Train Your Mind To Receive Everything You Desire #6

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Infinite Intelligence Episode #6 – Train Your Mind To Receive Everything You Desire (Part 2 of 3)


I know you know me and I’ve wanted to get to know you better. Thus, my questions, you cannot know us. Apart from yourself. We are the greatest joy that you know. We are the greatest clarity that you feel we are the feeling of vitality and balance. We are the feeling of expansion. In other words, you know us through your emotional center, and that is the only way that anyone can know anyone or any thing. Isn’t it? Yes, you know the absence of us. That’s too strong a word. You know when we are fully within you.

You know when you’re vibrational different from us, you feel the warmth of us. You feel that closeness of us or the absence of us, let it be the feeling experience that it is meant to be. That’s why your emotions guide, you not your thoughts, not your brain, not some meter, your emotions. Two and a half years ago I put everything in storage sold. My home. I’ve been renting space in a friend’s home to minimize my monthly expenditure.

So I could recreate my life to become more of the solution rather than the problem. As I saw it in working in corporate America and in in not so much not so much on the negative side, but just to live what’s in here, that wants out so to speak and I’ve all always felt in my gut. You know I’ve always I’ve always felt guidance, and I feel it very much on a personal level in the spiritual level, but in terms of my path forward.

I know clearer today than I was two and a half years ago, but that’s because you’re trying to run away and join the circus rather than change the vibration within you, which allows you to perceive your world in a clear why we have a question or two just to sort of get things into an easier to begin place and then will proceed as far as you want to go with this. Do you know you got the sense of what we’re talking about about that which is physical, being the leading edge of that which is non physical.

So do you think that there are any inner beings involved in what you call corporate America? Yes, of course, in other words, it’s illogical to think that anything could be happening without the support and sustenance and flowing of source energy. So it may be that, in the way you are seeing corporate America that the leading edge extensions, this non physical energy might be creating with one another in a way that they pinched themselves off and are not personally allowing themselves to be consciously connected with source energy, but it isn’t the endeavor or the activity or the place or the action. It’s not that action journey. It’s the emotional journey that you’re having right along with it.

We see some of the most fulfilled fulfilling excited, exciting beings on your planet, right smack dab in the middle of corporate America and other words their juices are really flowing. There’s a lot being called threw them other words: you could be in any phase of life or in any application, and you can be open and allowing who you are flow through you or you could have it pinched off, and we really do not think that the place that you are standing has anything to do with whether you’re pinched off or not.

We think it’s the your attitude low response to it, but your questions are good ones. We like it, they come back from what, from the standpoint that so many people are feeling, and we certainly understand it. If you’re standing in your body- and you look over here- and you see something that makes you feel good or you’re standing over here and you look over here and you see found something that makes you feel bad.

We understand how you would vote for more of the good feeling things and you would vote for fewer of the not good feeling things and we can understand how, over time you become an individual or a civilization or a mass consciousness. That believes, that is, the controlling of circumstances that are necessary in order to live good lives, and it is from that framework that you come up with a statement such as I can’t be happy in corporate America. I need to separate myself from that and go someplace else into other some other phase of life.

Only to discover, as you did, that you took yourself with you and it didn’t get any clear anywhere else, because it wasn’t about the outside trappings. It was about the inner observing of them and vibrational responses. So that’s sometimes people will describe a very unpleasant environment and they will prod us to try to get the words out of us that give them permission while they need no one’s permission to leave that they’ll say shouldn’t.

I leave this job or shouldn’t. I leave this mate shouldn’t. I leave this house house and we always say perhaps the words that whether they stay or go is really not the issue, but we always say you will be taking yourself with you, and so, if you walk or go to a different environment, because there is something that you’re not feeling good about the environment, that you’re in your point of attraction has not changed, and the universe will recreate around use a hub of this vibrational signal, something that will match again and again and again and again and again.

And we’ve noticed that it really is, even though you don’t usually think so, it really is easier to stay right where you are and incrementally begin making those vibrational adjustments than it is to up heave everything in your experience and go into all new environments and then try to begin again. Well, I I believe that I have lived in. I believe everything you said. I know that that’s true, and I know that was my attitude and I had some of the best moments of my life there. It’s not that I think corporate America is the problem.

Some people in it choose ways I don’t choose, but it was like every every path. I went down every door. I opened closed in my face in it just seemed to me in my life, when things start happening like that, that are inexplicable. I always think it’s source at work in my life directly me to another path, and and that’s why I made the break I did but here’s the thing that we really want you to hear. We agree with you that when you are in sync with your own heart’s desire, the doors are opening for you and you can just feel the love logic of the next step. It just continues to unfold for you and whether this doors opening or this door is closing the still.

It is clear that this isn’t the way to go, and so maybe another way is the way to go, but the sensation of doors closing is not the byproduct of someone in sync with what they want. It’s the byproduct of someone was split energy who who knows sort of what they want and knows that that isn’t it, in other words there this. This is a very common thing to have split energy on a myriad of subjects within you, and it comes about in very simple forms.

Just by saying things like I want that, but I’d like to have more money, but money doesn’t grow on trees, I’d like more money, but there’s no money in my history and there’s no money going to be left to me and it’s not likely that I would win a lottery ticket, and so I will always be working for so much per hour and I’d like more money. But you’ve gotta have more of an education, have more money and I don’t feel like doing what it would take to do to get more money.

And so I want more money but in other words there there is a equal or greater beating of the drum of why the money isn’t going to come as areas that statements of desire that I want more money and we see so many humans who get very good at sort of balancing that all out and buy good at it. We don’t mean it takes you to a better place. We just mean you get better and better and better at not expecting things to change and that is sort of what resolve, in those doors closing, because for a door to close there, it has to be partially open so and otherwise we wouldn’t be talking about doors at all and sell bottom on.

I mean this insult, so there’s so there’s a desire, that’s opening a door and then there’s a belief that closing the door and then there’s a desire, that’s opening the door and then there’s a belief or a statement. That’s closing the door, and so, if you would just do the things that are opening the doors and stop doing the things that are closing the doors, it would just be open door, open door, open door, and you would just be skipping along through this path.

That’s unfolding beautifully before you and the thing that you’re doing that’s opening the doors is appreciating and praising and doing things that say and feel optimistic and the things that are closing the doors are things that feel the other way. In other words, the way you feel when you say them is your here. Hint about whether it’s a door opening or whether it’s getting closer to a door closing USA.

We think that a lot of you and you’re certainly doing that. And we understand it and it’s just fine. But there are so many who you become accurate historians and we think we think it’s because you’ve had so many people that are interested in you and how you’re doing that. You have conversations with and you keep sort of explaining where you are as if they could understand anyway care. And yet you practice in your mind, just sort of explanation and it comes out in the form of justice occasion, and we believe that the basis for this desire to keep justifying or explaining where I am is because at some level of my being, I know that I oughta be doing better because at some level of my being.

I remember that I’m source energy and I remember the promise that this life hell for me and there is something so deeply annoying about recognizing on some level that things are supposed to be going well and then noticing that they aren’t. And so you develop clever ways of trying to deal with that by saying. Well, doors are closing and there are a lot of people. We hear it often in this format, where people who are attempting to make lemonade out of lemons so to speak, or that are attempting to say.

Well, it probably wasn’t the best thing for me and that’s why it didn’t unfold and we wanna say well that may very well be because there are always lovely things for you, but things oughta be unfolding, don’t take no for an answer. Don’t let self pinch yourself off from the well being that you want and deserve. Finally, you’ve, just gotta get very powerful in your intentions say I am a very worthy person and it’s time that I start proving that to myself.

I live in a universe that has a basis of well being. Is time that I start proving that to myself. I’ve got just stop arguing for my limitations. I’ve got to stop stop justifying why things are not going better and analogies, clever and cute, as they are about doors. Closing, is still beating the drum of things not going. The way I want them to go win at any point in time. You’ve got this fresh, clear start. You don’t have to explain nothing to nobody, you get to say here’s where I am from where I I am the views quite clear and from where I am.

I think what I prefer is so then the question that we would put to you is: what what do you prefer? Do you like living in somebody elses house, or do you want your own house? So I won’t my on home. I don’t I have I. I have many opportunities before mean you’re spot on with the split the split mind, the split desires I I I don’t feel any in this is very unusual for me because

I usually feel things rather quickly and for two and a half years I don’t feel any of these opportunities being a true opportunity for me, and so I’m I’m out in the desert between yuma and phoenix one hundred. Here’s the thing that we think so many of our students of deliberate creation, whether they’re they’re new to us or to us, or whether they’re getting their information from someplace else. Here’s the thing that we notice is off in their perspective of this. So often they say well, I’ve lived life, and now here I am, and I’ve sort of cleared things out now, I’m ready to go.

I’m ready to find my place, I’m ready to be who I came to be I’m ready to follow my guidance and they think that somebody else has figured out who they are or who they should be, that will who will guide them in the right direction, sort of like an inner bean or god or a guardian angel, or somebody out there knows and I’m waiting for the sign and what we want to say to you is make a decision and then make the decision right.

Don’t don’t wait, for that would be like somebody, sculpting clay and taking the big clump of clay and splashing it down, and then just waiting and someone says: aren’t you going to mold it and they would say I’m waiting for a sign. I’m waiting for someone to tell me if it should have a head and a nose or if it should be something else it and what we want to say in in this analogy is you’ve already got the idea. In your mind, you’ve lived enough life that you know what it is.

You want to do with this clay, and it won’t be the only clay that you ever get to play with anyway. So get your hands in it make a decision about what you want, make a decision and then make the right decision by becoming a vibrational match to it. That’s how you get things moving. You say.

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