Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #122 – We’re In This Together


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Never feels so high and rush, right? Like in this moment. It’s because it’s a new moment. That’s why new moments are supposed to feel convergence with source is always that rush. And the potential of it is in every moment. Yeah. And I never feel more happier than this moment. And I know that tomorrow will be happier, even an everyday I can be even happier. And you can never go back to remembering how happy you were because it was never as much as how happy you are. Yes, exactly.

Your Capacity to decipher it just improves and improves. That’s what fine tuning is. Yeah, I realized that. Life is awesome like this. I remember like, I was complaining everywhere, anything last year, and right now I just see that I don’t have anything to complain. Now, legitimate complaints, not one of you know, no one has a legitimate complaint because you have everything at your fingertips. And what I want to say like, life is amazing as you want it to be.

And this is the My life is as amazing as you allow it to be. Oh, thank you for that. Yeah. As you receive it to be Yeah. As you describe it to be as you perceive it to be. And I know that I can do whatever question that I can do whatever question i want to do, because I’m very curious. And my inner beam wants to know something. And your inner being wants you to know it.

Yeah. If your inner being has awareness of all of the thrilling things. Do you believe that there’s more satisfaction for your inner being when you know it? Exactly. And why do you think that is? Let us ask the question really clearly. So if your inner being knows, why do you think your inner being enjoys so much? You’re releasing resistance and allowing yourself to know, because my inner is want the best result of me? He won’t want to be my best version

. True, but that’s not the reason what else? Because he wants to spend. Because through your knowing this time space reality expand? Yes. And that was my question that it wasn’t to me I wanted to make. So because I wanted to know if universe is made of dots, and is expanded with dots. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. But we want to stay on this point just for a moment.

So if your inner being is thrilled with what your inner being knows, in any moment in time, and you get into the receptive mode, so you allow yourself what you want to call a sort of breakthrough, and sort of new surprise and delight exhilaration. What do you think, is in it for your inner being? What do you think is in it for your inner being, because when it explodes within you, and you allow your physical senses to decipher it through emotion, through feelings, through thrills, through physical sensations through the physicality of it, your inner being is out here on the leading edge with your physicality, exploration and discovery of something.

Now, we’ve just come back to the subject of orgasm. Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking. Because I feel this orgasmic sensation that in my mind, like, everything is a rush. So there are a number of things that we want to say with this, and then we’ll let you speak. The first is, Can you feel that we’re all in this togetherness of this? And do you like the idea that you get to play the role of being the visceral see it? Hear it? Smell it, taste it, touch it, feel it, version of Source Energy?

Yes. And don’t you want to open yourself up so that you can feel what it feels like to source to be you? That’s really what we’re asking, because source feels wonderful all the time. But when you allow the physical expression of it to be deciphered, and explored and explained through the physical sensation, that’s as alive as it gets. And if we convinced you and all of the hours that we’ve been together, that you are the leading edge of that, which is source.

And do you believe it when we tell you that source is here with you on the leading edge, not someplace else waiting for you to go there? Yes, that this is where all that source is expressing and exploring and devouring and loving? Yes. And don’t you want to play your part in that total? And do you need to play your part for source to feel the fullness of it? Of course, trick question. Is it important that you play your part, your step three part of allowing in order for source to experience the full expansion?

We’ve been telling you that we are getting ours whether you do or not, but take this leading edge question and feel it in other words, is it of advantage to source when you align and let source Explore fully forward with you here and now. Yes, that’s the expansion of the Universe. Yes. That’s the expansion of the Universe.

That’s the evolution of all species is the expansion of the universe. It matters and it cannot happen without you I’m so happy to say this. That I am the best result of all of my worst creations better words have never been spoken in this forum. Thank you. truly inspired. Yeah, it was the best result of my worst creation. Yes. It is the contrast. Here you stand. Here you stand.

Thank you something more. I just want to say that you are so beautiful. And everyone here is so beautiful because I reflect in every one of you. And I see the beauty of this. Yeah, yeah. I don’t want to say anything more. Thank you this is the perfect time. For more fun outside of this room. There is great love here for you. And for now. We are.

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