Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #163 – Practicing Instant Manifestation



So many different things popping through. Sometimes people try really hard to make you believe that they feel that way when they don’t. And so that might bring from you a different analysis of how they’re doing alignment with that clarity, His love and His kindness and his consideration and his all of those things too. But there’s power in that.

So, as time goes by, and I use the teachings of Abraham, my timeframe in this world if time goes by and I connect more with the wisdom of my source, absolutely. Manifestation becomes much easier for me much quicker in this time, space reality. Do you believe in instant manifestation? For sure, for sure?

Because who gets to decide at what point that thought turned to a thing? Whenever it happened, it seems instant. It’s only those of you who’ve been dragging along. Let’s say it took a long, long time. But if you’re living more in the moment, it would be instant every time for you. That’s very well, it’s good context.

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