Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #545 – What Happens Next



So I have a question. I’ve been meditating. I think being guided. I’m having so many synchronicities. I first thought My question was, can you have a synchronicity? gasm or something along those lines? Yeah. When a lot of things that are active in your vortex are allowed in your experience simultaneously, it does feel powerful like that. Yeah. So I guess I’d had that question and playful word in my mind.

And I just changed as I was sitting there when you called me. And what I thought I’d ask instead was, after you have all this amazing guidance, and life is so delicious, and you’re following, and you’re getting the signs of things, showing up, what happens next. Well, we started to interrupt you in the middle. Instead of saying, after you have it, we wanted you to say, as I’m having it, when I’m having it, since I’m having it, since I’m having it because happily ever after means it keeps coming and coming and coming.

Because really, your vortex has enough in it to keep you happily satisfied for 20 or 30 lifetimes. And so you just don’t need to worry about it. Plus, you’re going to continue to have step one moments that are going to keep refurbishing it. And so the question is not is the well being there? And the question is not can your inner being keep the momentum going? So that you have access to it? The question is, how much do you want to feel good, and how willing are you to find thoughts and behaviors that do.

That’s all figure out who you have become who you really are, and allow yourself to be more that more often satisfied. You can never be satisfied when you’re mad at someone, you can never be satisfied. When you’re finding fault with someone, you can never be satisfied. When you’re worried about someone, you can never be satisfied when you’re blaming someone, you can never feel satisfied. When you feel guilty about something you can never feel satisfied when you’re feeling vulnerable something in other words, Choose. Choose how you want to feel.

And we think the word satisfied is a really good word to balance out a lot of those emotions that you commonly feel that you spend time even in environments like this, justifying your reason for feeling those ways, when there is no reason that is justifiable. But the reason that you do it is only because you’ve been doing it and Law of Attraction keeps making it easy for you to keep doing it. So it’s going to require some focus.

But now the reason we’ve been talking about thinking thoughts and receiving thoughts is because we want you to get into the receiving mode so that you can be the receiver of the thoughts that your inner being is thinking about this, rather than the Regurgitator of the thoughts. That law of attraction keeps dishing up for you because of your pattern of thought on a subject.

Think about yourself or others, whichever is easier for you about yourself or some other and say to yourself about whether it’s you or someone else, that person is an opinionated person, focus on someone that you feel that way about. And then as you think about their opinion, just ask yourself, as you have been the one delivering that opinion?

Or if you’ve been the one listening to someone else delivering that opinion, did they seem happy and satisfied in the delivery of the opinion, and opinion is just an opinion. In other words, that’s not a negative connotation. Word is an opinion, which means it’s a practice thought is a belief that I’ve practiced is a belief that I believe and in my opinion, it’s a belief that should continue to be transmitted for others to be influenced to believe it too. In other words, I would like my opinion to be understood.

So if you asked yourself, so did you find yourself or someone else who is opinionated? And were you able to say that they were happy in their opinion, then they’re receiving that. But if they appear to be raging against it, if they’re shouting, if they’re unhappy, if they are frowning, if they are throwing things at the television, if then what they’re saying is a thought that they are thinking, not a thought that they are receiving is a really easy way to tell. How do you feel about being the receiver of a thought?

We want you to like the idea of being a receiver of a thought because you know who created it to begin with? You do. It’s not like being a puppet on a string. It’s about being a receiver of the combined best of everything that I’ve lived that I put into my vortex that has just stated and is now ready for me when we’ve been talking to you about being ready to be ready to be ready to be ready.

Oh, if we had another time just like the time was spent, maybe we could begin to touch the surface on everything that’s happened that got that all ready to be ready to be ready and ready for you to be the receiver of it. In other words, talk about universal forces. Talk about source energy. Talk about lifetimes of asking talk about billions of people generation after generation contributing to the desert Higher it’s ready that the only question is Are you good enough really good on the radio.

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