Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #543 – Co-creating With Animals



Can I ask a question about CO creating with an animal, I have an an animal that’s injured, that animal take the lead. The animal is more intuitive, and more in tune with what is really wanted. Okay, I guess I don’t always trust myself to be able to hear what they’re saying or what they want. Well, don’t make them eat if they don’t want to. And don’t make them take a walk if they don’t feel like it.

And don’t keep waking them up. If they want to sleep, then don’t keep talking to them all the time about what’s going on. And don’t keep looking at the injury. Right. What I’m doing now is I’m visualizing them, you know, galloping across, maybe you are, maybe you are, but this is the thing that we’ve been talking about a lot. Maybe you’re visualizing them galloping across the pasture, and maybe you’re wishing they could. Maybe that’s really what you’re visualizing, but it may not be so in the vision.

Are you getting high? Are you getting yourself to a rampage about it? Let’s hear it. Let’s do it together. Well, I just cheer for her as I see her trotting in this incredible extended trot across the pasture, and it’s green, and her head is up. And she’s, you know, looking around and you can hear it, can you feel her, your voice is still broken up, you’re still yearning, you’re still in the yearning phase of this. So you got to start at a more general place, you’re talking about something she’s not doing.

So you’re visualizing something that isn’t happening. And that’s a hard thing to visualize something that isn’t happening, something that you want to happen that isn’t happening, that’s a really hard thing to visualize, is asking perhaps the hardest thing of yourself. So what is it? Where can you start with her, that feels good to you? Well, I know that well being is everywhere. This is a beast, who is an extension of Source Energy, who has trillions of cells who are all aware of the healing process.

This is an animal who is in touch with that non physical energy, and so in touch with the energy spirits of her being, this is an animal who is not yearning, who is not feeling the frustration that humans feel, who is really feeling some satisfaction, and is not longing to do something that she is not able to do right now. This is an animal that is finding satisfaction in what she is able to do and not trying to do more than she is able to do.

So she’s not going to push the injury, she’s not going to make it worse, she’s also not going to atrophy because she’s going to follow the feelings of well being that are coming forth from within. This is pure positive energy in a physical body, co creating with me in a way that I have the opportunity to watch someone come back into the full alignment and into their full beingness.

And I have no business assuming that even though she’s not trotting across the pasture, as I would prefer, that she’s not ready to be ready for what she’s ready for. How dare I make the assumption that things are not right with her when they may very well be right with her? Why is it that I’m challenging her readiness to be ready, just because she’s not all the way over there to where I want it to be? And isn’t that lovely that I can feel within myself that distortion when I tried to make her ready or than she is ready to be?

How can I best help her by getting on with things that matter to you. And by trusting that she’s doing the same? By giving attention to things that really feel good to you. And by not worrying about her children say that to you all the time I got this. And they mean it. They mean it. And then they spend as much time away from you as they can? Because they know you can’t hear them.

And because you don’t believe it and because you don’t trust them. Yeah, so I need to trust. For now just get ready to when you say I need to do something I’m not doing. You dig your heels in. I need to find a way of doing something I’m not able to do. Okay, so what are you going to do? I think I can trust it’s this life transition right now.

There’s some things that I don’t have control over and I’m just having to let go and surrender and know that all is with this weight is such a lovely thing when you stop trying to control the uncontrollable and even more wonderful when you realize it all is uncontrollable when it’s out here. So if you stop trying to control the uncontrollable and you control what is controllable, which is what you’re focused upon right now and how you allow yourself to feel now you’ve got it really good enough.

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