Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #558 – Meditation Specifics



So would you say as far as since we’re talking a lot about meditation today, would you say that the best way to practice meditation is in the morning and just to sit quietly, what we encourage morning is better because there’s less chatter to quiet but anytime is all right. Anytime that you have the time. If you can be alone, that’s best. If you can close your eyes, that’s best. If there’s not a lot going on around you that’s best, quiet your mind and focus upon something that is not a very big thought.

You hear the sound in this room. That’s what Esther would choose in this room, because it’s consistent. And she has to focus to hear it. And it’s not interesting. Just to focus to hear it. And after a little while, it just kind of wraps itself around just like your friend. Just you in that sound. That’s all that’s there. And your mind is going to wander but then just focus back on that sound.

Your mind may wander but just focus back on that sound. And after a little while, your mind will, in essence give up. It’ll just be you and that sound and that one. So focus back on that sound. And then won’t be long before you’ll begin to feel some detachment after you’ve done this for a while. Something within you will be moving you maybe you’ll find yourself maybe floating feels like so detached refocusing on the sound still there and serious going on. And then some somewhere along in there.

A thought will occur to you. And then turn your attention to it just for a moment and just briefly evaluate that I received that thought chances are Yes you did. And then just softly focus on that thought. And then stay in your chair as long as you can without feeling the inspiration to get up and do something with that thought. And we would just do that every day, every day, every day, every day, every day every day, every day. We know it’s a big price to pay for bliss and happiness. Perfect enough Yes. Nearly.

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