Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #569 – Reaching For Satisfaction



So there are a few steps to the deliberate creating process. Step one is life causes you to ask. That’s what sifting and sorting does, you’re asking all day every day. And step two is what we just described to you, this maturation of your desires, tended by your inner being, and encouraged and amplified and growing because of law of attraction.

Step three is you’ve got to find a way to be more of a match to the vortex and less of a match to what is, which means you’ve got to pay more attention to how you feel unless attention to what you’re looking at. Which isn’t easy, because what you’re looking at is really compelling, especially if you don’t really understand it. But once you get a whiff of this feeling of your vibrational reality, once you allow yourself to begin to understand that it’s there because of things that you hear, like what we just said to you.

And then once you begin to witness some evidence of the vibrations, turning to thoughts and the thoughts turning to things, now you’re off and running, once you get a little conscious realization under your belt of how it works, then you will realize that there is nothing off limits to you that there is no desire that is out of your reach that if this time and place, have the wherewithal to inspire a desire within you, then this time and place have the wherewithal to deliver it to you in full manifestation.

But we want you to find a way to not need the manifestation right now. Because if you need it to be right now, if you say, I just can’t stand it another minute, I’ve been wanting it for so long, and it must come to me now, since it’s not going to, then your awareness of it not coming is going to play a big part in your vibration. Now you can reach the place many of you already are, where you have such knowing such faith and trust in the existence of this vibrational reality that you’re satisfied knowing that it exists.

And because you’re satisfied, there’s no resistance in your vibration. And now these vibrations begin turning to thoughts and boy, are those thoughts satisfying, thrilling really, you get an idea that just knocks your socks off. And you know, it’s a good one, you felt it when it landed. And if that thought is satisfying, satisfying, then that means there’s still no resistance going on within you, which means your desire is going to gather momentum.

And as it gathers momentum, a thought will turn to another thought we’ll turn to another thought we’ll turn to another thought until your next manifestation will be an impulse and impulse you won’t be able to stop yourself. So as these thoughts are turning to things, your ability to perceive them gets more and more and more and more and more and more and more.

And what we really want you to hear from this conversation is the deliciousness of this thought turning to thing and you’re satisfied, and then Law of Attraction brings more and you’re more satisfied. And then Law of Attraction brings more. Now it still hasn’t manifested here what we mean, it still hasn’t manifested that because you’re getting ready to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready, you’re satisfied all along the way. And friends, we want you to understand that this really is what living happily ever after means don’t need it to have manifested in order to be satisfied here how important that is.

And once you get that once you just get a little bit of that. And you can hold yourself there just for a little while, then what happens, the momentum grows and now a thought even more satisfying comes and now you’re off and running. And then a thought even more satisfying comes and then that impulse. And once the impulse comes, and the impulse is strong, so you don’t question it, you don’t resist it, you don’t wonder about it, you don’t kill it with your doubt.

You follow the impulse and you get a payoff from the impulse, a rendezvous that is meaningful a piece to the puzzle of your unfolding that you’re looking for. Oh, it is so fun. And here’s another thing that we still want you to know because we know it so clearly. And part of it is because we have the advantage of seeing what’s in your vortex and understanding what it’s culminated to your inner being. That’s us knows where you stand in vibrational relationship to everything you want.

And further, your inner being knows what your path of least resistance is to it. Which means your inner being knows what your desires are and how they are unfolding. Here this you’re really going to like it and your inner being knows what beliefs you hold that are hindering to this desire.

So when you’re in the receiving mode, your thoughts will come In a way that literally guide you around your trouble spots you’ll find yourself once you get in this flow of unfolding you’ll be thinking fewer and fewer thoughts about those things that used to be a hindrance to you.

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