How to Get Aligned For A Relationship #29


Infinite Intelligence Episode #29 – How to Get Aligned For A Relationship


Are you refreshed? Good. Now what? Oh, good. Oh good. Oh, good. Shit. I can’t believe I’m a piano. God. And yet, when we found you, you knew Yeah, there was no question. There are people around you that that that you knew for sure, yeah. So you were more anticipation.

I mean I just then I actually went outside and I walked over I was in the sunshine, it was amazing. Playing was coming down and you’re starting to see your future like really clearly say it. And then you get those those moments of clarity, and you just you feeling good, like you’re happy, totally unconditional. And it’s just amazing.

And the thing was, was I was feeling the sun looking at the plane. And I thought when you’re on the flight, you think the landing there’s some worry about it like this, something could go wrong or whatever. And then from that more distant perspective, then a watch how effortless it was, and how easy it was. And I just had that thought to myself, like says nothing. You’ve helped me so much every day, I listen to your recordings.

And it really clicked the other week, that feeling happy is unconditional. Even though I’ve introduced so much resistance to it, and got in the way of myself so many times, because I haven’t felt worthy of what I truly desire. You see that the happier side, just be happy. Be there not anything inappropriate. And we are never guiding you away from finding happy subjects to focus on. Because that is an easy way to be happy.

We just don’t want it to become necessary that there always be something happy happening to you, in order for you to be able to step back and find ease and well being anyway. And that’s why understanding how it all works. Understanding the laws of the universe, understanding who you really are understanding that this too shall pass. If it is something unpleasant. help a lot. Yes, yeah.

And I’m reticent whether I should even bring it up. But I always kind of been waiting for this relationship I’ve wanted. And I met a girl about a year and a half ago. It’s funny, like when I’m on my high flying disc. She keeps popping up. But then so often it’s there’s so much resistance and the energy is just not right.

Well, when you’re on your high flying disc, you’re not focused upon the improbability of it or the struggle of it. And so it feels good. And so yeah. So the key is to keep good feeling going as long as you can, by milking good feeling situations. And then if there is something that is presenting itself to you, that when you feel you need to focus upon it, like you have no choice about it, then you focus upon it with the really overriding underlying understanding that this is an anomaly that high flying is who you really are, that this is an exception, that this may even be a residual as something past going on in your experience, that really the momentum is in a different place.

And under those conditions, you understand that you can deal with anything. Yeah. When you know how it all really fits together. Yeah. So what specifically is it that you want to talk about was that that’s the thing is, it’s just the, I don’t know, maybe I just need confirmation or to put myself up here.

But that’s alright, too. But confirmation is pretty much conditional. In other words, Abraham, if you would just tell me that I’m on exactly the right track. And that this thing that I want is going to be you’re asking us to create a condition that you can then have a conditional response to, that just doesn’t matter, then does it?

Well, it matters because it’s something that you want. Of course it matters. You can’t let go of your desire, but you can feel when you’re helping them along and when you’re hindering it. Okay, so when you’re hindering it, I’ve listened to enough that you say go General, do you just totally get off the subject or is there at some point that I assumed that it’s interesting because we’ve written a few books and had really a lot of conversations about what to do when you realize that you’re not in vibrational alignment with something that you want.

And, of course, you could try to find a better feeling thought and you could try to think another thought. Of course, that’s what we recommend in that situation, but what we’re really advocating is getting out ahead of it before the negative thought comes, get the momentum going on the positive thought because if you get The momentum going on the positive thought, the negative thought is less likely to come. It’s getting out ahead of it.

That really is where your mastery of all this is. And from what we can feel from you, you are ready for that mastery you’ve been in the high flying mode often enough, deliberately enough. And you’ve maintained it long enough that you know the benefit of it, you’ve had the advantage of having wonderful things happen and making the conscious correlation between how that matches the mood that you’ve been in.

So what we’re really talking about here is your mood. What’s your mood? What’s your attitude? What’s your mood? If somebody comes and says something rude to you, we all understand why your mood might be what it would be. We’re talking about what you do before that, what is the mood that’s going to turn to things, what’s the mood that you’ve got going on.

So if you get up in the morning, when your mood is likely good, because you haven’t had time to brood about things, then if you can keep that positive mood or attitude going, then you’ll get further into the day and more positive things will happen. It’s getting out ahead of it, what to do when you get blindsided by something that you didn’t see coming, because that vibration was familiar enough to you that if you’d been in a better mood, you’d have noticed it as something that you wanted to turn away from.

But since you were sort of kind of in that mood, you didn’t notice it. Do you hear that? So it felt like he got blindsided because felt sort of normal. It was just an exaggeration of the normal if you’re running around feeling vulnerable. If that’s your mood, then things that make you feel more vulnerable are going to keep showing up in your experience. But when you wake up in the morning, and you’ve discovered that feeling of empowerment, if you can keep that going.

After a few days, vulnerability isn’t your attitude or mood. invincibility is that’s what our friend was saying, I feel in life, I feel invincible, I feel sure I feel like good things are coming. And we want him to keep that mood going no matter what. Which means you got to find it every morning and hold it as long as you can through the day.

And then find it the next morning and hold it as long as you can through the day and find it the next morning and hold it as long as you can through the day. And before you know it, your day will support the way you started it. Because today, even though your momentum subsided while you sleep, today, you’re still going to experience some momentum of past beliefs.

So what are you doing at the first of this day, we’ll have a big impact on whether those negative beliefs those hindering beliefs, Peter out and do not become part of your experience, or whether they’re active enough that they play a big part in your day. It’s pretty simple, isn’t it, be as happy as you can be. And when you don’t feel happy, take a nap. And when you wake up, be as happy as you can be for as long as you can.

And we don’t feel happy. Take a nap. And then when you wake up. Well, your employer that Abraham said naps are important. The funniest thing I think is that for all song that blew up around the world happy and the opening line is you might think it’s crazy what I’m about to say yeah, yeah. Yeah, really good.

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