Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #560 – Do Naps Count



Do naps count as meditation? While they’re better than holding thoughts that don’t feel good, but when you go to sleep, the momentum stops. But the likelihood is that you’re going to pick it up pretty quickly, where meditation actually changes the trajectory of the vibration.

It’s like you could get drunk and feel better too. But when you sober up, you’re gonna go right back to the vibration that you had before. Because you see, think about what we were describing about meditation. So you’ve quieted your mind until you feel detached.

Then you come into vibrational alignment with the Source within you, and you receive a thought and remember what we said, we asked you to be aware of that thought, and to contemplate, did I receive this thought?

And if you acknowledge Yes, I received this thought, now your vibration is in a different place than it has ever been before. ever before. With a nap. It doesn’t work that way. Nap just stops it. Nap just stops it for now. This is a really good time for segment of refreshment.

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