Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #146 – Listen To Your Inner Being’s View



Good morning, Abraham. It is it is an honor and pleasure to be here. Same here I have two things one personal and one more global and personal. The example you just gave his answer to most everything I came in for today. And I want a little more clarity on, you know, I look back over my life and I look at intuitive moments and moments when I shouldn’t be here and I’m here and trying to navigate how to actualize that without getting lost in all of the moments when I do put my hand on the stove.

Well, it helps if you don’t go back, don’t go back and try to re litigate anything that you’ve lived before for a number of reasons. First of all, you don’t remember as well as you think you do. And next, you don’t have any power back there, the tendency is to go back and need it to be different in order to feel better now.

And since you can’t go back and make it be different, then you usually don’t feel better. Now you just practice the vibration of that. Sometimes it’s a good vibration when you practice it, it serves you, but sometimes it isn’t. And so it doesn’t serve you. And so it’s it’s good to be aware of which thoughts are serving you now, and which thoughts are not serving you.

Now, just remember that the goal always, whether you’re thinking about the past, or the present, or the future, is to find a way of seeing it as your inner being is seeing it, which means here are a few things that you can know will just give you a basic understanding of why your inner being sees things, the way your inner being sees things. First, your inner being loves you always, your inner being only loves you. And always.

So if there’s anything that you’re doing, with your thoughts about anything that you’ve lived before or now, or they’re thinking about living, that doesn’t include you really liking you, you’re going to get off base of your inner being right now. That’s just for starters, you cannot beat up on yourself and stay in concert with your inner being your inner being will not go there. Your inner beam will not go there. Next, you can’t beat upon anybody else either. Now, that’s where Esther started having little trouble, she didn’t mind us, always loving her.

But when it came to other people, she would say, apparently you need more information about them, Abraham, because I’m sure if you knew what I know, then you would feel more like I feel. But we were stubborn, we would never go there with her. And she came to understand you all due to that, because we never go there that if she is going to continue to push against unwanted, then she’s going to hold herself not only apart from us, which feels awful.

But she’s going to hold yourself apart from who she is, which is us two important things. Your inner beam will not talk smack about you. And your inner beam will not talk smack about anybody else. Next, your inner being knows what’s in your vortex and feels such eager anticipation of the never ending discovery that will surprise and delight you. So it’s like this treasure hunt. Now you put all the treasures there, but you don’t recognize them anymore. Because you put them there so incrementally. And in the meantime, they’ve been growing, they’ve been becoming more law of attractions been gathering the cooperative components.

And so the pieces or ingredients that you’ve been putting there have grown into full blown life experiences that are ripe and ready for your reception. Your inner being is always revealing everything, your inner being knows about what’s in your vortex but your ability to comprehend it has to do with your receptive mode, you’ve got to be somewhere in the vicinity. So you got to like yourself, you got to like others. And you got to feel anticipation of everything you want coming to be.

That’s the bargain you struck when you decided to come. You said I like me, I like others I will appreciate and respect the contrast in which I live. I will give birth to lots of new ideas and I will anticipate the full blown living of those ideas. That was the contract that you didn’t sign but that you vibrationally knew coming into this time space reality. Oh, and then there’s one less thing. You said this, and you meant this with everything that you are and I will live happily ever after.

I will live happily ever after. I’m an eternal being. I cannot cease to be I cannot cease my consciousness. I cannot shut myself down. I cannot come to an end. I’ve come so far there’s so much joyous momentum. There is so much joy so much So you said, I’ll join my joyous momentum, and I will allow it to come to full manifested fruition in this leading edge place, this time in space, where the ideas blossom and bloom, where you can see them.

And all the depths are magnificent and brilliance of the colors, where you can hear them, all the rhythms, all the pieces, all the sounds of a symphony of it, where you can smell all the fragrances of it and taste all the flavors of it and touch of a tactile feelings of it. In other words, this time, space reality is where your thoughts turn to the things and you are ravenous For you see, you came as a creator, to do all of that, to experience all of that, and to do nothing less than that you say?

So, it’s logical to us that when you have a little thought, like I don’t like me, ouch. I don’t look too good to that. Ouch. I should have done something different last year. Oh, wow. I hate that person. Oh. That person should go to hell. Oh, this glorious guidance system that you are aware of, aren’t you? You just didn’t know how personal it was. How about you it is about what you think it is. It’s not about anybody else. It’s only about what you think about anybody else. It’s not about anything except the relationship between what you think and what your intervenes thinking about the same thing in the same moment.

So in relationship to that, I know for myself in this problem of everyone here, going through life and going through the contract, I’ve had moments where intuitions came so clearly, as you say, I could like see him unfolding any unfold yet. Isn’t that satisfying? Yes. To have intended something, held the vision of it now that you’re in vibrational sync with it and then watch it unfold. Isn’t that satisfying? Yes. Yes. The other thing is won’t global is how do we and I love the addition of five and step four environment one?

How do we continue to like, for lack of a better word, that beginning step where that’s so the contrast is? What’s the alternative? Out? Seriously, do you have any choice if you want to feel good? Other than the thing good feeling thoughts? No, no. What we think we’re really addressing here is your we love you so much. Unnecessary tolerance for discomfort. You’ve sort of grown calluses have asbestos hands hahahahaha. I’ve insulated myself against my own negative emotion.

And while it’s not burning up my hand it’s destroying my financial well being. Or, or or we know that we are bordering on ridiculous here. But we are wanting to get your attention that it’s time to begin directing your thoughts to synthesize and harmonize with those of your inner beam in order to live. The manifestations that are so important. It’s interesting because everything that we want to talk to you about is about feeling because we know that everything you want all of these manifestations, whether it’s cars, or houses or empires or relationships or circumstances or events or movements, anything that you want you want because you will feel better in the having of it.

So if we can convince you that you do have control over your emotion, and it only takes a little bit of conscious awareness to get good at it, then the manifestations will follow. But almost every time we talk with you about that dear heart humans freak out and think that we’re trying to talk you out of your manifestations as if they’re not spiritual when nothing could be more spiritual than the leading edge of spirit. manifestations are important. They are what you all we all came for. Think about the idea of something beautiful.

Just think about beauty and then open your eyes and look outside at this day. Esther stood and looked out her window this morning. She hardly could make herself go take a shower. She just wanted to Keep looking out the window. At the beauty of this day, it’s almost like she could see the fresh high air, she couldn’t get her window open.

So she had to imagine what it smelled like out there. But those manifestations are what you devour with your eyes or with your tongue or with your ears, it’s more than just the thought. That’s why you don’t want to do the groundwork of preparing the thought you want to just get right to the good stuff. But if you haven’t done the groundwork, and prepare yourself for the receiving mode of the good stuff, then when the manifestation comes, it isn’t the good stuff.

Because you’re always in some receptive mode, you’re in the receptive mode of the joyful being that you are, or you’re in the receptive mode of the miserable being that you are, or you’re in the receptive mode of the overwhelmed being that you are, or the angry beam, or the hopeful beam, or the knowing beam. In other words, you’re always in the receptive mode of something. And what’s manifesting shows you what you’re in the receptive mode, you see, and we know this is an extreme example, this hot stove means that you really, really want something and you’re really, really not in the vibrational vicinity of it.

But you could be, let’s say that you want $100,000 And you need it right away. Let’s say you more than want it, you need it, you really need it, a 200. But even better, 300 would be three times as good. You could use a whole lot of money, and you could use it fast. You want it and you want it now. So you speak it out to the universe, not for the first time today, for the 100,000th time today. So you’ve spoken it out. And yet you really don’t expect $100,000 to just drop in your lap today. You don’t check your bank account every hour it isn’t there yet. Is it there? There?

Abraham, how do I turn these thoughts to things? How do I get it out of the vortex into the bank, tell me now tell me now tell me now, I want it in the bank and I want it in the bank now. Well, you’re not going to likely get it in the bank. Right now this red hot minute, there’s some other things that you are going to want to do first. But the important thing that we want to convey to you is you could find a feeling of prosperity today, you could do it in the next hour, you could do it in the next 10 minutes, you could do it in the next three or four minutes, you could focus in a way that makes you feel the same prosperity that your inner being feels.

And for a moment, you could be in a receptive mode where an idea could come to you. And if you could continue to find that feeling place not needing the condition to change in order to find the feeling place. But finding the feeling place because you’re capable of doing it because it’s your natural state of being. And because your vortex represents it. If you could find the feeling place of your vortex if you could find the feeling place of your inner being if you could feel your confidence, even before the money’s in the bank, if you could feel expectation about it, then more ideas flow.

Because the same process turns your thoughts to your things that turns anybody’s thoughts to anybody’s things. Nobody’s doing it differently. thoughts turn to things. You just can’t think against your thoughts without turning yourself against the things that you want. You can’t think about what you want and then notice that it’s not there and get any closer to the idea that will bring it you can’t long for it and hurt for it. You can’t suffer over your ideas had the best idea.

But it won’t ever work. I have such a good idea seems so good at the beginning and then my realized that I’m a failure. Have we taken this too far. We don’t want you to ever forget this Hearthstone. We want you to find your emotional sweet spot more of the time. Because you can find your emotional sweet spot. Anytime you decide that you want to.

Even if it just means sitting and quieting your mind or finding anything to think about that doesn’t poke at you in some way. And as you do that your vibration gets higher and higher and higher and higher and closer and closer and closer to who you really are and then some of those thoughts begin to turn to some of those things and then you become a believer.

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