Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #541 – Step 5 And Meditation



And are you refreshed? Good. Now what? Thank you. Wow. Okay. First thing I want to express a lot of love and appreciation for Esther. And Abraham, I think I speak for everyone. When I say that is it’s really been a biggest shift in my life, practicing these teachings and doing them to the best of my abilities. Thank you. Okay, I don’t have a question formulated. So I’m just going to roll with it. I like to talk about step five.

Because from the position that I’m in right now, I’m able to look back at contrast and appreciate it and see the value in it, or be right in the middle of it, and not rail against it. You know what step five feels like? A question and an answer that come at the same moment. A problem and a solution that come at the same moment, or even a solution that seems like it got there, just ahead of your awareness of the problem.

It’s a hands on real time, exposure to life experience, it feels like all those around you are in perfect concert with you, it feels like you are the center of the universe. Maybe conceptually, I’m trying to get myself to fall in love with the contrast as it’s happening. Is that unrealistic? It’s overthinking it. Okay. It’s like having your sea legs if you are really in a state of satisfaction.

And then some contrast presents itself to you from some residual or for some clarification purposes. In other words, sometimes you’re tuned in, and you’re receiving impulses from your inner being. And sometimes your path of least resistance is through a little resistance in order to clarify what you really are wanting. We would like to help you to accept that contrast is not bad. It’s good.

That’s interesting, isn’t it? That contrast is a good thing, not a bad thing. Because it’s a clarifying thing is a determining thing. It’s a focusing thing is a determination thing. Can I give you a personal example of what I’m trying to deal with? I went to the Mediterranean cruise six months ago, beautiful hit the ground running, I was in my flow, I was in the vortex. I was having beautiful conversations and meetings with people I was on a high all the time. This cruise, I found myself a lot of the time getting out of the flow.

And it’s really been it’s been a challenge for me to lower the resistance to bring myself back in. If you’ve been meditating, I have a bit of resistance to meditating in the form of stealing your money. Yeah, what you’re describing as resistance. And there’s only one way to get rid of it. And that is focus your way out of it. So you can’t focus upon what’s not happening on on something that isn’t happening as much this time as it was last time.

And not just hold yourself in that pattern where you are deprived even more of the things you are wanting. So what I’ve been doing is having a few beers to lower the resistance. I think the thing about veers, lowering your resistance is it it also dramatically lowers your comprehension and memory recall even though you will have little resistance, you don’t know it.

And the things you say the most others are incomprehensible also. I have another question about a meditation actually, now that you brought that up in alignment with the resistance. You’ve been talking a lot about how it’s important for us to start meditating or continue meditating. It’s only important if you care about feeling good. It’s only important if you want to sync up with everything that you are in everything that you want, there is always a choice. And we’re not trying to talk you into it.

We just know you would like it. We just know that you prefer clarity. Yeah, yeah. So it’s cleansing. So it’s okay to abandon Well thank you, I’m feeling good. Before I came on a cruise, as we said, if I go on the hot seat again, I would want to ask you to talk about fun and laughter. So thank you for that. I’d like to contribute a little bit to that as well. If I can tongue in cheek. You’ve been talking about getting ready to be ready to be ready to be ready right and being satisfied in the getting ready to be ready not needing to be over there but satisfied and ready to be ready.

For years we’ve been saying the universe will surprise and delight You. And sometimes Esther would wonder, well, if I’m a deliberate creator, how’s the universe going to surprise me? Because haven’t I asked for it. And this is how you’ve asked for it incrementally, and you haven’t been privy to the combining of the energies into the cooperative components that are all lined up on your behalf and to the other cooperative components. That law of attraction is assembling moment by moment by moment.

And so it’s the surprise and delight that you came for. It’s not the same old same old, same old, it’s the new, new, new, new, new, new things to feel satisfaction about, and new degrees of satisfaction. Beautiful. I’m very satisfied that the first lady asked for a rampage because I’m not going to request it because I know that I’m ready to be ready to be ready to receive it. I don’t know that we’re ready to be ready to be ready to receive it and I know that you’re ready and ready to give it so thank you.

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