Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #486 – Help With Healing Work



And then this is same, I do lots of healing work. And sometimes it’s miraculous. And other times, it’s not, is there a way where I can before I go in to the work with the people, which is always at a distance in my space anyway, but sometimes, I feel like I should just be seeing them in all their perfection, the source state, and I can always get drawn into their point of view, well, that’s part of the process. Of course, when you hold someone as your object of attention, and you’re tuned into source energy, then it’s of advantage to you and to them, but you have to remember, they also have direct access to source energy.

And if they’re not, for whatever reason, letting it in, then you being there may not change that your best work as a healer is to help them to find ways of getting in the receptive mode of the well being that’s been flowed to them. And sometimes your influence is greater. And sometimes it’s not so great. As you said, this is exactly the same conversation that we were just having. It has to do with where they are.

But there’s an important thing that we want to say here that will suit all of you relative to what we’ve just been talking about. And that is. Step one, is when you’re doing your asking. And it’s also when you’re doing the majority of your own thinking. In other words, as you’re pondering things, as you’re observing them, as you’re examining them, as you’re comparing them as your knowing what you don’t want to know and what you do want, that’s when you’re projecting vault. And that’s when you are sending out your rockets of desire or your requests for whatever it is that you are asking for.

So when you realize that step one, and step three are two entirely different steps, then you don’t get all involved in they’re asking so much that you’re asking along with them, because you can’t receive for them. While you’re still asking about the problem. You see what we’re getting at as a healer, when you get into the receiving mode, then the energy flows to you and through you.

But now, they are in the same situation that they were without you in that they’ve got to get into the receptive mode. Well, you may have discovered some tools, some skills, some processes, some personality traits, some demeanor, some bedside manner, so to speak, that softens their resistance, there may be things about you, that just helped them to feel more secure, just by your very presence, your belief in their recovery is a big thing that helps them you see.

So if you are understanding energy, and you are wanting and believing in their recovery, and that’s what you are bringing to the equation, then it’s more likely that they will be open and receptive to it. But the most important thing for you to realize is that you can only do what you do, and it’s up to them to become receptive or not. And when you become invested in how receptive they are, or are not, then you lose your connection. What a deliberate creator. And it certainly applies to someone who is in the mode of wanting to offer healing energy. What your mindset must be, is that well being does abound here.

That’s what your mindset must be. And it requires and these are words that we would like you to hear. And remember, we’ll say them to you often in the course of these days. But a soft, and easy focus is where your most powerful receptive mode is. Because when you get invested in and outcome, your focus is not soft and easy, then you introduce tension into the equation that gets in your way. And it certainly doesn’t help someone else that you’re trying to help if your own tension is in your own way.

And so, really, it’s gonna sound weird to you. But the less invested you personally are in the patient, the more likely you are to stand in a place of soft asking, and open expectation where that energy can flow to you. And depending upon where they are, may be noticeable to them. And you know, how you just acknowledged and everyone responded to it because everyone’s had the experience of walking into a room and you can just sort of feel what’s been going on in there.

Everybody has the ability to do that. Everyone’s sensitive to energy. They may not really know exactly what’s going on, but you know how that person is always made you feel good when they walk in a room and that person not so much you You have been affected by energy, flow and energy streams all of your life. And so it doesn’t take too much for this to make sense and for you to gain control of your own receptivity of your own reception of your own receiving of the energy helpful.

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