Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #157 – What About Bipolar Condition



Can I ask you to, I heard you speaking with a British gentleman, and it was maybe in the last few years, and he was describing himself as having bipolar disorder. And it was a beautiful conversation that you had in that one, you said, call it what you will, but you’re just alive, you have an incredible power of focus, you told this man, and that comes out on either end.

And that you can get extremely focused on the negative end, and extremely focused on the positive end. And that you were encouraging this gentleman to control his contrast better. And to start to be able to stay in the lane better be aware when you’re on the rumble strip, so that you don’t get off in the bar pit before you try to correct it. Yeah.

And although we also said everyone’s bipolar, to some degree, because bipolar could be in the vortex out of the vortex in the receptive mode, not in the receptive mode, in alignment, not in alignment. When you really, really, really want something and you’re out of sync with it. It feels awful. And when you really, really want something and you’re in sync with it, it feels wonderful. I appreciate that your answer is always the same. It’s easy because the laws don’t change. And our bipolar friends are our favorite students, because the intensity of their desire summons in such a strong way

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