Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #142 – How To Sustain Well-Being


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Thank you, Abraham. Today is my 40th birthday. And I’m feeling really happy that you came to Denver today, when I saw that you would be here, I knew exactly this is where I wanted to be. And I have a lot of questions, we were thinking about making fun of how old you really are. Oh, the first time I saw you, which was only one time before was also in Denver. And I was a little skeptical. And as soon as Esther walked on stage, tears were streaming down my face. So I really felt the validity.

And I want to know how I can sustain this benevolent force of well being, even when I first well by understanding that it is the dominant energy stream, and that you don’t have to sustain it. Because it will always flow to you no matter what. But the more you are aware that you are in concert with it, so that you are allowing it, then the more practice you are at that open valve, so to speak, of allowing this natural knowing to flow to you and through you some time ago, we put it to you in this way, unless you’re doing that thing that doesn’t let it flow it flows.

But even when you’re doing that thing that doesn’t let it flow better said even when you’re doing that thing that makes you unaware that it is flowing, it’s still flowing, is still flowing, is still flowing, it’s like the air conditioner in the summer in Denver. Always flowing, always flowing. In other words, it’s flowing, it’s flowing, it’s flowing, it’s always flowing. And so the more you acknowledge it through your feelings of exhilaration, then the more you begin to expect it. But it is helpful for you to realize that being in this state of alignment, feels different emotions.

Sometimes you’re tuning into this stream feels like outer clarity. Sometimes it feels like real interest in something. Sometimes it feels like so much fun, and madness and mayhem. Sometimes it feels like you’re living in a situation comedy you are and that the universe is orchestrated a sequence of events just for your surprise and delight. It happens all the time. Sometimes it feels like such intense appreciation and love that your physical countenance isn’t enough to hold it all at once.

That’s when those tears flow like that. In other words, it feels lots of different ways. But it always feels good. And the dominant word that we would like to interject into this conversation today that you would recognize as a symbol of you stand in in your now in your personality fully focused in this time, space reality out here on this leading edge of thought and in focused harmony with a Source within you who is also standing with you in this time, space reality out here on this leading edge of thought, the realization that what it feels like when you are consciously aware that you are in concert with your Source energy right here right now.

The word satisfaction is the best word that describes it. It’s just that satisfying feeling that closing of the gap between all that you’ve become and how much of that you’re allowing yourself to be right here right now. And when that gap is closed or close to closed, you feel such satisfaction because then you feel sometimes exhilaration sometimes satisfaction. Isn’t it satisfying to be happy? Isn’t it satisfying? To have a new idea? Isn’t it satisfying? To see someone you love thriving?

Isn’t it satisfying to love them even when they’re not thriving? Isn’t it satisfying to know that well being abounds? Isn’t that satisfying to recognize how wise you are? Isn’t that satisfying? When your timing is right on? Isn’t it satisfying? To eat something delicious? Isn’t it satisfying to set forth an intention? And this is really what we’re going for here? Isn’t it satisfying?

To be a deliberate creator who understands the laws of the universe? Who knows who you are, who sets out with clear intent about something and then recognizes the universe weigh in it’s part in bringing about the circumstances and events in good timing for the fulfillment for the continuing who better word here fulfilling, fulfillment makes it sounds like it’s coming to an end fulfilling lets you know that it’s always coming always coming always coming always come in the fulfilling of your never ending joyous journey on your way to your never ending completion not completion not satisfying, satisfying.

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