Is Everything Always Working Out for You

Is Everything Always Working Out for You

Ever given it a thought why everything is always working out for you? There are two possibilities why things are always working out for you. You are either a creator or an observer, and you have the freedom to choose which side is best for you. Creators are people who like being part of what is happening in their lives. They play a major role in everything unfolding, whether small or big. These are people who are proud of everything that revolves around them.

On the other hand, observers are people who enjoy seeing others spice up their lives. For them, everything is always working out well even when not part of what is happening. From the start to the end, observers sit back, relax and watch things happen as they should. The funny thing is that these individuals are happy to welcome the result even without doing anything in the entire process.

Whichever side you pick things will always work out in your life, but are you ready to work them out? Or are you satisfied to witness them being worked out for you? The big difference comes in depending on the position you take. Being a creator is more satisfying than being an observer.

Creators not only have an opportunity to learn in everything they work out but also have the freedom to decide which path work out best for them. When you are part of a decision, it is easier to choose a path that will take you to your destination. For example, consider when you are driving. You have the freedom to use the shortest and most secure route to your destination.

When being driven, your options are limited. As much as you may have room to contribute, the driver makes the final decision. When you accept to be an observer, things are worked out for you, and you have little to no control of what is happening. It is just like a parent preparing a happy and prosperous future for his or her kids. In this case, the kids have little to no control of what is happening but are sure of a happy ending.

Do you want others to determine how your today and tomorrow will be like? Are you comfortable watching others deciding what is right for you? Are you ready to have total control of your life? Answering these questions is very important and something you need to consider very seriously. It is possible to be a creator of your life and live a happy life. It is also possible to be an observer and still live a satisfying life. So, which path are you ready to take?

Everything working out for you in life is satisfying and comforting. Everyone is always looking for a way out of situations. Being a creator gives you an opportunity to plan and execute what is worth, and the freedom to keep doing what you love doing. So, are you ready to be the creator or observer of your life today?

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