It Takes a Negative Ion on a Positive Ion to Turn a Light On

It Takes a Negative Ion on a Positive Ion to Turn a Light On

Not everything in life is positive. You have probably heard these words. Maybe when reading a newspaper, watching your favorite series or someone just whispered them to you. But did you ever take time to think why these words were said to you? Or why you they came along your way? The truth is these words are essential, mean a lot, can make a difference in your life and that is probably why you came across them.

Many are the times when people fail to bounce back or see the beauty of being in situations they did not plan to be. It is always good to appreciate the situation you are in. Whether pleasing or not, accepting and planning for a better way out is a plus. If you are in a pleasing position, then work smart to make it better in the coming days. You have the power to make everything work for you.

Being in an awkward situation does not mean there is no hope for a better tomorrow. The same way, having the best moment does not mean your life will be smooth forever. There are ups and downs along the way, and its best to be prepared to address what comes your way.

If you take every situation you are in as a manifestation of your current status, thirsting for a better tomorrow should not be an uphill task. That manifestation gives you the desire to keep moving and to get where you wanted to be. Everyone has a desire to be somewhere. Without a doubt, you also have a desire to be somewhere. For example, consider when you want to marry. You work smart to get a good partner despite the challenges that arise, right? So, always make sure your manifestation is driving you not holding you still.

Most people fail to improve their lives simply because of past or current handles. It is good to note barriers will always be there in life. Even when you try to run away from them, at some point, you will encounter some. But are you ready to brace what comes your way? Are you prepared to see something good in that awkward situation? It is gratifying when you are able to see a solution in everything that challenges you.

People who overcome challenges in life end up living a happy life. We all thirst for a happy life. Sadly, a happy life does not come on a silver platter. A good life is earned. You have to be the creator to experience the beauty of a happy life. When you let others create a life for you, you may never see anything beautiful in life. So, make sure you are full control by acting as a primary creator.

Never allow other people to decide your life. You know what you need more than any person does, even your partner may never understand what makes your life happy. In fact, when you accept to be the creator, it dawns that it takes a negative ion on a positive ion to turn a light on.

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