Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #468 – You Get What You Think About



Good morning. We are extremely pleased that you’re here. It is good to come together for the purpose of CO creating, do you agree? Cook creation at its best really your knowing what you are wanting so far? Isn’t it nice how life keeps presenting more to you? So that your idea of what you prefer, continues to evolve, you recognize that? Do you think that you are doing a pretty good job of vibrationally staying up to speed with your desires? Or are there gaps between what you want and what you expect? You know how you can tell two ways how satisfied you are along the way.

If you are not resisting the evolution of your own desire, you feel satisfaction, even if it has not manifested. And the other way is, how long it takes. If there are things that you’ve wandered, or if there’s something that you’ve wanted for a long time, and it continues to not manifest in the fullness in the way you want it to well, then that is an indication that your habit of thought is contradicting your own desire.

And it’s easy to understand why that would be so because so often, you are giving your fullest attention to what has already manifested to what you want to say what is to the current situation. So if you want more money, but you don’t have enough, and your attention is always upon or usually upon how much you’ve got or how much you haven’t got, then you’ve may have a vibrational tendency that is actually pushing against what your desire is.

So there’s a discord a resistance within your vibration. And even though Law of Attraction is responding to your desire, as you are emanating it through thought, law of attraction is also responding to your patterns of thought that you would call belief or expectation, you do get what you think about whether you want it or not. That’s really a simple way of describing how law of attraction works. But in order to really fine tune this business of deliberate creating, and after all, it’s only deliberate creating that is truly satisfying.

It’s only when you do it on purpose, so that you’re able to pay attention and even measure the satisfaction factor as your desire in its vibrational or what you may want to call thought form evolves into the see it, hear it, smell it, taste it touch it version. In other words, there is a gestation process, there is a process of becoming. And the amount of time that it takes from the inception of an idea you might call it that, and its full fruition really is about what you are doing.

And it is really only about what you are doing with your thoughts. Now, a lot of times, you don’t feel that it is fair for you to have to take responsibility for what you are doing with your thoughts, the early stages, Esther would say, but Abraham, it’s true. It’s true, as if something that is true, or something that is really happening deserves a lot of attention. And we said to her, just because it is true, would not be our criteria for giving our attention to it.

Because there are a lot of things that are true people have manifested them or are manifesting them, even you may be manifesting them that you don’t want to continue to manifest. And so if there is something that you want not to experience, you must withdraw your attention from it. And if there is something that you want to experience, you must give your attention to it. But what trips you up sometimes is that you think you’re thinking about what you want, when what’s really going on, is you’re thinking about its absence, because you think the subject is enough.

In other words, if I want more money and I’m thinking about money, then shouldn’t more money be coming to me. And we say the way you can tell whether you are on the vibrational end of the stick where abundance is, or whether you are on the vibrational end of the stick where lack of abundance is, is by the way you feel when you’re having the thought. If you’re feeling discomfort, you’re not thinking about abundance, you’re thinking about the absence of abundance.

And the more you do that, the more you sort of set into stone it isn’t that way at all. But the more you create a habit of thought that’s what a belief is a belief is just a thought that you continue to think and the reason that you continue to think it is because You’ve already been thinking it. And the reason that you’ve already been thinking it and you’re continuing to think it is because law of attraction is making that thought that you’ve already been thinking that you continue to think more accessible to you to think. So in the early days, Esther said, well, then Law of Attraction is sort of broken, don’t you think? Don’t you think that the things that we really want should be more accessible?

And the things that we don’t want, so much should be less accessible? And we said, Really, that’s exactly the way that it is. And Esther said, Well, then why don’t I know that. And we said, because you’re not paying attention to how you feel when you’re thinking the thoughts. So over time, we’ve been breaking it down for you to understand a little more fully by explaining to you that you were source energy before you came into this body. And the larger part of you still is. Now if you can accept that, then everything else you hear today will be easy for you to understand.

There’s a non physical part of you, sometimes humans have referred to that part of you as your soul. But it’s the eternal part of you who was there before you came into this body and is still there, even though you are in this body is a part of you, who was aware of everything that you’re thinking about while you’re in this body. So just sit with that for a minute, here’s this non physical you, and you are an extension of that. So here you are the extended version of you, the leading edge.

In this time and space version of you, and you are doing just what you said you would do, you are exploring the variety. And as you explore the variety, you come to your own preferences, whether you’re even consciously aware that you’re doing it or not, of what you prefer, and what you do not prefer. And every time you find, importantly, your personal preference have something, you emanate a vibration, we’ve been calling them rockets of desire, but you emanate a signal that says, I prefer this and your inner being who is always aware of you, becomes a vibrational match to that new and amended because of the life you just lived version of your desires.

So each time you seek and find a new preference for yourself, the non physical part of you, the inner being part of you, the sole source energy, part of you, becomes the expanded, amended, evolved, improved vibrational version of that. And that’s what we refer to as your ever changing and ever growing and ever expanding and ever becoming desires. In other words, that’s what the evolution of all species is about. So you know, what you don’t want which causes you to know what you do want and you emanate this rocket of desire. And that is what we’ve been referring to as step one of the creative process.

Step two is now that you have emanated, this rocket of desire your inner being holds that newly found discovered by you vibration, right as you have offered it, and law of attraction causes a melding of all that you’ve asked for together in what we are calling a vibrational reality. Now, humans are often a little resistant to this vibrational reality because most of you are not able to translate it, at first into anything that feels real to you.

Because you can’t see the vibrations or hear them or smell them or taste them or touch them. So you want to call what’s already manifested reality and you want to call this Abraham’s delusion or something. But what it is, it’s a vibrational version. It is from our point of view, what really is it’s the new and improved asking, it’s where Source Energy puts all of its attention. It is what is in the state of becoming. And if you could find a way in we’ll show you today how to do it. If you could find a way to be focused upon this vibrational reality, you would feel satisfaction, even though it hasn’t fully manifest.

And in fact, unless you find satisfaction, in the not yet fully evolved, so that you can see it and hear it and smell it and taste it and touch it version of it. Unless you do find satisfaction in that you are likely to begin in your awareness of the absence yet of what feels like the real reality to you. You are likely most of you do it, to push against it without even knowing you are by noticing that it hasn’t happened yet.

Because you can’t focus upon the becoming of something and the absence of something at the same time. In other words, it’s one or the other. And so because you are so enamored and we understand why you would this is a beautiful environment. Seeing and hearing and smelling and tasting and touching is the leading edge. It’s what you’ve come for. It is perfect that you want your thoughts to turn to things it’s perfect. That’s what this time space reality really is all about for you.

But if you get out there ahead of your vibrational capacity to allow, then you often defeat your own purpose by taking score too soon, and then offering a vibration that slows it down rather than allows it in. So step one is you ask step two is source yields it to you, in vibrational form. And step three is, you must be in the receiving mode so that you can be the translator of the vibrational form into the tangible form. That’s how creation works, you say.

So, it’s not a difficult thing to understand, really, you got it just now. It is something that you have to practice doing. And the only reason that it gives you any difficulty at all is because you are so accustomed to enjoying your reality that you are translating through your physical senses. What you see with your eyes is a translation of vibration. And we know it’s wonderful. Esther said to us the other day, Abraham, I hear you, I’ve been hearing you, I’ve been listening to everything that you’ve said, from the beginning of the beginning of the beginning, I hear you, I get this, I think I get this.

But I would like you to know that as much as you are excited about my vortex and all the wonderful things that are in it. And as often as you direct me to its content, and asked me to be excited like you are about it. I really like manifestation more. I really liked the tangible. And we say we know you do. That’s why you’re here, the tangible is important. But you’ve got to figure out how to get there.

From there. Sometimes we just want to say you can’t get there from here, you can’t get to where you want to be, as you are beating the drum of the absence of it. You just cannot get there you are defying the laws of the universe, you’ve got to find a way of no longer doing that thing you do that keeps you from getting the things you want. And how did you know when you’re doing the thing that you do that is keeping you from getting the things that you want? You feel negative emotion, you don’t feel satisfaction?

And how do you know when you are allowing your thoughts to turn to things? How do you know when you’re in a vibrational state of being where you are allowing a vibration to be received by you in thought form? How do you know that you’re there and ready? How do you know that you’re ready, you feel satisfied, where you are, and what keeps you from being satisfied, getting ahead of yourself and demanding that it be ready before you’re ready for it to be ready, it would be like putting a seed of corn in the ground and waiting for 10 or 15 minutes, squirt a little water on it.

And then feel disappointed that the corn hasn’t come up out of the ground and yielded an ear to you. And if you’re like most humans, after about a week of that, you just dig it up and eat it or call it a failed experience. You sometimes refuse to be satisfied in the process as it is coming. And so there are some things that we want to call to your attention today. We want you to leave this gathering understanding the value and the satisfaction of being willing to be ready to be ready.

You got to get ready to be ready to get ready to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready and you have to be satisfied in the getting ready part and not need to jump all the way over to the fully manifested part. That really is all that is required. Because if you could understand, and sometimes you do, that your desire in all of its fullness is in the process of becoming and that it is yielding itself to you.

Sometimes even though you don’t know that it is sometimes even though you don’t know that it is sometimes things look like they are going wrong. When they are not going wrong. They’re going into a point of clarity for you. It’s a way for you to reevaluate something. It’s a way for you to come to a new conclusion about something.

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