Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #130 – Help With Work Projects


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I want my own wonderful co creative experience at work. We have this event planned for when I returned from this rate holiday that I manifested for myself. And I just feel that it could be such a wonderful experience for everybody there, benefiting the whole organization. Taking us to so much further with everything we do with everything I do with him, you’ve laid a really good vibrational basis for this. And we get a sense of what you’re talking about.

So now if you can, and you can, because you’re right there, transport yourself to some specific moment in time where something thrilling has happened, and have a conversation with someone about it in as much detail as you can. It’s so great that you came to this event, who are you talking to, to an important person in this organization? Who is interested who you know, is interested in in what I do?

And why do you want to talk to this person? Because I think he he can move things in the organization. He has the broader perspective, he can reach people that can co create with me and and so this is a key person you feel this is he person to something that will come later. And you can feel that this has been cooking up in the vortex already. And so now you’re in that moment where you’re not trying to convince him he’s already in. And these are the things that you’re saying to him now that it has been decided by both of you that you’re co creating together, you follow?

Can you feel the difference in that this isn’t something that you’re wanting to make happen. This isn’t something that you’re yearning for. This isn’t something that you’re scrambling about, this is something that is a sure thing, and you’re experiencing the satisfaction of the manifestation through your words. It feels so good. It feels so good to co create with you and to feel the benefits of what we created here together. It’s so good to have you in the boat, too.

Fill this to experience, I’ve had my eye on you for a long time, because I knew these qualities that you have. I know HR specifically, which is specifically targeted at the benefits of what we can create together we want to hear are the specific talents and reasons what you’re doing is confirming the perfection of this person and reflecting it back. In other words, can you feel how when you know the value of something and you’re reflecting it? Can you feel this energy that you get going back and forth.

And so speak it for your benefit. And for him, I know that you have the insight. I know that you know how great it can be to co create this you I know that I’ve listened to you, I’ve watched you I’ve heard your words, I’ve seen you move people, I can feel the power of your being, I recognize the fullness of who you are, I can feel your appreciation for people for this wonderful gifted people who can benefit each other and who are in this co creative dance.

There’s no awesomeness here. But there can be more effective specifics. Do you feel that this conversation that you’re having between you and this person? Can you feel that if you were having that conversation, as you look forward? anticipating having that conversation? Can you feel the explosions that will be taking place within you and having that conversation? And so as you have that opportunity to have that conversation? What do you in a focused way, want to make sure that he walks away from that conversation understanding that you understand, what understanding are you wanting to convey to that person?

Can you feel the power of this? What are you wanting to convey to this dynamic person who is not the only thing that is essential to the unfolding of this? But is this a pivotal thing? What do you want to say? I am What are you saying? I so appreciate that you have seen me as the person who has a wonderful insight in this organization, who loves so many people here and appreciates what everybody every single one of them can do.

And that I’m the one who can bring them together and orchestrate this wonderful co creation to move us to levels that we’ve never even thought we can Alright, still to general get more specific. I’m an interpreter and translator and I want to create an interpreting service at this organization that is in this perfect place where it can benefit the whole organization and where I can make sure that there’s an exchange of Liberia service to Him. I so appreciate that.

You know what I can do that I can actually be in a place where I can be the missing link the essential link to what you’ve always been looking for to make this To run smoothly and to improve our, alright, so what’s happening here, you’re still doing a sort of sales job, you’re still trying to make something happen that you feel has not happened. And it’s easy to step into that isn’t that because the whole of you knows that it hasn’t happened yet.

But what this game is about is about being to the receptive mode, so much there. So there and you’re close enough. So there that now it is a reality that you are articulating, not something that you’re hoping to have happen, or wanting to make happen. But something that as far as you’re concerned, and as far as your vortex is concerned, and as far as your inner being is concerned.

And as far as you are concerned, it has already happened. And so now, this game that we’re playing, is for the pleasure, this game that we’re playing is just for the pleasure, just for the pleasure of hearing the words that confirm the way you feel. You see what we’re getting at, oh, it’s so much fun to be in this place to experience this dance. I’ve been watching you for a long time, and the idea of putting my words to backup your words to find the perfect words to explain things to others.

I am a communicator, and I’m in the communication business. And so are you. And your communication is limited to some extent, and my communication will enhance the communication that you’ve already got going. So I’m sort of an extension of the perfection that you’ve already got going. Since there’s something so wonderful that’s already going on.

I will be an extension of that for you and masses will benefit from the collaboration that we are about. Doesn’t that feel good? And isn’t that exactly what you’re talking about? Yeah, really good. This is really, really, really good.

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