Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #301 – 5 Steps, So Far


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So we have five steps in this deliberate creative process so far you keep demanding another but here’s where we’re at. Step one is that life causes you to ask can’t stop doing that don’t try. Step two is not your work source answers what you’ve asked for, and causes a vibrational reality not only to form but to increase to improve to become more to become more powerful.

When you ask it is given big time. Step three is you got to find a way to be a vibrational match to what you’re asking for, which means you can’t keep beating the drum of why you need it, or how important it is, or how much you want it. Because you don’t have it, you’ve got to start thinking about what you want, and why you want it, you have to begin seeing it as it already is. That’s step three, we call it the allowing mode, or, more recently, the receiving mode.

And step four is just getting really good at step three. That sounds silly, but it’s easy to stumble into step three, you can be focused on something and feel pretty happy and be in the receiving mode and something good will happen. And then you come to your senses. Remember how much your life stop. So you don’t stay there. But when you are really, really good at knowing how you feel and you are feeling on purpose, then you maintain that receiving mode, you’re consistent in it.

And then step five is being back in step one and not being mad at yourself. Step five is understanding the purpose and the value of contrast. Step five is letting it be all right to know what you don’t want just don’t make a career out of defending and justifying what you don’t want. Let it put more into your vortex. That’s the purpose of contrast. So you won’t ever want to be away from it, you could never be away from contrast. Here’s how it works. Know what I don’t want know what I do want launch a rocket.

Oh, it’s weird, because I’m used to being over here. So I think about what I want and why I want it, I maintain the vibration of it feels pretty good clicks into place. Not only do I feel better, all manifestations, what I want happens, boom. Happy for a minute. So I got what I wanted, and a whole new set of contrasting experiences, which caused me to launch another rocket of desire. There it is over there feels weird because I’m over here doesn’t look familiar to me. I don’t even remember how I ever gotten over there. But I think about it.

And I pretended and I imagined it and I line up with it and I become a vibrational match to it. And boom, it happens. I’m happy for a minute. And along with that comes a whole new set of contrasting experiences, which caused me to launch another rocket is gonna take a while because me logical, another rocket of desire. So the thing that we really want you to hear is that you are always, always, always always, always going to be in a state of becoming therefore there is always going to be a gap between what you have most recently asked for and what you are vibrationally up to speed with.

And what we would like to convince you of is the joy of life is for you in that motion toward it’s in that letting go of the resistance and letting yourself have that sweet ride of moving toward what you’re asking for. You think it’s the manifestations that you want. And it’s alright with us if you think that and we want you to want everything that you want.

And we want you to receive everything that you want. But we also would like you to understand that what you’re really reaching for is that glorious experience of knowing the power of your creative ability. I’ve been pleased for the contrast and loving launching the rocket and even recognizing you’re not up to speed with it. And then deliberately getting up to speed with it.

And then having the thrilling experience of witnessing the universal forces come into play, assisting you watching things come into place, circumstances and events all cooperating with you because things are working out for you. And then when that manifestation comes and you stand in that thankful feeling of worthiness and blessedness and you understand that you focused this into being with the power of your mind. So what do you want to talk about? Something things it’s going to be a really good day.

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