Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #536 – He Left The Room



My wife, Monica came into the hot seat two or three days ago. And when she was here, I was not here. I was sitting outside, because she was invited to come up. At the time during the after the interval, I felt very strongly at the time of the interval that I should not come back in. Because somehow, I felt that there was a voice. And I felt it was a male voice Sing to me to go back in.

Because I also felt that she was with my own energy field, somehow unable to be as visible as I wanted her to be. And so I came back later, when you think about that, that’s a form of sacrifice. When you think about it, doing something for someone else, let’s chew on this. This is a really important conversation. So what were you thinking? You were thinking that if you weren’t present in the room, that she would have more what she would be more visible, more present, and her energy would in no way be distracted? So does that mean that you believe and we’re not putting words in your mouth?

Well, maybe. Does that mean that because of your awareness of her awareness of you, that you didn’t want her to be influenced by what you think or how you be? At that moment, I felt that she really would be able to enjoy and be visible to you more easily if I was not there. And I heard very clearly avoid saying to me, I think it will be a good moment for you to go out and not come back in everything that we’ve been talking about. And all of these days that we’ve been together is about what you bring to the room, because in every moment, there is a manifestation.

The primary reason that you wear your name badge is in the very early cruises, and then some of them coming up this fall, there’s not one extra seat in the house. So if someone just wanders in from somewhere else, someone who has intended to be here might not find a seat. So that’s part of the reason for asking for your name badges so that someone isn’t left out who had intended to be in. But there’s another reason.

And that is that as we play collectively together, there is a raising of vibration there is harmonizing with your inner beings that takes place, there is a greater likelihood of being a vibrational match to who you really are, as we spend this time together.

And so let’s say we’ll spend an hour or two or three or four or five or six together, and then someone who doesn’t know anything about what’s going on, comes into the space. Now, the thing that we really want you to understand is that energy matters, and that what’s going on collectively matters. And that the vibration of the room, when it’s at its best is a vibration that has started wherever it is started with you individually, but has individually risen so that even though you’re not all equally in the same place, there is a vibrational atmosphere that can be disrupted by some sort of influence.

Usually, it isn’t anything to ever worry about, because the vibration of sources we’ve just been talking about is so much more powerful. And so it is more for the comfort of the individual entering the room than it is for the good of the whole, because the whole is in a good place because of the vibration of what’s going on. Are you following us, but someone walking into a room where the energy has moved from what is normal into another place of knowing when they walk in, they may have a sort of adverse response to the energy and that is the only reason that we would know that someone would be saying to you don’t go in.

But that doesn’t feel logical as we feel you so we think that it is an old belief that you’ve got going on something about you deciding not to be a hinder. In other words, is this your pattern to start a step back out of the way and push her and others forward? I like to encourage you when you are an encourager, but there is nothing in your vibration that would inhibit or discouraged anyone.

You are an uplifter to the very core of your being and you’re certainly welcome in every form that we are in and even more important, it’s good for you. Thank you. Yes, enough, enough.

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