When You Don’t Know Where to Start

When You Don’t Know Where to Start

What choices do you have? Few or many? Too many options can be overwhelming, and it is possible to find yourself not knowing where to start. Having a few choices in life allow you to focus on what is essential. This further allows you to direct your energy on what is important.

The reason most people find it challenging to start and remain focused is that they have too many options on the table. Every option you have on the table needs energy. This means you have to subdivide your energy. Eventually, you lack the much-needed energy you need to start and remain focused.

Consider a situation when you walk into a book store without a clear focus on what you are looking for. There are many books to observe in any given store. If not sure what you need, eventually you will end up getting worn out and maybe not finding what you wanted.

Life requires you to focus on a few options at a time to get started. It is easy to concentrate your energy to a few options than when you have multiple things ring in your mind. Besides, it becomes easy to become an influencer when you have enough energy.

Other people can feel your energy when you have enough of it. If tasked to make a decision, bringing all your energy to address one thing at a time help manifest the right experience. Otherwise, when you scatter your energy, even solving the most straightforward things becomes one of the hardest things to do.

Blocking the unnecessary things in life is very important. Anything that does not add value in your life drains your energy. Trying not to focus on what is worrying you can help you tackle that which seems to big in just a few steps. This involves not getting attracted by negatives even when there are so conspicuous.

The moment you try not to focus on what is giving sleepless nights, it becomes possible to address the challenges you are facing. You become sensitive to the energy you have, and eventually, you find the courage to focus your energy where is needed. When you have the much-needed energy, everyone else does recognize the energy in you, but are you using it in the right manner? If not, that is why you still don’t know where to start.

A little meditation helps align our energy. It becomes clear when and how to apply the energy in you when you meditate. The momentum you have when focused on anything depends on the amount of energy you inject. Typically, when you pump more energy, you have a guarantee of getting the momentum you need to keep moving.

Nothing stops you when you have gained the right momentum. In fact, you get the feeling of moving on with what you just started. You get an opportunity to experience what you are thirsting for and eventually, you get to accomplish what you started more simply.

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