Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #118 – The Power of Anticipation


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So now, ask your question. I don’t have a question. And it became irrelevant, didn’t it? It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter how I get somewhere else because I’m here. It doesn’t matter what else is coming, because this is good. So now I’m happy where I am anticipating a never ending plethora of joyful experience.

It’s about anticipation. For me it is about anticipation, anticipation, joy and anticipation, but watch it because anticipation can cause a diminishment of now. Ooh, it’s gonna get better than So, feel what we’re softly guiding you toward, in other words, satisfied with where I am in love with life where I am loving myself worthy, worthy worthy bless it, bless it bless it me, connected to source energy, who’s loving every minute that I’m focused here, devouring this time, space reality through me.

And yet knowing what’s next and next, next and next and next, but no lack in the anticipation. Just knowing that there’s more and more and more no shortage consciousness. No ever running out of resources. Renewed, fulfilled, refilled. resourced. You get in an orange? Yes, I’m getting it. Before I came into this chair, I was feeling the energy in the in my hands. It was so strong.

And I just knew that you would pick me up it’s, I just knew that and I want this feeling in everything. What you’re describing is what it feels like when your inner beam is focused with you and you’re allowing yourself to understand and experience the union. Life is supposed to be intense like that. Good.

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