Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #126 – Tips To Get Some Alignment


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So you know where to go get it, don’t you? Yeah. And you don’t have to go get it. Do you know how to go get alignment? Yes. So let’s go get some of it. Let’s use some words that go get some alignment. Beautiful fam castle on the beach. Beautiful sandcastle on the beach. No negative emotion. And that is their beautiful sunrise. Did you see it? Esther saw the picture every morning, Michael sends her a picture of the sunrise let’s go get it. Let’s go get it. Let’s go get alignment. Let’s go get it.

You start fullness and love. So what things do you feel that way about right now? What are the easiest things for you to feel that way about? Abraham and Esther and Jerry. That’s super easy. Yeah. What else? That I’m here. Being here. Yes. What else? I met my wonderful husband on the first land cruise. Yeah, I’m very appreciative. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Now when she said, my wonderful husband, that was exactly that alignment, at its best alignment, at its best.

Alignment at its best. So see how easy it was to just feel around a little bit, find something and focus. And then you are there. Now you are there. So now you have that alignment? Do others who don’t understand you feel relevant right now. They don’t feel relevant, do they? Because they’re not active in your vibration. You’re not active in their vibration. All of that is a non issue. You’re not creating in that environment anymore. You don’t have to go clean up every environment, you just have to be aware of the environment that you’re in. You just have to set your tuner to where you want it to be.

That is so much easier than you know. Or then you’re new, isn’t it? Yes. So go back to the first statement that you made. When we said you can’t get there from there. Can’t even find it, can you if you’d written it down, you might be able to but it’s not active in your vibration.

You can’t even find it right now. Now, that doesn’t mean that something might not happen that might make it easy for you to find it. But you know what to do about it. And the work the work the only work is as simple as what we just did just now. Okay, remember, this alignment is not like a college degree where once you get it, you’ve got the certificate and it’s yours forevermore.

It either is or it isn’t in the moment. But it’s easy to accomplish, in many moments, more difficult than others. But when it’s difficult don’t try just do it when it’s easy until you have these patterns developed. And your inner being will be there with you reminding you. You feel satisfied. Yes. Really good. Next.

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