Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #124 – A Special Moment With A Mother


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Good morning. It is, again. Thank you. Just when you’re saying what you’re saying, I was just really feeling at all it was. So it’s so wonderful. And I want to talk about something that we didn’t never talk before about my mother, she transitioned in the summer, and she finally understands you. That’s actually true. And I was sad for a bit not not a huge amount of time I understood. And then people were giving me their take on how grieving should go, and did you go to the cemetery?

And I was kind of like, Are you sad? I go, No, go cemetery. I go, No. And so I didn’t do those special things. But it was just like, a month or two ago. Questions gonna come, I just this regular day, I just was won’t go into the bathroom, and I looked in the mirror, and I stopped. And the person looking in the mirror, and the person looking back in the mirror with distinctly two different sets of eyes.

And it couldn’t move. And it’s like, reminds me of when you said, you’re in that place with woodworking. And you’re just sat there for hours looking at all the carvings and everything. So it’s kind of like that. And it was like, it was like, really rich. It was like a moment that I never had before with my mother. And it’s exactly what is happening. Yeah, it was like, so I didn’t want to leave. And I just kept looking in the mirror and was really happy and was smiling.

And I was going wow, this is really good. And it was like, should I go? And it was like, No. And should I go now? And I was like no. And there’s this moment where I left? And so which leads me to the question. I didn’t prepare for this, there was nothing I wasn’t in a particularly explosive mode. Why then I didn’t feel I was in the receptive mode. But I obviously was. Well, we like it when you realize that you have without meaning to stumbled into a moment of allowing, exactly.

And often those moments come when you least suspect them. Because when you’re trying for them, you’re trying to overcome something else. In other words, someone who is grieving, and who wants to see or sense or know, they’re dearly not so departed, is holding themselves apart from being able to receive. But when it’s early in the day, and you haven’t allowed momentum to get started that is resistant in nature. And it is something that you were softly thinking about. In other words, always, when you are somewhere in the vicinity timewise of someone making their transition, it’s more active in your vibration.

And so we like it when you begin to think in terms of what’s active in my vibration, because what is active in your vibration is what’s reflected back to you. And we think this is the perfect example of you realizing what was reflected back to you, you’re looking through your eyes, but your mother was using your eyes to look back at you. And so it was like you’ve seen you’ve seen you’ve seen you’ve seen you’ve seen you’ve seen you’ve seen you’ve seen you’ve seen you and the depth and breadth off into foreverness.

And back from wherever Ness In other words, there is no beginning or ending to any of us. But in this moment in time, there you are allowing a broader part of you, to see you to know you to love you. That’s why you didn’t want to leave that feeling you see, and you never have to. You never have to nice that you catch a glimpse of yourself through the vantage point of someone who was adoring you purely. Yeah, that was wonderful. Who always wanted to, but often couldn’t.

Because of her own resistance, you see. And so it was a magnificent point in time for her as well. Wow. Yeah, the resistance. Yeah. And when she took the day she transitioned. Like, that was the day I love her the most it was that was a day you felt her love the mouse. I felt her love. But I felt the connection. Well, but you see, when you are feeling someone loving you, it’s a shared love. And no one gets to really define who’s doing the loving.

Yeah, it was lovely. It’s that each are focused in on the loving but the reason that it in some ways, caught you a little bit by surprise is because you were for the first time not faced with her resistance while you were thinking about her. There’s something so nice when someone makes To transition, you feel so much more kindly toward them, don’t you? There’s a small window for most of you, where you are trying extra hard to look for their positive aspects.

And, of course, in this case, it was not difficult at all for you to find positive aspects. But we think that’s the most wonderful thing about you knowing what you know. And then someone you know, making their transition, because it helps you to blend your understanding of what you’re about here and what’s going on there. And if there’s anything that those like us want those like you to understand, it’s that we are always focused with you in your now in your now it’s simply up to you to allow it.

Now, we don’t want you to feel like puppets on a string that someone else is orchestrating. It isn’t like that at all. It’s just this underlying understanding of your value, that if you can tap into it, and that really is what that feeling of love is, that is the ultimate realization of who you are, then every moment of your day is more wonderful. It’s nice to talk about non physical, and it is delicious to us to talk about vibration.

And there is nothing that is more exhilarating to ask them to feel you catch the vision of really, who you are, and what this is all about. This, underpinning this understanding this way the universe works. As you understand it, and incorporated consciously into your day to day conversations and expectations, then your lives are richer and fuller, everything is better.

But saying that what we want to say even more is now take this understanding and apply it to the satisfaction of the things that matter to you. Let’s get our heads out of the clouds and out of the philosophical and out of the conversation about vibration and how the universe works. And begin to apply it toward things that matter to you. Begin to define with your words what you want, not because the universe needs to hear today, what you want, because the universe already knows what you want, there is an understanding of you that is more complete than Esther will ever be able to find enough words to articulate to you in your vortex.

In other words, you are understood. But when you speak the words, when you make the statements when you confirm what you mean, you practice a vibration that allows what’s in the vortex to come into your experience. And even more important than that, you get that hands on feeling of the clay, where you see direct causation between your focus and deliberate attention, and what you allow to flow through you in this moment.

And if you could feel the circumstances and events that have been queued up for you, the cooperative components that are in the wings, just waiting for their perfect cue to enter your experience, watching for your path of least resistance watching for it moment by moment in nanoseconds that you can’t even contemplate the structure of your world is about your point of focus. And when you catch the spirit of this, and when you begin to deliberately apply it, you will feel like a painter with a brush.

Who every stroke that you offer makes a difference in what you see, you will feel like the maestro before the most magnificent orchestra who can pull from each of those talented, cooperative components, the right sound, the right rhythm, the right whatever at the right moment, to make this magnificent whole. You will feel like the maestro of your own experience and until you do. life’s pretty boring. And once you’re doing that, the exhilaration of it is unspeakable relief.

We are eager in this day to talk about the things that you want to do. We’d like to hear words from you words of intent, not because intent needs to be spoken, because it already has. But because in your speaking of it, we will be able to help you evaluate the sincerity of the intentional words that you are intentionally speaking sincerity meaning how vibrationally accurate are the words that are coming out of your mouth the Amin it the Amin it Do you mean it? Do you know it?

Or are these just words that you’re trying to use to cover up a vibration that’s in the place that you don’t want it to be? We want you to use your words to mean it. We want you to use your meditation to get to the place that you mean it. We want you to interact with others in order to find your place in what you mean. We want you to come to mean what you say and we want you to say what you want deal thank you enough.

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