Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #125 – Tips To Clarify My Intention


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Alright, let’s go. Let’s talk about what you want. Oh, you are so wanting. Begin right here, stand if you think it’s you. I’m overwhelmed with appreciation. I can’t hear you. She’s overwhelmed with appreciation and silence. Thank you. You’re here to talk about what you want. You’re here to speak words of your desire. And our value to you is that we will help you to understand if the words that you’re speaking are matching your vibration, okay?

Because what you want is already in the vortex and it’s all queued up for you. So this is you’re practicing a vibration that will put you into a consistent receptive mode so that what you want will unfold in a seeable, hirable, smellable, testable, touchable path. Yes, yes. I want to not care what people think anymore. We love you so much. But you cannot get to where you want to be from there. Because that was in no way a statement that was a vibrational match to what you want. In fact, that was a statement and don’t feel bad. Everybody makes it.

That was a statement of what is that is nowhere near what you want. So you can’t get there from there. So too bad for this lifetime? I want to try again. Did you hear? Let me try that again. Let me try that again. I want my relationship with my inner being to be the only thing that matters. We love you so much. But if that were true, you would just crop right now and have it.

So that may not be true. Of course, you want it to be first and foremost. So say it again. And you can feel the difference, can’t you? Yes. I want to get tuned into my inner being first and foremost, as I then interact with others in this state of alignment, and fullness, giving to them all that I’ve got so full of myself, that their response to me is unimportant. In fact, I want to know, in every moment, I want to feel in every moment, the understanding of my source, and the understanding of others is irrelevant by comparison. Yes, yes. All right.

So if you want that, and you do and you understand, and you do that that leads to the other that you want, then is it prudent to think about what it is you want that you know, will lead to the other? Or to talk about the other that isn’t? We’d like it when you get it in that strong way. Is there any advantage of saying once again? Anything that activates what you don’t want? No? So make some statements? What is it that you do want? How are we so tuned in that?

I don’t care what anyone thinks that that’s a little bit not saying the way you want? What does it feel like? What can you imagine or conjure? How would that feel to be so in sync with who you are, that when others are doing whatever they’re doing, it is irrelevant to you. In other words, you’re not pushing against them, and you’re not mocking them. And you’re not trying to devalue them. Because they are valuable to you. You’re just valuing yourself so completely, that their inability to do it in the moment, you see is only a temporary thing and nothing to do about you.

They’re not not seeing the beauty of you, because there is not beauty. They’re not not seeing the value of you because there is not value. They’re not seeing it because they’re not in the receptive mode of it. They’re not tuned to that frequency, they cannot see it. And so it doesn’t have anything to do with you. It has to do with their not right now, connection to Source energy.

And so they want just what you want. In fact, that’s why you’re sort of hanging around together. You want it so deeply and so today, but somebody’s got to be the one to find it where it is instead of banging around with others who haven’t found it yet of feeling devalued or unappreciated.

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