The 5 Minute Exercise To Raise Your Vibration

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The main thing we should strive for in life is to be happy. A simple goal for us to focus on and one that will aid us in our manifestations.

We find ourselves getting caught up in negative thoughts several times a day, and it takes conscious action to switch over to thinking happy thoughts.

A negative thought can haunt and haunt us for the entire day, sometimes much, much longer if we don’t address them. There are many techniques to overcome this, but let’s keep things simple today and try a 5 minute exercise to help us raise our vibration.

The trick is, not to try to think positively of the subject we were just having negative thoughts about. Go someplace else, where it’s so easy to find joy.

I have a beautiful bulldog who brings me so much joy. I look at his squishy face as he snores loudly on the sofa and my heart becomes full. I’m grateful that he came into my life, to entertain me, to give me the chance to love him and look after him and in return, he trusts me, learns how to communicate with me and does his best to keep danger at bay by barking at other living things and protecting me at all costs.

Sometimes I’d just sit with him on a comfortable rug; maybe some jazz music is playing, maybe a movie is on. I’d pet him, check to see that his skin is ok, massage him or scratch him in places he likes. He has his own code with me to let me know where the itchy spots are. I focus on him and how he communicates and reacts to me. The true meaning of quality time.

Lately I’ve been thinking of ways to shift gears in my thinking. When I get angry at someone or something in the world, I’ll acknowledge the mood I’m in then state my intent to switch it.

I’ll spend find my dog and spend 5 minutes with him, wondering what he’s thinking about and how he sees the world, how he thinks I treat him and if I’m showing him enough love.

Sometimes I’ll take 5 minutes and write about something, a memory or a person that makes me so happy. Dig really deep and think of all the things you are grateful for about that subject and send it love and positive vibes.

Soon, the other thoughts fade away. I might get another perspective about that person and/or realise something about myself that I should change if I want to stay sane, but most of all, happy.

Try it. Next time you go down the rabbit hole of hating life or someone, or your situation, just pause, take a few deep breaths and find something that brings you joy.

In fact, I started writing this article because I was so angry at someone. Now, just writing this article in about 5 minutes has calmed me down.

Journalling is a great way to let your frustrations out, and this is the next step that I’ve taken, to share my journey and learnings. I hope it helps you.

We just have to go towards love. Always.

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