Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #275 – The Train Analogy


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We’ve been offering an analogy in the last few days, few weeks to help you to understand how this law of attraction is impacting you. So we ask you to visualize a train on a track. And the track is on Flatland. It’s not in a mountain pass, there’s no incline. It’s just a nice flat track. And you’re the train. So you’re sifting through life experience and knowing what you don’t want. And in that process, you know, what you do want, you never know more clearly what you do want than when you’re looking at something that you don’t want.

So when you know what you don’t want, you launch a, what we’ve been calling a rocket of desire, because it’s a vibration that emanates from you. And it is pronounced and important, even though often you’re unaware that you’re even launching the rocket, but you set forth this vibrational thought or energy. And, in our analogy, it’s like putting a powerful engine on that end of your train. And that engine now immediately begins moving you toward this new desire.

But if you’re like most people, even though you’ve launched this rocket of what you do want, since you launched it from an awareness of what you don’t want, your awareness of what you don’t want, puts an engine on the other end of the train going the other way. So in the beginning, even though you have a new desire, you have an awareness of where you already are about the same subject. And usually, they are opposing thoughts. So you don’t get any immediate response from your new thought.

Now, if you could launch a new thought, and not contradict it with the reality that you are currently living, if you could have a desire, and have it be absent of doubt, then you’d begin to get momentum right away. And because of this momentum right away, you would come to know the powerful being that you really are, because things are always working out for you. And you’re supposed to get what you want. And when life shows you what you want, and you begin momentum in that direction, if you weren’t countering it with other thoughts, the momentum because of law of attraction would take care of itself.

That’s why sometimes on those subjects that you don’t care that much about, you have a fresh thought and off it goes and it manifests almost immediately. Have you ever had the experience where you were just wondering about something, and you turn the next corner? And there’s a real live answer just appearing before you?

That’s because you ask and it was given immediately, and you were able to translate what was given into the physical equivalent, because you weren’t contradicting your own thought, with a thought that was in opposition. And you know, the thoughts that are most in opposition to your new desires, very simple. The thoughts that are most in opposition to your new desires are your awareness of what is because what is is what’s made you want more. So you want more and it’s coming.

But then you notice what is and you put an engine on the other end of your train. Isn’t that interesting? So how does someone become so good at only thinking about what you want? Well, it’s a little tricky, because you’re observing so much that you do like, but you’re also observing so much that you don’t like and you’ve been trained to be objective observers, you’ve been trained, to be fair minded to be balanced, you’ve been trained to weigh the pros and the cons and the pluses and the minuses. After all, how can you make a good decision unless you do that?

Well, we’re not in disagreement with that at all. Because we know that sifting through the variety of what you’re living, is what causes you to launch those rockets. We just want you to launch them and then follow the direction of the new launch, rather than defend the new launch by justifying that you need it because what is isn’t enough for you. If you could just trust more that when you launch it, the universe is after that your inner being is after it, that source is helping you then maybe you could relax a little bit and just understand that things are working out for you and that universal forces are assisting you.

But since you seem to be having a hard time understanding that we have come into your experience in order to explain to you how the laws of the universe work, and more important who you are in this universe on this leading edge. You are creators out here on the leading edge of thought where thought turns to things where you get full manifestations of the ideas that are occurring to you as you are moving through life experience.

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