A State of Grace #74


Infinite Intelligence Episode #74 – A State of Grace


Is there something more? Yes. Because I wanted to talk about the state of grace is there any state of grace because I often feel like so grateful. And I feel like I can’t stop crying. This is why I said, I think I’ll need some tissues. And when I think about that story and other stories that happen in my life, it’s like, we would call it the state of alignment. And we would call it the state of the receptive mode. And we would call it being tuned in tapped in turned on. And in that alignment is, the thing about trying to assign a word to it, like Grace, or like any word is that alignment represents itself in your experience in many different ways.

Alignment makes you intuitive, makes you Right Place Right Time. Alignment causes you to be aware of things that you may not otherwise be aware of. In alignment, you don’t miss the deliciousness of life in alignment, you are inspired to look just at the right time and just the right place to pick out the most delicious aspect of whatever it is. Sometimes alignment feels like appreciation that just turns you inside out or love, which is a very similar vibration. Sometimes alignment feels like adventure or passion or exhilaration.

We like the word clarity in alignment, most of all, because in clarity, you are astute and aware, the feeling of vitality comes from alignment. In other words, there is so much that alignment represents and certainly that feeling of grace is a good way to describe it to is just that for many of you, Grace feels more peaceful, where alignment can mean passion. Alignment can mean exhilaration, alignment is fast moving momentum. And when you are in alignment, and you’ve been in alignment for a while, so that you have allowed the momentum of being in alignment.

Now, the details and the specifics of whatever you are thinking about that you apply to it will play out in such vivid fashion that it begins to give you the feeling or the awareness of the true orchestrator of your life experience that you are a true orchestrator of your life experience. And there is no feeling that is more exhilarating, than to recognize that you’ve got your hands in your own clay, and that you are molding in the way that you want.

And then as that momentum ensues, you allow more and more of that momentum so that your brain is firing and your receptors are receiving and your transmitters are transmitting. And you’re Rendezvous in with more and more and more and more and more of the same. Two things happen. You have this feeling of exhilarating, successful life experience, your joy is uncapped.

But the other thing that begins to happen is that you begin to feel this complete sense of worthiness of self value of self love. And we think that’s the grace that you’re talking about. It’s that feeling of knowing, not only knowing my own goodness, but feeling it from those who really know it, and not blocking it with any embarrassment or any self consciousness or any self doubt, or any self criticism or any criticism of anyone else. Just pure open, love flowing. That’s a state of grace and it comes from that receptive mode. Yeah, thank you. Yeah.

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