Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #542 – Finding The Right Words



Thank you. I’m the luckiest person in the world. And I’m actually in a big life transition now, which is normal. If you’re ready to be ready to be ready, aren’t you always in a life transition. And if it feels like it’s a big life transition, then you’re planning on making a bigger Quantum Leap jump than you want, or then you can or that wouldn’t be good for you. So just be ready to be ready to be ready. And don’t be so dramatic. When in actuality, it’s going extremely smoothly, amazingly, smoothly.

Yeah, how odd. It seemed odd to me in a ways because anyway, everything has just been, you know, right. When I needed the phone call, it would come right, when I’d finished one thing, the next thing would happen and, and something that could have been very overwhelming has just been just slowing beautifully. It’s only overwhelming if you try to take too big of a bite.

Yeah. And I try to jump too far. If you don’t let the energy carry you will say it again. Most people are overwhelmed because they’re trying to do with action and behavior and words, what the energy would do if they’re just give it a minute. Yeah, and that’s a great point for me, because I have tended in my life to be very, very action oriented. And, and there’s times Now with this particular transition where well, you know, something different now, you know that action orientation is a really delicious and wonderful thing, provided all of the base work has been done.

There’s nothing more exhilarating than to be all tuned in and inspired to action. That’s a lovely, lovely thing. But if you’re not ready for it, then it’s overwhelming. And so it’s all about knowing where you are, and not being upset about where you aren’t. Yes, yes, this is so true. And one of the things that I’ve recognized in this process of this going a lot smoother than I expected, really, is that that can’t be true. Okay, well, maybe I didn’t know it then can’t receive past your expectations.

Okay, your expectation is your combining of desire and belief. So there must have been an expectation that you aren’t recognizing, maybe a more general one. Okay. Yeah, I certainly do know, very deeply in my world, about my own well being when you say things like, I can’t believe that. That’s a good thing to stop and say, Well, wait a minute, I’d like to speak that differently. Or, Oh, I didn’t expect that to happen. Well, then it couldn’t have happened. So you’re using words, to deceive yourself, at least say, on some level, I must have expected it because it happened.

Because my knowledge of laws of the universe, I mean, that it couldn’t have been otherwise. We want to talk about that. We know it isn’t what you came to talk about. Exactly. But why would anybody say something happened that I didn’t expect? What would be your reason for saying that? I didn’t expect it? Is it? You know, maybe humility or not wanting to just be there it is right there. Yeah. Not wanting to be misunderstood by others? Yeah, and really, in truth, I really do believe that I’m the luckiest person in the world. So. So good things would happen to me. And to also know it’s not lucky.

Right? But lucky is a nicer word to use for others who don’t understand exactly saying I’m lucky sort of takes the heat off, because you would appear so arrogant that I always get what I want. Exactly. Because people who haven’t figured that out yet, then have a little opposition to you. And it also takes the responsibility away. It’s sort of like Lucky comes from someplace else that doesn’t come from me, you know, better than that. Yeah. There is nothing other than your point of attraction.

That’s true. Yeah. And I’m very good at Focus. Yes, you are. But one of the things that I’ve started to become aware of in this transition is how much something that you’ve been talking about earlier today is how much we have. Spirit because it so used to be me Yeah, doing it stuff. Maybe there’s some makes a new better spirit doesn’t do it for you, they do it for spirit. Wait for it wait for and we’re all in it. In other words, we are all in this together. That’s like saying, I’m so appreciative of the part of me that keeps advocating for me.

And we really, really like it when you join us in advocating for yourself and stop making excuses about your well being as if it shouldn’t be there. Who teaches such a thing? Who teaches you that there are not blessings raining down? Who gave you the umbrellas to put up to prevent the blessings from coming to you? Yeah, I’m lucky they they keep raining down on me. Yeah, yeah. If you are lucky, that’s right, what’s the word I need to use instead? All right, as long as you know what you mean by it, but we just want to make sure that you know what you mean by it. Because there’s no chance in any of this.

There’s nothing outside of your point of attraction. But the thing that makes you not want to take ownership of what comes to you is that your inner being is a very powerful and strong point of your point of attraction. A very strong part of your point of attraction is your inner being. And if you haven’t been aware of your inner being or deliberately resonating with your inner being, then sometimes well being comes to you, when you’re not doing that thing you do that is keeping it from it.

And since you did it by default, you just weren’t doing that thing you do that prevents it. So therefore, you were allowing it to happen. And so you didn’t consciously allow it, you just allowed it because you weren’t doing that thing you do that didn’t allow it, then you want to assign some outside blesser. And of course, there is this source energy is, that’s what that well being is, is the well being continues to come forward. You see, one day a woman offered the most profound conversation about her little girl.

They were at Disneyland or some wonderful place. And the parade was coming by. And this beautiful mother said to her little girl, this is all for you. And she looked around at all the other people she’s no it isn’t? No, it isn’t. She didn’t even like her mother suggesting that this was for her, because it looked to her like it was for everybody. Therefore it wasn’t as good.

She already had come to the place that she wanted that blessing for herself. She wanted to be singled out as the good one. She wanted to be singled out as the Blessed One. And so we’re asking for a little bit of acknowledging the profound well being that is coming forth to everyone. And when you are accepting that well being is dominant, and that there is no shortage.

It’s the shortage consciousness that sort of makes people worried about whether they’re getting too many blessings. Because they misunderstand, they think that there’s a finite pie that has been divided up among you. And that if you get too much of a piece of happiness, or well being then you’re lucky and someone else is unlucky. But feel the discord in that and feel the awfulness of it.

And the reason that you feel the discord in the office is because your inner being knows that the well being is proportionate to those who are asking. In other words, if you have asked for it, and all have, then it is raining down upon all of you, but sometimes the circumstances of your life, and therefore the training of your vibration, as you review the circumstances of your life causes you to offer a vibration that causes you to not allow your share of the blessings, which is pretty hard to take when you see others receiving their share of the blessings.

What’s confusing is when people are sorting and separating into piles, what the blessings are, and then justifying what they did to get them. And what they did to get those blessings is not vibrationally accurate. That’s what’s making you nuts, you say. And so you just got to work this out for yourself, you have to figure out what blessings you have, ask for what blessings you’re in alignment with by what blessings are coming. And then just keep reorienting yourself until you show yourself that you may receive all that you have the ability to define. And that the lovelies around you are part of that defining.

And then in time you reach this place where you feel so blessed, but you’re also not worried about others. And you want blessings for them too. And you advocate blessings for them. Because you know for sure that you get in your fair share is not going to prevent anyone else from getting their fair share. And you begin feeling the global consciousness that we’re all in this together the uplifting of all the understanding of well being that your inner beings understand and when you get crossways of that you’re hurting.

Yeah. So this is a really great point for me in that I do feel extremely I don’t even know what to how to use the word now because blessed or lucky doesn’t again, doesn’t sound like what I mean, I feel extremely conscious of receiving the well being that I’m lined up for. Okay, good. Tell it like it is I feel happy to receive the well being that I have identified and then further lined up for tell it like it is because when you keep telling that that distorted way, then you’re not as ready to be ready to be ready to be ready.

I like that. But one thing that I have noticed is that people that aren’t as aligned with well being and are not receiving as much as what they’re asking for as I am but let’s not get off track just for a second here because if they’re asked For the manifestation rather than for the feeling, then they’re going too far too fast. And that’s what you have to teach to the clarity of your example. And that’s what I tried to do. Yeah.

And anyone who wants anything when someone says, I really need a lot of money, and I need it soon, and you can feel the urgency in them, and they’ve needed it for a while, and it hasn’t been coming, and they can’t seem to catch a break. If there’s a layoff, they get laid off. If there is a diminishment of something, they get diminished. You just keep watching what seems like bad luck. It isn’t. Come to them. And so if you could help them know that, rather than needing something to change if they could just find the feeling of prosperity, but often, that’s too big of a jump for them, too.

Because they will say to you, well, how can I ever feel prosperous when I’ve never been prosperous? How can I feel prosperity when I live in a neighborhood that isn’t prosperous? Either. My mother’s weren’t prosperous. My father wasn’t prosperous. No one that I know is prosperous. How can I find this that I have not lived? And so you say, Well, you have to go more general, you have to look for the prosperity in other ways. Do you share the abundance of fresh air?

Now some of them might get off on some environmental issue? Are you prosperous in what your eyes can see, some of them might tell you that they don’t have 2020 vision, they will argue for their limitations if they’re determined to argue for their limitations. But we want them and you to understand that within you, no matter how much resistance that you’ve gotten about something, there is a point that that resistance no longer applies, that somewhere deep within the desire that you hold, there is already evidence of that desire being satisfied.

And if you are able to find that and pinpoint that and activate that, then you have begun the process of momentum taking hold of it because you only have to find one thing that you feel relief about. That gives you that feeling of satisfaction for another to come and another to come and another to come and another to come.

And maybe the financial prosperity will be one of the last things that makes its way into your experience because you’re so dug in to what the status quo is, but you will notice improvement in your life experience. Once you consciously acknowledge the way the universe works.

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