’s a lot to ask of any of you because it’s right here for you to see it and feel. But the work is here. And if you can know that, and believe that is he, it’s really an interesting thing. Let’s say that you all come to us, and you’re fairly new in your understanding of what we’re teaching. And so you’ve participated with us in these days.

And we’ve said to you over and over again, and it must be getting boring a bit by now, reset, restart, renew, replenish, meditate. And then these things will happen well, until you have some days and weeks of meditation under your belt, then these promises that we make are just words, that you have not yet had an opportunity to prove to yourself. It’s like anyone who is speaking what they are theorizing, their theory could be true and could not be true. In other words, people get this stuff from a lot of different places.

But when your theory comes from the law, base knowledge of infinite intelligence, if you’re able to tap in and practice in your own vibrational being a steady absence of resistance, then you’re going to get those results. But until you’ve gotten them, you don’t know them. And so to think about your body before, you know that then does the reverse of what we’re asking.

It activates in you the very thing that you don’t want to activate. So that’s why we’re saying, don’t think about your body. It’s not about your body. It’s about this meditation, it’s about the quieting of your mind. It’s about whatever it is you’re using to focus upon to calibrate yourself to the frequency of wellbeing.

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