Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #333 – A Question About Abraham


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Good morning. We are extremely pleased that you are still here. You’re ready for this? co creation at its best. It’s all you What do you want the same trouble, who was yesterday? Morning, it is. This is my first opportunity to meet Esther and Abraham. And I’m grateful to be here. And I have a couple of basic questions about Abraham. I understand it is a collection of consciousness, as best as you can understand that, right? So does that it’s consciousness and knowing from experience and alignment.

So a group of souls that were once embodied or know that you call forward? Of course, it makes perfect sense to you that what is non physical, much of it has come forward into physical and yes, yes, yes to all of that. But more important than have the pieces that you want to call Abraham being in physical form. What experience of physical is Abraham having now, as Esther and others like her are here, then that which is non physical is here also, and we’re wanting to help you all to find less separation between you as you know, as you and you, as you know, as us, I would welcome that. In the early days, as we began visiting with our physical humans.

We noticed that while you had sketchy sense of non physical, it seems sort of logical to you that you’d come from somewhere. And you’re hoping a lot of you that you had somewhere to go once you were finished here. But it was very few who understood that you are non physical energy and physically focused at the same time. And it’s that relationship between the non physical you and the physical you that we’re wanting to help you to understand, because until you do, you can’t be as you intend to be, you can’t understand what your guidance system is, you’re sort of drifting, floating in a sort of lost way, and then looking to others, for what they can’t give you other physical people.

And so we now are wanting you to experience consciously, more of an understanding of the blending of who you are. And so in the early days, with those very early basic questions, we said, we are non physical in your physical and we’re all getting along very well together. But humans in your incessant curiosity, you want to pigeonhole and label us through the framework that you are accustomed to. So it was hard for you to accept us as a stream of consciousness, it was hard for you to understand how law of attraction could blend the thoughts of us or the knowing of us, that sometimes you could tap into a larger, longer stream, sometimes into a broader stream, it was hard for you to get your thoughts around that because you are so accustomed to seeing each other in clumps.

There’s a clump there’s a clump there’s a clump, there’s a clump, there’s a clump, there’s a clump, there’s a clump, there’s a clump, and you feel so separate in your clumps from one another, that now you want us to be clumps too, and we are not. Esther began noticing, right from the beginning that depending upon who was in the hot seat, who was presenting the question, what their beliefs were and more important, what their pointed desire in the moment was that she could feel a moving about of the collection. If your question is a curiosity question, then it attracts different consciousness that if you have something that you’ve been pondering for a very long time, it really depends on what each individual has in their vortex, how much have you gathered?

And how much of what you’ve gathered in terms of desire? Are you in a vibrational place right now to receive? So we always say to anyone listening in this conversation is really between Abraham and this person sitting here. And so this is our primary desire to satisfy this that’s why we picked you that’s why you light it up. It’s your vortex it’s been answered but in the same way that non physical cannot be separated one by one by one, neither can you because you are more collective consciousness than you know, you have more harmonics in your vortex than you realize your vortex cannot be as individual or separate from the others with whom you share your planet as sometimes you think.

And so, yes, we are non physical conscious, there’s a big group of us, we come forward to the degree and with the intensity and with the wisdom and the knowledge that us through your path of least resistance can most allow. And as you hear the Abraham message evolving, it’s not because we are getting smarter. Although we are it’s because you are becoming more ready to understand the answer to the question that you’re asking. Thank you. I understand. That’s it for you know, about now. Pardon me, how about now? How about now? Now?

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