Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #144 – What Are The Five Steps Of Manifesting?


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Step One his life causes you to ask you can’t stop doing that. So stop trying to stop doing that. Because you can’t stop doing that. You’re going to ask all day every day you just are ask ask ask ask ask ask ask, ask ask. It’s the predominant reason that you’re in this body in this leading edge contrasting experience, so that new things will occur to you to ask for.

So you ask source answers immediately becomes this vibrational reality. And then it becomes more and more and more as law of attraction adds to it. And it just dates and becomes ready for you to receive that step three, you got to be in the mode where you can receive what it is that you’ve been asking for. And you’re getting good at that, if you noticed, you’re getting very good at that. Which leads us to step four, which is just being very good at that.

Step four is just being very good at step three. Step four is just being really good at step three, so that it’s natural, so that your natural tendency is to expect good things, rather than have to talk yourself into it. And then step five, it’s really our favorite step of all, because that’s where you come back into awareness of how you felt when you decided to come into this body to begin with.

That’s where you gladly embrace step one as an important step. Because so often, you become masters of step three, and then when you have a dip in your vibration, you’ll beat up on yourself about it instead of acknowledging Oh, yeah, I forgot that is what I came for. I came for the contrast that gives birth to more ideas and more ideas and more ideas and more ideas and more ideas. So we know you heard that clearly. Just be playful about it.

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