Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #557 – Mental Chatter And More



So I’m really excited about this, just what you said that intuitive life where I follow the impulses as they come up. But I noticed that I have like this constant chatter in my mind that I don’t really pay attention to doesn’t matter unless the chatter is about things you don’t want and makes you feel uneasy while at chatters, because this receptive mode is going to bring thoughts to you.

And when you get good at it, it’s going to bring a lot of thoughts, you’ll get so good that you’ll be multitasking vibrationally in thought, and with words and with actions all over the place, because a lot of things really dovetail together well. So as long as you feel like you’re in the flow, and it feels good, then don’t try to slow it down.

Let’s talk just for a moment about the difference between this early thought coming out of meditation that doesn’t have much momentum going, but it’s pure. And a thought that you’ve allowed to gain momentum, feel the difference between the thought that has momentum, which is one of exhilaration, and the thought that doesn’t have much momentum yet, which is one of satisfaction. Now let’s talk for a moment about the difference between thinking a thought and receiving a thought.

You want to be in that place where you’re receiving until the momentum is such that you can’t tell if you’re thinking that or receiving that because the universe is dovetailing with you with all kinds of different things. Yesterday, Esther and her sister were in Esther’s hotel room and they ordered room service. And then they sat out it was going to be a while 45 minutes they were told about so they sat out on the balcony and overlooks the golf course and bask in the deliciousness of the air, and the beauty and a few people. It was nice to catch up with each other they were in a very blissful state.

And neither one very much aware of the time. And then Esther said, I wonder if we can hear them knock from out here, even though she had left that sliding door open. And she went to the door and the girl with the cart was poised to knock. And Jeannie and Esther stood there, they opened the door and her knock almost came into the room because the timing of it was such and they laugh because Esther knew that she intuitively knew that this was happening.

That’s what life is like when you’re tuned in tapped in turned on. Anything that matters to you. You have awareness of it is a. And so that’s how you tell how well you’re doing in this. So is there any more words that you can offer on just, I feel the thoughts I can’t quite tell there is a bit of a war of push and pull between me and me on that. Here’s what we’re hearing from you and see if this doesn’t feel like what it is to you. So you’ve meditated. And you’re feeling satisfied and soft, gentle thoughts are beginning to flow. But you’re feeling a little anxiety that they’re not bigger, bolder, more exciting. volve?

Well, then you’ve already introduced resistance. But let’s say you didn’t do that. So you’re just feeling satisfaction. And then another thought that satisfies you comes. And then another thought that satisfies you comes, at what point would what you just described be part of that. It’s more like, I open up the fridge. And I have the thought, oh, wouldn’t it be great to eat these great French beats. And then there is a thought that says, oh, that’s silly, we’re going to be eating bla bla bla bla bla, right?

There is a thought that comes. And then immediately there is like the logical like, Well, we were planning to do this, or we were to do that. So what you might be describing is the difference between a thought that you received, and then a thought that you thought Yes. Now, we know this may sound crazy to you, but but you’re gonna get this. So you receive a thought because the cells of your body are wanting some sort of replenishment. So you have the impulse to go.

And when you go, the first thing you see is what your inner being wanted, usually, if you’ve been tuned in to any degree, but then you override it with belief. And so when that happens, just laugh at yourself. And then on Tuesday, go meditate again. And by Thursday or Friday of next week, you’re probably eating the beads. We’re playing with you a little bit but that really is how it goes. This is the big question that you’re posing here. How do I stop second guessing myself with all the habits of thoughts that I have?

How do I really allow myself to follow through with my truly inspired thoughts? Well, the truth of it is, you can’t all of a sudden stop thinking that’s equivalent to the lobotomy that we were talking about earlier. You’re not going to do that but you can be nicer to yourself. out it and you could laugh about it. And you could say to yourself, and in time, you will, well, I have the impulse for that. So I think I’ll follow through with my impulse, we would become more inspired, impulsive, but there’s something else that’s happening here in this conversation.

And that is, none of you, unless you’re meditating every day, even have a clue what we’re talking about, in this leverage, you can’t compare a thought that you’re receiving to a thought that you’re thinking, unless you’ve been receiving quite a few thoughts, and can feel the difference, you’re just gonna have to bite the bullet and meditate in order to understand what we’re talking about, you’re just gonna have to show yourself what the difference is between an inspired thought where your inner being who knows exactly where you are in relationship to what you want, and is offering you a thought, a path of least resistance thought that will get you closer to what you want, you’re just going to have to do that in order to trust it.

Because we don’t want you to just take our word for it. We’re just teaching you the process that then you can apply in order to understand the power of your connection. Esther has been asking us, and we may talk about some of it here today. Because she’s gotten really good, she knows that all she has to do is quiet her mind and off we go. But she doesn’t want to write a book every time she quiets her mind.

In fact, she doesn’t really ever want to write another book, she will receive the inspiration to write a book and she may someday have little enough resistance that that will feel like a really good idea all the way out. Instead of having parts of 17 books already for conversation. But when Esther sits to meditate, what she’s reaching for is that satisfied thought that then leads to an even more satisfied thought, that leads to something that’s really a feeling of enthusiasm.

And what she is discovering is, the more she allows herself the luxury of not taking action unless it feels inspired, then the more remarkable and delicious and magical her days are, here’s something else to consider. especially good for you. So Esther was contemplating with a friend, the subject of giving and receiving, her friend was talking about finding the perfect gift for someone. And so after they talked for an hour about it on the telephone, Esther sat to write with us about it.

And we explained to her what we talked to you about earlier, step 123. Step one is life causes you to ask for something. Step two, is already answered for you because Source Energy answers what you’re asking for. And then step three is you get in the receptive mode.

Well, if you hang around in the receptive mode, on a really regular basis, you discover that sources often inspiring you to the step to part of somebody else’s equation, you just end up in the right place at the right time to answer that question, or provide that knowledge or catch someone when they’re falling, or offer somebody some money just when they need some. It’s really, really wonderful. to, in the receiving mode, move from step two to three. In other words, you get to be the source energy part.

We’ve talked to you about how birds are often messengers for you. When you’re watching nature and feeling the beauty of something very often, one of Your dearly departed will inspire a bird to come and sit next to you and give you a message. And so isn’t it fun to get to be that bird sometimes? Who gets to be at the right place at the right time? And how else are things happening? Isn’t that the way creativity is you see, and isn’t there a tremendous amount of satisfaction in that.

But if you’re running around looking for needy people, or finding needs that you’re trying to service, then you’re not in the vibrational frequency, you’re not in the right place at the right time, you begin to resent what people are asking of you. This receptive mode is the key to what you’ve been looking for, is why we’ve been calling this the art of allowing almost from the beginning the art of allowing your connection to the broader part of you that can see a broader view, who knows where you are in relationship to everything that you want, knows exactly where you are in relationship to everything you want and is offering guidance about how to get there, not because you need to be all the way there to be satisfied.

But because you need to be moving in the direction of what you are wanting in order to be satisfied. The fact is, you’re never gonna get all the way there ever because you’re eternal. You’re not ever going to get there because on the way you’re going to think of a whole bunch more things you want in that new house. You’re not ever going to get there. You’re not ever going to be complete, but you can be satisfied. You’re not ever going to be complete, you’re not ever going to be finished.

But you can be satisfied. And so the sooner you get to that place where you’re willing to let the vibration of it be enough, you don’t need the manifestation of it, the feeling is enough, you don’t need the manifestation of it, then the inspiration comes and then life just gets richer and fuller, and you’re playing with more people, and you’re having more fun, and you’re saying more things, and you’re doing more things, and you’re having more experiences, and life is richer and fuller and richer and fuller, but you’re not ever gonna get it done. Yeah, yeah, absolutely.

If it feels like, you know, it’s going from that world where you have a to do list and a schedule, and you’re getting stuff done to that world. Listen, it totally does. It totally does. Yeah, that’s a terrible world. That’s a hard world, that world of action, that world of you out there without your inner being that world without inspiration or without broader view, that world of just going through the motions, that’s a world of depletion, and the alignment is a world of replenishment, it’s a world of renewal.

And it just flows and you don’t have to push it or shove it, it just you just follow it, sometimes you may be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready to make a list. And when you do, that list will be exciting as you make it and even more exciting as you fulfill it. But if you try to use your list to motivate you, rather than inspiration to inspire you, then life isn’t that fun. Sometimes we say to people, are you eager about your new desires? And that sometimes you say yes, but you don’t mean it?

Because it’s like, oh, it’s something else to want and figure out and work toward here is our definition of the perfection of desire within you. I’m without resistance. And my inner beam is whispering to me my best path right now. And why is it the best? Is that the best? Because it’ll get me there faster? No. Is it the best? Because is a surefire route No, to the manifestation? No. It’s the best because it’s what I’m ready for. And I can have it now. I’m ready for that. And it will satisfy me. And then I’ll be ready for that.

And it will satisfy me. And so then your friends say, well, when are you going to get to the end? Never. That can’t possibly be satisfying. Oh, but it is. It is because this is as much as I’ve allowed myself to know that I’m able to receive so it’s gotta be enough. But then you start getting the hang of it. And then you start feeling invincible, and then you start asking for more. And then you start expecting more and then you start moving faster. And then it starts being more fun.

And then you start having clarity most of the time. And then you start feeling exhilarated most of the time. And then you start attracting other people that are like you that are running around with you. And then there’s this exponential thing that happens is more of you are tuned in tapped in turned on or playing together.

And then and then and then and then and then and others look back and they say oh, I don’t want to be around you you make me tired just to watch you. And you say you must not be in the replenishing mode if you’re getting tired. Like it’s like this luxurious life where it’s just yeah, the satisfaction is is amazing.

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