Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #272 – She Wants Love And Kindness


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Now watch what you don’t know. Because that will come back and bite you. Some new purse my birthday thing I knew it was great. Okay, listen. Okay, first I want to say you are the bomb. Be a LM. Okay? That antidote that I need today, okay, so I don’t even know how I stumbled upon, everything is always working out for me. On February the fourth, which is a Thursday, I listened to that video 57 times in one week, I changed it. That is my. So my phone, first thing that pops up, everything is always working out for me. So, from that, it just changed my life. So February until now, I don’t even know where to begin.

I just knew it was gonna happen today. Okay, so my question is today, so it changed my life. And on February the fourth, I didn’t know I was in a domestic violence situation. And I don’t like I said, I don’t know how I stumbled up on that YouTube video. But it gave me hope. My contacted a local battered women’s shelter in my town. And I just kept thinking everything is always working out. For me. Everything is always working out for me.

So needless to say, I stayed in that situation, and been still listening to Abraham, from February until now. And just various videos every morning, there’s meditation, there’s like seven different videos that you can listen to, to meditate every morning. So anyway, so in August, the incident happened again. And I told myself, this does not feel good. I’m completely done. And so I had the courage after 22 years, I’ve been with them since I was 19 that I’m completely done. I also don’t even know how I stumbled upon like this very, very attractive guy. Four weeks ago, I’ve been talking to him for weeks.

So I come from like a very abusive childhood. And then from there went an abusive marriage. And so I’m not quite sure how I would have chose my mother to parent me. So I’m not sure if I believe in that. And I’m not quite sure how I would have attracted the abuse of my childhood, or the abuse of my adult hood. So I’m not quite sure how to digest that. But now that I’m talking to this cute guy, I want to know how do I attract kindness and love, we are not meaning to seem disrespectful. As Esther’s voice disappears, and we withdraw our attention from you.

But the reason that this is all coming about in the way that it is, is because you can’t get there from there. You can’t remember what’s happened. And by remembering it, keep it active in your vibration. And find the vibrational alignment that will yield to you what you really are wanting the combination of Esther’s throat freezing up and your offering of a long stream of unpleasant things. There’s no coincidence in that. Because we can’t speak to you and Esther can’t translate for you, as long as that is what’s active in your vibration. And it isn’t that it isn’t all right for you to notice it or to remember it or to speak about it.

It’s that continuing to tell the story will keep it active in your vibration as long as you’re telling the story. Because those thoughts have turned to things. And as you continue to tell the story, you continue to keep those thoughts and those things active in your vibration. And so in your physical vernacular, you say something like, you just can’t get there from there. You just can’t get there from there. So what we want to say to you is that in what you’ve been living with this and it is so normal that what you’re living would then cause you to live more of it.

As you notice what you’re living in, you’re noticing of it, you offer a vibration and you’re talking about it and you’re thinking about it and you’re defending it. And then more comes it just has to be that way. So somehow you have to find a way of breaking that cycle. And the way to break the cycle. Now you’re in the perfect place to do that. In other words, you have this little sweet spot that’s just unfolding for you where if you try just a little bit you can be Get to tell a different story.

Or at least stop telling the story that you’ve been telling. Because that story that you’ve been telling will keep that experience active in your life for all of the days of your experience. It’s just the way Law of Attraction works. And not because you deserve it, because you certainly don’t deserve it. But because law of attraction is yielding to you what you feel. So we’re just saying, you got to find a way of describing something else altogether. We know you have different aspects in your life.

And you could just as well tell us some of those other positive aspects. But the reason that you didn’t is because this is more interesting. This feels more interesting because most people, we’re just gonna stand on your foot for a minute.

Most people would rather feel negative emotion than no emotion at all. So there’s the early days of your experience, you sort of stopped feeling and in the desire for knowing that you’re alive, you then begin attracting things that are feasible. But in the process of all of this unfolding, you’ve sort of lost your steady vibrational connection to who you really are.

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