Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #391 – Wanting Vs. Needing


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I’m gonna see if I can breathe. First of all, I would like to say I love you. And I am so appreciative of having you in my life, the teachings that I’ve learned, because my life is so rich, and it’s so fun. It just has to be that way. In other words, what we did was we spoke some words because words don’t teach that caused you to find resonance with who you really are. So what you’re describing is the satisfaction of that pretty steady alignment. Yes, and it’s hilarious the way that things happen in my life.

I get your CDs, and I listen to him till the words are coming off them. And and a few months ago, you talked about and today you’ve been talking about the difference between wanting the vibration of wanting something and needing to do something some people say that wanting need are the same thing. And you got it the desire engine or the opposition engine, right.

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