Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #544 – Don’t Overthink It



I also want to, on behalf of myself, thank everyone who’s here who’s asking today because it’s as a result of everyone here who’s asking that we’re getting the questions answered, that I think have been the most leading edge that I’ve ever felt in my life. And I really appreciate that. And thank all of you for doing. So, when you started the opening, one of the things that you said to me that that stood out extremely was that by the end of the time, we were here, that we would be able to understand the difference between the thoughts, and saving, thought and receiving a thought.

And I, often, when I’m often coming back into the first position again, it’s like, I always hit the tree at 500 miles an hour, it seems always that that seems to be my creation, and then I have to like that. I don’t like it, then stop telling that story. No, thank you. Or say it softer? I’m an intense being I like to focus. And I like things to stand out in big ways for me, and they do. Yes, that’s exactly right.

That’s exactly right. So I have noticed little by little that, I hear that voice. All right, I get that go this way, or go over here. And I 50% of the time, do it and just feel the flow. Well, things are different for you now. Because now the impulse is going to be more definitive for you 50% is not great. Or you could flip a coin and accomplish that goal or not go, oh, maybe it’s higher, maybe it’s higher. Now it is higher, it is higher. When I miss it, it’s very acute that I’ve missed it.

Well, that’s all right to because when you miss it, you know you’ve missed it. And then you’re more likely to be more aware next time at this point in our conversation. We really don’t want to start overthinking all of this. Right, right, right. Okay. So just make a decision that you’re going to follow more of those good feeling feelings, which means that you are automatically less action oriented than you used to be. That’s what leverage is, isn’t it.

Think about leverage, think about some big thing that you need to pick up and think about what kind of leverage your physical body has in and of itself to do that, then get a fulcrum and a big stick and leverage yourself in some way and push on it and acknowledge the benefit of your leverage, acknowledge how much more you can accomplish in an action oriented world with leverage and acknowledge how often that you use leverage as you are acknowledging the physics of your time and space.

And then acknowledge that now you’ve tapped into even more leverage. Now you’ve tapped in to the vibrational leverage. Now you’ve tapped in to this universal health, now you’ve tapped in to the energy that creates worlds. Now you have concierges advocating for you. Now you have law of attraction, lining up circumstances and events you always have had, but now you know it.

And now, now that you know about meditating, and now you know about caring about the way you feel, now you’re going to discover timing, and now you’re going to let universal forces be the leverage for you. And so you’re going to find yourself working far less than you’ve ever worked and accomplishing far more. You’re gonna find yourself feeling happiness for no justifiable reason.

When you thought that you had to get all the way over there into this change of condition before you could feel this good. Yeah, really good. That’s very good. That’s it. I want to be able to give others the opportunity to speak Thank you very much really good.

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