Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #254 – Jealousy


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And are you refreshed? Good. Now what? Hello. Okay, so I have this thing that I do that doesn’t make me feel good, then stop it next. We’re not kidding. I’m working on it. I’m definitely, definitely working on it. And are we going to talk about it now? Yes, then you’re not working on it? With Ha, I know. Yeah. Yeah, no, I know. Okay. I want I want and I will stop this feeling that I get, but I have this thing that I do. And I’m doing that now. It’s feeling jealous for what other people have, and wanting what other people have.

And it’s definitely happening less and less and less, especially since the South Pacific cruise, I’ve definitely focused on getting focused on being happy for what other people have gotten in their lives. We are happy to talk with you about this. But it’s important that you understand that you are misunderstanding something. Because when you say I’m jealous about what other people have, what is actually happening is that you’ve put things into your vortex which for whatever reason, we can talk about some of the reasons you are depriving yourself off, you’re not letting yourself move toward what you want.

And so in the not moving toward what you want, there’s a gap, which feels uncomfortable, feels unpleasant. And you are calling that jealousy. And you are assigning it to what others have accomplished. But it isn’t about what others have accomplished. It’s only about what you are depriving yourself off. Now we know that you’ve come far enough to know that them having it is not keeping you from having it them having it is just pointing out that they are in alignment with whatever it is.

And that’s what you’re feeling discomfort about they are in alignment and I am not they are in alignment and I am not well, to focus upon not being in alignment is to hold oneself longer out of alignment. So what you want to do is think of the ways that you are often in alignment, not in the comparative to what others have way. But in a comparative to how you feel under different conditions way. Are you hearing us just a little bit, we’re going to be very clear, as we say.

You think that it is about manifestations versus manifestations. I don’t have these manifestations, these people do have these manifestations. So you think it’s about that comparison, it is not. In fact, it doesn’t have anything to do with them, except that they’re pointing out to you a gap in your own vibration. So it’s not about them having a new not having it’s about you not having the alignment that you want. Now, let’s make this even more practical.

When we tell you that everything that you desire is in a vibrational form in your vortex we mean it. So when we say there is a gap between you and you that’s accurate, but it may help you to hear us say there’s a gap between you and the stuff you want. It’s a vibrational gap, only a vibrational gap. It’s not about anything else. So when you feel that feeling coming on, and you’re associating it with being aware of someone else having successes, something that you want, say to yourself, sent to them to but not out loud to them to them to yourself.

Thank you for pointing my gap out to me. Thank you for pointing out this vibrational gap in me. And what is this gap? I say to myself, it’s me focused upon what I think is now instead of pop on what really is now because you see, oh, here’s something so important for you to hear. If it weren’t in your vortex and if it were not real, you would not feel the gap. If there weren’t a gap, you wouldn’t feel a gap. So if it weren’t in the vortex you wouldn’t feel the absence of it in your Now, if it weren’t over there, if it didn’t exist there, you wouldn’t feel it. Now, it hasn’t got anything to do with anybody else.

It’s only about what you’ve put into your vortex and what you’re letting turn into a thing for you. Did you follow that just a little bit, that should have taken you into a new place. So we’re gonna say it again, an even clearer way, if I had not through the life that I have living, if I have not put into the vortex, this wonderful Vibrational Manifestation, this vibrational reality, then I could not feel this discomfort when I focus otherwise, therefore, this discomfort that I am feeling and this discomfort that I’m calling jealousy is evidence that it’s real, and that it’s there.

So, oh, guilt, jealousy, blame my precious feelings. You are evidence of the reality of something that I have only to relax a little bit to allow to turn to my things, to my things, to my things, to my relationships to my experiences to mine. helpful, very, definitely. Any? Yeah, I am I’m gonna stop it. I’m going to stop it. I’m sorry, you stand in a feeling of jealousy. But now you understand it. So understanding it means you’re not beating yourself up for it. Understanding that means I’ve created so many fantastic things.

And it may be taking a while for me to catch up. And I don’t need to explain or justify why it’s taking me a while to catch up. It’s obvious that I’m not caught up, or it would have already turned to a thing and boy, am I looking forward to the evolution I’m looking forward to the thoughts turn into the things I’m looking forward to the feelings coming over me and the evidence showing itself I’m looking forward to every bit of this journey. Friends, Are you really that eager to get to Rome? Hello, Captain, we’re tired of this take us directly to our destination. Nevermind the journey.

Nevermind the journey. Let’s just go to where we know. We’re going. I saw it on the itinerary. I want it now. I want it right now. I want my destination now. Right now? Or do you? Are you going to enjoy the softening of that jealousy? Are you going to enjoy the clarity that comes from it? Are you going to enjoy the clarification? Are you going to savor the pieces falling into place? And when you get there, Oh, how wonderful. Those final pieces falling into place are going to feel to you so good. Yeah, yeah. And meanwhile, you are where you are. And that’s good, too. That’s great.

I love it. I’m in love with it. I’m in love with the journey. You felt a little shift, didn’t you? Definitely. And the reason that we were combining the word jealousy with guilt is because you’re guilty about jealousy. But that was then and this is now because you now understand that in either case, it’s just you. Continuing a little separation between who you really are, call it growing pains.

Call it colored expansion panes. My life caused me to really put things over here and it’s taken me a little while to focus only there. Because now has so much of my attention. I’m a human being who likes seeing and hearing and smelling and tasting and touching. And I’m just kind of carried away with wanting everything to be tangible. When there are so many things that are delightful to watch coming into place. If you ever put anything together, gathered pieces and put them into a room or gathered clothing and put them into your closet or gathered friends and put them at a dinner table.

Don’t you just love picking up this funny one and this funny one and this funny one and this funny one? Don’t you remember a time when that funny one wasn’t there? And don’t you like it better now that that funny one is there? But wasn’t it okay before that funny one game? You see what we’re getting at? There is no completion to what you’re becoming. And so you’ve got to make yourself feel ease about the eternal incompletion that is you. The eternal incompletion that is you.

That’s the definition of an eternal being. The eternal incompletion that is you And if you’re focusing upon the incompletion and calling that something that you should feel bad about, then you’re always going to feel bad. Because there’s always going to be more in your vortex than you have allowed yourself to realize. There better be stuff in there still coming. Because, first of all, now we’re appealing to your logic, it could not all manifest all at once, what an avalanche of overwhelm, that would be. All the food you ever going to eat on your table today. Felt like that last night didn’t do all the food you ever going to eat on your table today, you don’t want that you want it to come?

Are all the people who you love in your life all showing up at your house on the same day. You only know two people. You don’t want them all there at once. You couldn’t possibly enjoy them, devour them, savor them. You don’t want it all at once you want it to come incrementally, and you want it to be an evolution. So what you are you are eternal adapters to the new you. And we know when you have become used to seeing hearing, smelling, tasting, touching. So you’re trying to manage everything from an action orientation or from having orientation.

We know this was a little tricky in the beginning of that. But oh, once you relax into the eternal evolution and expansion and adaptation that is you, then you just relax and you wait to be surprised and delighted. You know you’re stable. And you wonder in which way is it going to unfold? Now And now and now? And now? So there’s no time for jealousy? Because it’s unfolding constantly. It’s constantly becoming constantly becoming constantly becoming. And when you’re focused upon what is becoming, rather than upon what isn’t becoming quite fast enough.

What is it becoming starts becoming more soon? And we’re not kidding about this. We will have a cruise and the title of the cruise will be learning how to do manifest de manifestation. I am ferried and all the things that I thought I wanted, I need to D manifest. So what’s happening is you’re learning to manage your vibrations. You’re so interesting, you’re bored.

And then you’re overwhelmed. And then you’re bored. And then you’re overwhelmed. And you know, that’s not a bad balance. Unless you’re overwhelmed or bored. In other words, just don’t let it get too far. One way or the other, bring it back into balance back into balance back into balance. Really good enough. Yes. Thanks. Really good.

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