Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #160 – How To Find Alignment Through Babies



Thank you, Abraham, for asking me up, I have many things that I’d like to ask you, and you are my greatest teacher in my life. If I could suggest to you and I know I’m not the only person here, but I’d like to move through a few things. So if we could, let’s see how it goes. Okay. vibrational vicinity, if I wanted to be in alignment with source, pure, blissful alignment with source, do I have to be in the vibrational vicinity? To be able to achieve that? Yes. Okay. Because it will be the next logical step.

But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be a fast movement. And it doesn’t mean that you’re not right there when you wake up in the morning, okay? Because often you are okay. And we would like to make it not sound like such a victory. Because it’s something that you do on a really regular basis. In fact, it’s something that you do anytime you’re not doing that thing you do that doesn’t let you do it. Yes. So I’m 53. I just had a baby boy, I could be at the worst possible vibrational place and see this kid, it does not matter.

So can you give me some sort of perspective of why I can enter into that incredibly busy, because you’re already right there. We don’t think that it is a good idea to test how fast you can move up the emotional scale, because you can get whiplash. We’re not kidding. Just take this comfortable pace. But we get the point that you’re making. This is a condition that when you focus upon it, it’s so easy for you to give your undivided attention to it.

But you didn’t just all of a sudden, find yourself giving your undivided attention to this. This is something that was in the vortex it has been gestating, in other words, there’s a lot more momentum on it than your statement implies. So you’re not just all of a sudden turning your attention to something. And zooming up the emotional scale. You’re already way, way up there regarding that subject. Yes. Okay. Okay, we want to set everyone at ease about the idea of moving up the emotional scale, because while alignment and being in the receptive mode is certainly something that is to your advantage, and it feels the best of all things.

And it is the sweet spot, we also want to remind you that some sort of context is necessary to even know that you’re in the receptive mode, and life is going to continue to cause you to ask for more. And so that receptive mode is going to keep moving to as you live in this life. And you sift through the contrast and you ask for more. And then you find a way to become a vibrational match to the more that you’ve asked for, then that sweet spot keeps being at a different vibrational frequency, you cannot stand still, and never are. And so don’t worry about it. Just be aware of it.

There is something so wonderful about understanding the laws of the universe. Do you realize what a good place you’re in, you know about law of attraction, you know about your emotional guidance system, you know, about alignment with your own inner being, you know what the receptive mode is, you know, the value of contrasts. In other words, you just can’t go wrong, knowing what you now know. Now, does that mean you’re always going to be in the brink of pure positive emotion? Maybe not. Maybe, as you said, some things can happen that will keep you from it.

But the relationship with this vibration that is now known by you will never go away. You always own it. Someone said to us one day sat in the hot seat and was talking about complaining about having lost his fortune. And he was 60 something years old and couldn’t imagine how he was going to start over again, and was thinking back about how hard he had worked and all the breaks that he had had along the way. And now it was gone, and whatever was he going to do?

And we said to him, it doesn’t matter what manifestations have withered. What matters is the vibrational prowess that you have mastered, that you have accomplished that you’ve accumulated, what matters is where your inner being stands in the vortex, and what matters is your awareness of your relationship with it. And what matters is your understanding of the laws of the universe. And what matters is your ability to understand what your emotion is telling you. So it doesn’t matter, ever, how far you think you are from some condition that you want.

Your only moments away from connection once you know about connection, which means you’re only moments away from the energy that creates worlds flowing through you, which is the only thing that any of you ever want. You want the energy flowing through you not because of what it can accomplish, but because of how it feels when the energy flows through you. You want the clarity of creation, not the object of creation. You want the fun of the journey, not the end of the journey.

Can you tell me why a little baby that’s close to source in time, which really doesn’t exist? But in the context of this world it does. Why does that baby have such an impact on adults in a way that, like you said, when you can’t contain, and you just start crying, it doesn’t have an impact on all adults, just those that are in the vibrational vicinity.

Some aren’t ready to get on the horse. And a baby’s just someone that might cry on an airplane. And Esther would say, Oh, look at that cute baby. And Jerry would say, you think all babies are cute. So Esther started saying, Oh, look at that ugly baby.

And Jerry knew that she thought they were all cute, but they light up to Esther. In other words, they can’t take their eyes off of her. It’s like they say, Hey, I’m one two. I’m one two, because they recognize alignment when they see it. And I can tell how Esther or L Abraham talks about Esther’s grandkids that that certainly is the case.

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