Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #171 – His Blending Experience



I’m extremely grateful that I’m here. I like to share ignem experience which I have had in the last weeks. And I’m quite comfortable in experience myself, this melted dimension. And sometimes I’m even more comfortable in doing that. And it’s in the last week, something happened, I had an experience where I felt in the middle of the night I woke up and I have the more frequently, and then the energy of shores pours in there, what I felt was energy sources pouring in all the time, but when you wake up in the middle of the night, you’re less resistant to it.

So it’s more likely for you to be aware that it’s happening true, yes. What I could feel was at that very moment, it was like the was a healing for myself as well, I could feel that the earth was in a new orbit, it was positioned in new orbit in perfect alignment with Creator and Source. And it was so strong, and I could merge with yours. And I could feel the power of the earth or being in that brilliant harmonic situation while you were in the receptive mode and perfectly blended with your inner being. And looking at all of this through the eyes of source.

True. That’s how it is. Yes, you love knowing Oh, so much. Yes, it is so beautiful. And I could feel inside out that there was like, all is well, that healing that you were talking about. We are calling that replenishing mode. It’s what happens when you are at complete ease. There’s no resistance in your being, and you’re allowing the fullness of source to pour through you that replenishing that renewing. Yeah, it’s this really the beauty of life and new inside out. That is the truth of creation.

That’s who we are. That’s a true experience of experience ourselves. And there was something beautiful as well, at that very moment, because I could feel another person, which I know. And I could feel her presence as a consciousness presence. It was like a co creation taking place at that very moment. And what I love so much that his co creation is so pure, it’s so direct and so experiential. And like I when I ended up in this, let’s say this, this experience, I thought this is the new form of communication for this reality. Y

ou are much more vibrational than anything else. So since you’ve had that experience, you can feel the utter logic of that. Because you were in that receptive mode. So you were translating fully, it is the best communication that there is, words are so cumbersome by comparison. Yes, I can really feel that somehow that this is the climate of the world, how I call it the new earth. And by these experiencing a lot of resistance from myself, we want you to know, this is not the New Earth.

This is the usual Earth. This is the usual Earth as seen through the eyes of source, you are just new to the discovery of it yourself. Yes, I’m guessing you have caught up. Really good. Yeah. Something more, I know that I’m here to to bring this awareness or to allow myself to that it all becomes one in my own experience. And what that blending is exactly, exactly yes. Feel, have the blending is possible when the resistance is absent.

Because the resistance interferes with the blending. But in the absence of resistance, then there’s that blending. And therefore there is that knowing, and you’re capable of doing that, at any time of the day or night. We just want to help you to remember that the reason it happened when it did is because you’re at your lowest state of resistance. True. Yeah, yes, I’m very much familiar with this resistance bars. And I’m aware of of those very moments where I actually choose those nights to allow myself to feel it more.

But there’s a deep desire of that experience it inside out throughout the whole day. The nice part about that is and we really want you to hear this because there’s a tendency to have a sort of extraordinary experience like that, where you can feel the wholeness of who you are, and what felt to you like the newness of the whole earth experience. There’s a tendency to want to recreate that experience again, but you cannot because you’ve had that new experience.

And now you are changed. So as it continues, it won’t feel quite as emphatic as it did the first time. Because through the first experience, you have already adjusted, you see, this is a way for us to say to you just get used to that happiness, and realize that in your wake state, you have all kinds of emotional indicators that let you know that you are in just as much of a receiving mode, as you were in that coming out of sleep state. So you’re, what am I here, you’re saying, I have to recognize it more clearly, when it happens throughout the day, you don’t have to what else is there.

In other words, it’s happening, whether you know that it is or not, you don’t have to be aware of the perfection of your earth spinning of its orbit, for there to be perfection of your earth spinning in its orbit. But isn’t it nice to acknowledge it. So what’s going to happen to you more and more is that you’re going to receive the way your inner being feels about things. That’s really what’s happening. You see that Source within you and so much more. In other words, it’s not just your own inner beam, it’s many inner beans, it’s many who you have known and not known, who have been physical, who are now non physical, are interested in what you’re interested in, in these moments in time.

And so as you’re in that state of allowing, you are then able to receive their input on what they are seeing through your eyes. We said it the other way, we said you’re seeing through the eyes of source, but really its source seeing through your eyes and you’re not blocking it. So you get to feel what source feels when sources looking through your eyes. Now we want to be clear sources always looking through your eyes. You couldn’t be angry enough or upset enough or hurt enough to disallow source from seeing through your eyes. You just wouldn’t feel how good it feels to source when source sees through your eyes. Can you feel the distinction in a powerful way?

And so what you’re asking for is more awareness that this is happening now. This is happening down. This is happening now. We have one for you. You’re gonna really like this. Have you ever been sitting maybe in a restaurant? Someplace where there is music playing? That you’re really not that consciously aware of and your foot starts tapping to the music? Ever wondered what that is? That’s one of us listening? That’s one of us listening and beating to your music so that you will know we can hear it.

You thought it was you ever yond that’s us. Recognizing that your body is wanting more oxygen than you are giving it with your clenched up body. So we just give you a big old yawn ever tried to not yawn? Can’t do it again. That’s us. Now you feel totally possessed, don’t you? Well, we mean it when we tell you that you are extensions of source energy.

That’s why this blending this conscious blending conscious on your part will enhance your life experience dramatically. You like to be in on it consciously in on it. Something more fun, really good for a good conversation and a wonderful way to begin.

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