Train Your Mind To Receive Everything You Desire #7

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Infinite Intelligence Episode #7 – Train Your Mind To Receive Everything You Desire (Part 3 of 3)


All of these opportunities that you say don’t feel like the right one. They don’t have any compelling energy around them because you say yes, no, yes, no, yes! No! Yes! No! Maybe it’s right! Maybe it’s wrong! Maybe it’s right! Maybe it’s wrong. I wanted to be right, but what, if it’s wrong, I’d like to find something meaningful, but don’t want to do corporate America I’d I’d like to do that, but it reminds me of something I don’t like I’d like to do that, but it reminds me of something else I don’t like, and so when you’re doing that, then nothing gets any momentum and nothing calls you and then you say well, I’m waiting for a sign and what what what we said that, but what we want you begin to understand is that you create your own reality.

So you have some experiences that just sort of stir you up and has experience stirs you up. It launches some rockets of desires and they’re all of these desires that are there and you say yes, I am I’ve been listening to you today and I understand that there’s a wonderful life for me out there in vibrational escrow that I want to get in sync with, but I don’t know which way to go, and we say you can go any direction and get in sync with that wonderful stuff, that’s being held for you in vibration. Lesko is not in one job.

It’s not in one place the potential for the fulfillment of all of that wonderful stuff is everywhere. You want to go. You could live on any city on the planet and find fulfillment. You could be with me nearly every partner on the planet and find fulfillment that there was you make too much all of you, where you’re really getting a dose of it here and it’s not okay for you. It’s meant for everyone. You make too much of trying to frame out the perfect life you you really put yourself in a crippling place.

When you stand here and say I am the deliberate creator of my own experience, I’ve got to get everything figured out from where I am forever ever more dynamic. Make you sort of want to stand here and work longer and we’ll say just get moving in something that feels like the approximate direction of where you wanna go, and and pick up more data along the way which will help you to firm up your decisions about what you want and if it doesn’t feel good, then try to make it feel better and pretty soon where ever you are, and whatever you’re doing will begin to feel like magnificent life experience and, for heaven’s sake, stop trying to compare the way your life is framing out with anybody else, in other words, you’re different from all of them, you’re living a different life from them.

We think that’s the rub billion you have about corporate America. Corporate America tends to sort of want you to all, not always in it’s too big of a statement. But there is a lot of similarity in the way people behave within it. Even though there is enormous diversity, even under that label, you have just described my life right new to an absolute team. I mean I it’s what’s been swirling in my mind and Abraham, I just haven’t been able to get out of it because I in the past I’ve lived my life the way you’re describing I have have an idea, go for it. I give it my all.

It succeeds, it’s wonderful it works and then, when the door started, closing I just I did. I took that as a sign that I had this yearning inside of me to do something that was of service more that since we spend so many hours a day at work, there wasn’t much the time left over to do anything in terms of giving back. So I did this grandiose. You know I’ve been out in this void, been feeling good about. It, have stretched myself beyond the absolute I’d, never going to give you something really big here. Who are you giving back to and the reason we asked?

The question is because we know the big answer about hit me with that everyone has access to the same infinite, never ending, eternal non physical resources, so there’s no shortage anywhere. So when you say I want to give something back, can you hear, in light of what we been talking about all day here today, that your exposures of contrast and the subsequent asking that is born out of that is more giving back than you ever ever could have imagined?

Because in your willingness to experience the contrast, you conjure the questions that summon the all that is forward. Did you get that? In other words, your willingness to explore the contrast and give birth to the questions and desires and preferences that are high happening within? You is literally the summoning point of life. The expansion of the universe depends upon it. We think you are worthy because of it you see, but what man means when man says give back is well. I think that I’ve been living so much joy, which means you’re in the flow when, when you’re living a joyful life, that means you finally got in sync.

The cycle is finally complete in the way you experience the contrast you gave birth to desire, you became a vibrational match to the desire and the universe yielded and your experience in full blossom and bloom. The manifestation of the things that you launched in terms of creation got up to sync with: did you hear that it was a mouthful? It is so powerful the way this universe continues to unfold, and so you got in the flow of things and you allow the universe to yield to you in the way that it always does.

But then you look around and you see someone else not reaping the benefits and then the idea of service for most people is well I’ve just been blessed too much. I should withhold some of the blessings that have been coming to me and shoved them or shuttle them over to somebody who’s, not getting them.

When we say good luck in that one, universal forces can’t force them to let the good stuff in you’re not going to be able to driving yourself of your clarity, and your balance in your material creation is not going to for a moment allow somebody else has resistant to the idea of having it. In other words, you never say: oh I’ve been well for so long. I think I’ll be sick for the next ten years. So there’s some poor sick fool can be well for a while. You never say that, because you do not believe that their wellness has been squandered by you, you will.

You will well well well selfish. Well, well, begin, how dare you be so well for so long and let the others be sick? What’s the matter with you, you should become one of service. You should get sick and let them be well.

It’s ridiculous! Isn’t it because you know that it is not based on that, and so, when someone says I’m going to be of service, we say the best service that you could be to anyone is to get in there and love life and let your life cause you to desire things and get get up to speed with what you desire and create through the clarity of your example. The abundance of this universe say, and so that’s who you are you’re a teenager. You think that.

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