How To Hold The Family Together #47


Infinite Intelligence Episode #47 – How To Hold The Family Together


Good morning. Thank you for this opportunity. So glad to be here. I have a wonderful life. I’m a very happy person, I wake up happy. I love my profession. I’m a kindergarten teacher. So I get to be around little children every day.

And so you’ve gone directly to the source. Yes, yes, every day, and I love that environment.

Did they take nap? No. Now we’re on your side. I have a class I manifested this class this year. They’re just the most wonderful little eager learners. They just don’t want to sleep. They’re so excited about the next thing. I’m all really to share with them. And I have a beautiful, beautiful home that was just recently redecorated. And my neighbor who just moved in helped me with it. And my mom transitioned in July.

And since she has transitioned, my whole immediate family has fallen apart. Nobody talks to each other, my own children that are older, don’t talk to me, my neighbor on the other side is now suing me for my driveway. And so now I have a trial, a five day jury trial to protect my property. So None of this makes sense to me, because I live in an environment that is basically always happy in life. What’s your feeling? Do you believe that your mother held the family together?

Yes, I know it now. Well, so that’s the conclusion that you’ve come to that your mother held the family together. And so you’re believing in something that is no longer there. So you’ve sort of lost your compass is like your mother was more of your compass than you realized? Yes. And that’s not uncommon. A lot of people are dependent on someone influential and someone happy and someone good at things and good at nesting and coordinating.

And so it’s a logical thing, why you would sort of lose your way. But that’s the answer to your question in this process. You’re not reaching for your intervene for your alignment. you’re reaching for your mother, who you believe is gone. Oh, I talked to her. I feel like I talked to her every day. Now. I feel like what she is, so we know that too. She’s flowing right here out on the leading edge with you. But why are you not hearing what she’s really saying?

What do you think she’s saying? is she saying, oh, everything’s bad now that I’m gone? is she saying, I told you that you’d miss me when I’m saying to you, I finally appreciate me when I’ve got she’s not saying oh, no, she was amazing woman? No, no, I feel like every day, she gives me the strength to deal with like my neighbor, and

oh, she’s not giving you strength to deal with your neighbor. She’s not even focused upon your neighbor at all. But what do you think she’s saying to you? Because we know what her overview is. We know how she feels about all these things that you mentioned here. But why are you not hearing what she’s really saying? That’s the question for everyone. Why are you not in the receptive mode? And the answer is really clear. Because you cannot on your mother being in her physical body. Esther did that with Jerry for a while. She was like a fish out of water everywhere.

She went for quite a long time, if she didn’t realize how much she was dependent upon his stability, for her own stability. But after a while, your desire for stability will supersede and you will find your way. And meanwhile, all that showing up is evidence of your instability, or of your feeling of vulnerability, because someone that you counted on is not there to be counted on. So this is the most wonderful gift because it’s going to show you that you can stand on your own feet and you don’t need somebody else to be standing there to count.

You don’t need anybody else to count on. You’ve got all of source energy, but Infinite Intelligence, you’ve got your inner being. All of that has your back. You say? Okay, so just focus on that. Yeah. And, and trying to understand how to receive it you picked up right where we were going to go next. Let your self talk be. Am I right now in the receptive mode, I want to be in the receptive mode. Mom, I want to hear what you’re saying.

I want to be in the receptive mode so that I can hear what you’re saying. I want to be in the receptive mode because we promise you she has so much wonderful encouragement and advice. She knows exactly how to inspire you to the things that will turn out. And by the way, don’t worry about the lawsuit.

Okay. Thank you. Thank you. Enough.

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