Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #546 – Talents From Past Lives



I just wanted to say thank you for everything. Thank you to Esther for meditating all those nine months and learning some, everyone benefiting from Bliss is hard to take I rebooted this morning and meditated in the balcony when I woke up and actually had questions before and during the meditation, the questions changed. And the members here now. And that was amazing. Eye 12 o’clock, I was in the balcony of our room again. And I was looking at the ocean, which was so fast and so blue.

And I saw dolphins. And I was always so it was what I wanted to see, I’ve been looking out and I’ve been wondering, I wonder if I’ll see a whale or, or anything. And last night, our waiter said he had seen a whale yesterday. And I was like, Oh, I, I never saw that. I saw that dolphins on the subject of getting ready to be ready to be ready. So here you are, in that soft place, wanting something that has not happened yet on this cruise. But you’re ready to be ready. And so you weren’t ready to see the whale.

But you were ready to meet someone who had seen one. path of least resistance. And in visiting with someone who had seen one, can you see how your resistance was adjusted just a little bit, see how getting ready to be ready works. And now you’ve made all of them more ready to be ready to be ready. So I like to say thank you. Because every night I go to sleep, I listen to your voice. And I’ve learned a lot and our life is good could be better. Our life is actually a lot of miracles. That statement would be an accurate statement for everyone who has ever lived, who is living or who will ever live.

My life is really good and could be better. And your stance is I’m satisfied with what is and eager for more. That’s the best stance to stand in. Because in the eager for more or could be better. You’re acknowledging the eternal pneus of who you are the ongoingness of who you are, yes, I have like two topics that I would like k one is, well, reincarnation, but in our words coming back into from non physical, the physical again and the cycle coming for more fun.

Yeah, for more satisfaction, not to fix something that was broken, not to redeem something that was incorrectly done before. But for the clarity of the new experience. And also, we want you to know, you do not have to be a spirit born into an infant in order to be having this eternally ongoing experience. You could be like us, or like any of Your dearly departed, who are forward with you who are aware of what you’re thinking, and aware of where you are and thinking about it from their format to we’re wanting to help you to soften that feeling of separation between physical and non physical and coming and going.

It’s just always here always here always here. And in doing so, we want you to honor maybe not best word, respect, maybe not best word, acknowledge better word, the value of this leading edge. The importance to all of us not just to those of you who think you are the only ones here in bodies. K I’m so in on that topic of our being eternal coming in and out. Choosing to be physical or non physical like Abraham. I have been wondering, because for my whole lifetime, I’m an artist, a painter.

And when I first started over 20 years ago, and I always knew I loved art painting. And when I went to art school long ago, people used to say, when I first started, they said you must have done this before, right? And I was like, No, this is I’ve just begun. So I wondered when you become physical and to talents, yes. But you have to be open to them. Some people aren’t open to them because they are determined to make their own mark. And they don’t want to be clumped in with someone else because they believe that they are earning their own passage. And so they don’t want to blend with someone else.

Some don’t allow it because they have a sort of shortage consciousness. Some don’t allow it because they believe that as a physical talent that they are improving. But when you get it that source energy is flowing through you, then you have access not just to one creative mind Brilliant genius, but to all of them, and as you interpret through your process, you will uniquely display that which you are interpreting.

So thank you. So it could be that in another life I was already feeling those things and doing it could be, but it is not necessary that it be that, in fact, wouldn’t that even be more wonderful if you were just so open to source energy that you were getting it now? In other words, what difference does it make? Esther knew how to plaster the pool too. And she didn’t say I wonder if I’ve plastered pools in past lives. I wonder if I’ve developed water systems.

I wonder, why do I know this must have done it in the past life or must be tuned in with someone who holds that knowledge. Now. You know how when you’re ready to be ready to be ready, and you’re in that flow. And that energy starts flowing through you and you can feel the momentum as you’re painting. You know that feeling of exhilaration. That’s you letting the one who was really painting be felt by you. I know it because I understand when you say vibration, and high frequency because when I’m alone painting with just the materials I feel it’s so different.

And each color yes has a vibration. Yes. Can you feel this is the thing we’d like you to focus on just from your memory. Can you acknowledge how each color is? In other words, there’s no confusion. Let’s see. You go right to it and you know, and further you know exactly what to do with it. It’s as if you’ve seen the end of the painting and you know exactly how to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready to get there, but you’re not trying to hold it in your mind and copy it in your mind.

This isn’t a copying of something. This is a flowing of true vibration. And the process also you it teaches you you learn more informs you more it’s almost like it’s a teacher it not in language but in a visual well in the same way that we talked about offering a vibration to Esther not words, but a vibration to Esther and her finding the word that matched it and us continuing to offer until she found the word.

The best word for now and the best word for now is the same thing. You’re interpreting that vibration in another way and you can feel what’s more satisfying and less satisfying. Yeah, really good.

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